Wuthering Heights & Poems

Published in 1847 and initially considered excessively morbid and brutal, Wuthering Heights has a combination of violent Romantic vision and brutally controlled structure which has ripened immensely in recent years Emily Bront s passionate and visionary lyrics are among the finest poems by a woman in English than sixty of them are included here.
Wuthering Heights Poems Published in and initially considered excessively morbid and brutal Wuthering Heights has a combination of violent Romantic vision and brutally controlled structure which has ripened immensely i

  • Title: Wuthering Heights & Poems
  • Author: Emily Brontë
  • ISBN: 9780460873116
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is the 'Everyman' edition. Earlier editions of this series bore the quote "Everyman, I will go with thee and be thy guide; in thy most need be by thy side.' These editions were meant to be cheap, durable, and portable. This particular copy is ok, though a bit edge-worn.The 'selected poems' are far from complete: not surprising, because the primary editor despises them. There are some of the best, but not all, and mostly indexed by first line, unless Ellis Bell had added a title of her own.T [...]

    2. Was as good as I remember it, and always amazed by the awesomeness that is Emily Bronte. She deserves to be mentioned with the great authors and poets of her time. Her character development, and strength of her women, which I love in real life, is utterly amazing.

    3. a dark book. The character and the stage in which the whole drama is enacted is gloomy. The vengeance, the misdirected love is the essence of the novel. The language is so easy to read, without you realizing you would have glided one hour of reading. I am yet to watch the movie based on the novel.

    4. Most people can't get through this book, or that of Anne's. I have to say I love Jane Eyre More than I love Wuthering Heights. Their writing styles are so much different from each others!! I see why Anne tried so desperately to explain away her sisters over-the-top vulgarities within the book. Obviously her writing style was more controversial back than. I think people have a problem understanding her approach, and compared to Anne's writing which was angelic compared to Emily's, I think in my o [...]

    5. Bronte fans may snort in my general direction for asking this, but will someone please clue me in about what I'm missing in Wuthering Heights? I kept reading and reading, hoping to be swept off my feet by the tragic romance of it all. Instead all I found were hideously dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics and clunky narration. Oh well. At least I finished it this time, which my marginal notes indicate that I did NOT do when I undertook this book in graduate school.

    6. More vulgar than anything I've ever read. I can only imagine how people reacted towards this masterpiece when it I as published in the 1800'. Bronte has a way with words that evokes emotion like no other author. Props to you girl, kill'em.

    7. I'm sorry. I just couldn't handle this book. I think the only character who didn't have serious emotional/personality issues was the semi-narrator/nanny. I couldn't identify with anyone--they were pretty much all psychotic. Not a fan.

    8. I was slightly dissapionted with this book. I am not entirely sure why! I think it is because i was not able to bond with any of the characters. I found them all a bit annoying. However I have to give it credit, it is wonderfully written and clever, but it was just not my cup of tea!!

    9. i used to hate this book but since i'm reading it again i've gained a new appreciation for it. for some reason i can't help feeling guilty whilst i'm reading it but i can't stop!

    10. This is another of my favourite books of all times. I've read it so many times that I can't count them Great characters. I love Heathcliff

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