Jane Rochester: A Novel Inspired by Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

Jane Rochester is a memoir of the first years of Jane and Edward s marriage Jane and Edward must overcome obstacles to bliss, learn to live together, and finally trust one another It is a classic gothic tale with passion, danger and the constant guiding voice of Jane.
Jane Rochester A Novel Inspired by Charlotte Bronte s Jane Eyre Jane Rochester is a memoir of the first years of Jane and Edward s marriage Jane and Edward must overcome obstacles to bliss learn to live together and finally trust one another It is a classic goth

  • Title: Jane Rochester: A Novel Inspired by Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre
  • Author: Kimberly A. Bennett
  • ISBN: 2940012077448
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Nook
  • 1 thought on “Jane Rochester: A Novel Inspired by Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre”

    1. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I read this, but I will own up to it in an attempt to save others from the same fate. (In my defense, I was trying to procrastinate writing some paper or other in college and it was available for free on the iUniverse website.)This book is loaded with bad grammar and distracting typos, and the characters bore little resemblance to the ones from the original novel. The plot was ludicrous as well as poorly executed, so reading this was an altogether cringeworthy [...]

    2. Picking up from where Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre left off, Jane has finally married Rochester and gotten her happily every after, but it isn’t exactly what she was expecting since she is still young and naïve and he is worldly and twice her age. He has to contend with the loss of one of his hands and his sight after the disastrous fire at Thornfield Hall. Jane easily falls into the routine of nursemaid, but there is still a loneliness with being isolated in the country along with the prob [...]

    3. This was an OK read.The tone and the writing did seem like Charlotte Bronte's, but, well it's somewhat like fanfiction.The Doris Lace subplot felt infantile. I abhorred that. The whole story was moving on quite well and suddenly this Doris Lace fiasco gets thrown in. Totally crashed the party. And it wasn't even that mysterious, as it was, quite frankly, very obvious.St. John in here also vexed me. The original St. John vexed me enough already, and this new St. John vexed me in another way. Agai [...]

    4. $3.99Jane Eyre has married Edward Rochester and finds out that married life is not all she thought it would be. It turns out to be a lot of work, especially since she and Edward still have secrets from each other. Adele has been sent away to boarding school and is barely mentioned. I wish she figured more into this story because Jane and Edward are pretty secluded except for some hired help, and one of those women turn out to be a nightmare or mad. There is no question that Doris Lace wants Jane [...]

    5. This is a sequel to Jane Eyre, that starts right at Rochester and Jane's marriage. While the author did a good job at recreating the language and style of the writing, I didn't like the difficulties that Jane and Rochester had in their marriage. I know that some conflict is inevitable (or else you wouldn't have a story!) but I didn't like the particular difficulties that the author chose for them to face. Also, I didn't like the thing that menaced Jane and Rochester from the outside. It didn't s [...]

    6. NEGATIVE STARS. FOR YOUR SANITY, DO NOT READ!This is complete crap and downright drivel—I couldn't even get past the preface. The author calls herself a "consulting editor," yet she barely has a grasp of the basic rules of spelling and grammar and can't be trusted to catch the multitude of errors in her own manuscript! (There are at least four typos on the first page alone!) This should have stayed in Mrs. Bennett's fevered fantasies.I beg you: don't make the same mistake I did and pick up thi [...]

    7. Compared to Charlotte Brontë's original Jane Eyre novel, well there just is no comparison. That said, I did find some enjoyment in this sequel to Jane and Edward's life even though it lacked a great deal including the excellent vernacular found within the pages of Brontë's story. I found the development and growth of Jane and Edward's relationship interesting to follow, along with the changes in the lives of Jane's cousins.

    8. There were a few risque parts in the novel on Jane and Rochester's nightly trysts, but overall I thought it was a fair sequel, though not a worthy one, but I still enjoyed how her heartless cousin came to actually fall in love with Jane and I enjoyed see a few more insights into Adele and her other two cousins.

    9. A love story for the agesIt was a good sequel of sorts of Jane and Edward and how their love and devotion to one another grew. It affirmed the love story that was Jane Eyre. More erotic scenes would have been welcomed!

    10. Well written in that I sometimes forgot Charlotte Bronte wasn't the author, but it's harder to enjoy these characters for me because of their personalities even though the author does a good job of exploring them.

    11. 50 shades of Jane? Perhaps? The storyline was weird (at best) Skip it unless you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else to read.

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