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  1. eddie is the same as his master. both men deserve pussy, but bad luck forces the servant to settle for cunt. the world is not just.

  2. Part 2 of Eduard Limonov's "New York trilogy." This book is stronger in form and prose than "It's Me, Eddie," and is clearly written by a Limonov who is more mature, disciplined, and rigorous than before. In this book, Limonov the extreme leftist goes to work as a butler for an incredibly rich CEO. While there he takes as much advantage as he can of the literal "enemy" of everything he holds dear, eating the rich man's food, hosting in the rich man's house, and fucking the rich man's women. In a [...]

  3. An amazing novel about living in the shadow of decadent wealth. In Limonov's scathing style as a Russian punk living in New York, he condemns yet craves the excesses of the bourgeoisie. Highly recommended.

  4. This book proves that Limonov's most famous book, `It's Me, Eddie' was a fluke. Not that that was all that, either, but this one is practically unreadable. I slogged through it nevertheless, enduring Limonov's traditional themes of anger and narcissistic self-pity couched in literary and philosophical pretentiousness. Really, the only reason I read his stuff is because he tried to foment an armed insurrection in Russia, which attracted the support of various European right-wingers like Alain de [...]

  5. Уже не так плохо, как "Эдичка", но все еще не очень. Лимонов, сука, ну как можно быть такой двуличной мразью? Этот петух постоянно ноет что-то про революцию и справедливость, но при этом с радостью идет прислугой к бизнесмену только ради сытой жизни в богатом доме. Самое крутое, [...]

  6. In the misanthropic vein of the work of Celine, Houellebecq et al, Limonov's rambling misanthrope narrator is fuelled by delusions of grandeur and hatred for hypocrisy and weakness, despite displaying massive amounts of these traits throughout the novel. Whilst the plot is pretty thin, and the prose often a little leaden, the story is kept going by a wry sense of humour and a pointed eye undercutting the laughable pretentions of every strata of social life.

  7. I read this because I was working for the French literary agency that got it published in the U.S. And it had a rock n roll cover. The first time I encountered a character with trichotillomania in a book.

  8. Лично мне было интересно, так как описываемая ситуация знакома - 2 месяца прожила/ проработала у богатых людей. Но в этой книге уже нет любви - всё озлоблено и постоянная бездушная ёбля слуги Лимонова под конец совсем надоедает.

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