Daredevil, Vol. 11: Golden Age

Follow Matt Murdock through a story that literally spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe Who was the Kingpin before the Kingpin, and what was his relationship to Matt Collects Daredevil 66 70.
Daredevil Vol Golden Age Follow Matt Murdock through a story that literally spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe Who was the Kingpin before the Kingpin and what was his relationship to Matt Collects Daredevil

  • Title: Daredevil, Vol. 11: Golden Age
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Alex Maleev
  • ISBN: 9780785113959
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Alexander Bont, the Kingpin before Wilson Fisk, is finally out of prison and wants revenge on the man who put him there: Matt Murdock!Volume 11: Golden Age isn’t as good as previous books in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s Daredevil run, but it’s not a bad read either. It’s basically just a straightforward mob/revenge story which felt a bit too unoriginal for my taste.The dialogue is strong but the plot pretty much plays out as you might expect without any surprises. Matt training [...]

    2. Before Wilson Fisk held the title of Kingpin of New York City's crime, there was Alexander Bont. Bont was put away by Daredevil early in his career, ending Bont's reign and leaving the path open for the rise of Fisk. (I gather that this is the end of Bont's "golden age" of the title; I suspect it's also a nod to Bont's rise back in Marvel's Golden Age, and also that Daredevil wore his yellow suit when taking Bont down.) Bont has just been released from prison at age 93 and wants to settle things [...]

    3. Basically a fairly entertaining history lesson/revenge story on the Kingpin before Kingpin? Didn't really feel that way, thoughOh, and also an introduction to a knew White Claw, was it?Not as good as Bendis' first couple o' volumes, but still ok.4/5 Stars.

    4. "Switching between the 40's, The Golden Age, and modern times. This comic release a powerful charge of awesome."

    5. Did I just give a Bendis/Maleev Daredevil three stars? Yes, yes I did. Because it's a short arc and padded with a lot about Alexander Bont, the kingpin of Hell's Kitchen before Wilson Fisk (and, in this run, Matt as well.) Using an experimental format of showing Bont's rise to power in black and white, and Daredevil's past with him (and Melvin Potter aka Gladiator) being presented in sort-of vintage dot-color, it recaps their history with one another and it's underwhelming.Really, this was only [...]

    6. Expectations.Sometimes, it's all about expectations. A mediocre book by one of my favorite authors is a greater disappointment than a poor book from a writer who's new to me. And a great book by a new author can be a greater thrill than an equally great book from an author that I know.Which isn't to say that Daredevil: Golden Age is great, mind you. It's just that Marvel and DC have churned out so many steaming piles of dung in the form of graphic novels, that a relatively good one comes as a po [...]

    7. Oop dee doo! This is good comics right here. Amzing story structure jumping from the 40's, 60's and a period over the course of the past two days, and the past year in the present. Maleev shows he's no one trick pony switching between three distinct visual styles to reflect noir-pulp imagery from the time period portrayed. The jigsaw puzzle story is of the rise, fall, revenge and ultimate death of a man who ran organized crime in New York City for two decades before being taken down by the rooki [...]

    8. This isn't quite a misstep in the Daredevil saga, but it's not as good as the previous few story arcs, either. Nevertheless, the story is still great. We get to find out a little bit of the Kingpin before Kingpin Wilson Fisk came along, and how this guy affected the Kitchen and its citizens.The art was fun, with Maleev switching styles up to reflect which era he was dealing with. I also enjoyed getting to see the FBI agent come to grips with the hand she'd been dealt. All in all, a good arc, jus [...]

    9. Like the name suggests, Bendis tells a nice Golden Age story in this volume. Golden age in the feel and content as well as actually going back to that era with flashbacks of the Melvin Potter character. This is a great story and told brilliantly by Bendis and Maleev (one of the greatest teams in modern comics). The art mimics the time of the Golden Age tri-color printing for the flashbacks, a nice black and white noir feel at times, and a gorgeous painted style for the rest. An excellent book an [...]

    10. Throughout his run on Daredevil, Bendis makes copious usage of flashbacks to tell the story-of-what-happened and the story-of-what's-happening-now simultaneously. But he's even more ambitious in this volume, telling three stories simultaneously, and Maleev and Stewart use three distinct art styles to illustrate them.Even though the actual plot is rather run-of-the-mill, the pacing and flashing back and forth is done extremely well, so it actually ends up being an incredibly engrossing read. A st [...]

    11. This is a story about the first Kingpin. It features a load of flashbacks, possibly taken from old black-and-white comics. They're ugly, but that wouldn't be a problem. Y'know what is? That first Kingpin, he's put in jail in those flashbacks. For a long time, apparently, because he comes back an old man. Except, the real problem is, in those flashbacks, the villain is the age of Daredevil, but in the present day timeline, he's an old man, and no one else has aged as much as a day. SERIOUSLY? :| [...]

    12. I thought that on its own it was a strong story, and i liked the time shifts and mythos building with bont and the kingpin. A bit like the last arc, it had me questioning some things about continuity- the art styles were decades apart but the characters didn't age right. It doesn't have to be exact but it did jar me out of the story a bit as much as it allowed a cool story to be told. Oh and the progression of the fbi agent's character was cool too! I hope to see more of her.

    13. Art grates on my nerves gets 2 stars but the story and writing are great overall with just a few inconsequential hiccups 4 stars overall score 3 stars

    14. This story is surprisingly violent and emotionally disturbing, and it's a great showcase for Bendis/Maleev, especially with the changing art styles to reflect flashbacks.

    15. Really cool story with great art, layout and characters that spanned decades. Enjoyed this one a lot.

    16. Kind of an odd book. Good story and cool connection to older stories (including Melvin "The Gladiator" Potter AND one of my favorites, White Tiger!)

    17. Fun stuff. Bendis crafts a damn entertaining story arc here. And Maleev gets to stretch out a bit and hits pay dirt. Very, very fun.

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