Emma Frost: Ultimate Collection

Learn the secret of how the New X Men s diamond sculpted seductress Emma Frost became the formidable woman she is today Witness the first time her mutant powers manifested, her difficulties at home and in school, and her early first love that explains how she blossomed from an innocent teenager into the wealthy, ruthless, feared and desired White Queen who has fought alonLearn the secret of how the New X Men s diamond sculpted seductress Emma Frost became the formidable woman she is today Witness the first time her mutant powers manifested, her difficulties at home and in school, and her early first love that explains how she blossomed from an innocent teenager into the wealthy, ruthless, feared and desired White Queen who has fought alongside and against the X Men Collects Emma Frost 1 18.
Emma Frost Ultimate Collection Learn the secret of how the New X Men s diamond sculpted seductress Emma Frost became the formidable woman she is today Witness the first time her mutant powers manifested her difficulties at home an

  • Title: Emma Frost: Ultimate Collection
  • Author: Karl Bollers Carlo Pagulayan Randy Green
  • ISBN: 9780785155102
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. While this is a nice, decent collection, with a solid origin story, I'm sure now that I dislike Emma Frost. There's nothing to make me care for her. She gets pushed around a lot, and eventually retaliates, but it is unclear how she's really like. Yes, she's flawed, human, but everything happens to quickly for me to care.Also, I felt like the art-style changed after she left for college. Emma looked better while in high-school. And she was a brunette. I still find that fascinating, as I always th [...]

    2. I was pleasantly surprised after reading this book, especially considering all the reviews on . If you are looking for an action-packed comic filled with Frosty goodness (or badness), this is not it. If you want to understand where she came from, or are interested in light romance and some philosophical questions, it might be more up your alley.A bit about the book format: It's only in softcover. The pages are a little thin. And mine came a little bent. Boo. But the writing is great, the artwork [...]

    3. I think Emma Frost is a fascinating character: under the best writers, she's simultaneously beloved and reviled, a character who is going to be good in spite of herself. Full of contradictions, she's a complicated character who cares deeply (or pretends to) about the most vacuous things. In fact, I consider her one of the most fully-realized characters in the x-men universe, because she's so complicated. You would imagine such a character should have an extremely resonant, emotional back story, [...]

    4. The early years of Emma Frost are here broken down into 3 x 6 issue arcs - one set in high school, one out in the world, and the third in college.Overall, this collection is a mixed bag. When reading, one is hit by positives and negatives in quick succession: the art is nice, but the dialogue does not ring true to the ear the ensemble is good, but the father is so much of a cookie cutter bad guy that he starts to feel contrived the drama is well presented, but the pacing is sometimes poor. It's [...]

    5. More of a teen drama then a standard superhero story, which was interesting for a change. Not really to my taste but not too bad I guess.

    6. I remember reading about Emma Frost (aka the White Queen) and the Hellfire Club back in the 1980s when John Byrne was drawing The Uncanny X-Men. It was one of my favorite storylines, and she was one of my favorite villains because she was so outright evil. By day, she taught at a school (Massachusetts Academy) that rivaled Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. By night, she enjoyed torturing the X-Men.Returning to comics in 2008, I discovered that there had been some MAJOR changes made [...]

    7. No idea what's up with the objectifying cover But with that being said, this book was great! The drawings were beautiful, the story compelling, the characters deep. I loved it. The only negative thing I would say is that the authors should have asked a French speaker to proofread the French parts because almost 90% of those sentences were wrong. There even were phrases that simply do not exist in French. I have no idea where they saw that "so-so" translates into "tellement ainsi." It is basic Fr [...]

    8. I absolutely loved the first few issues in this book. Emma's school and family issues were incredibly interesting, and you really feel for her. However, around issue 8 I started to get bored. The plot changed and it just wasn't as entertaining for me. Towards the end the book picked back up, but I still feel the beginning was the strongest part. Definitely worth a read though if you're an Emma/X-Men fan.

    9. I've always been a fan of the White Queen, but hadn't read this tale of her backstory when it was first released. The Emma Frost Ultimate Collection collects the entire 19 issue run of the comic and show a teenage Emma first discovering her psychic powers while dealing with truly disastrous family and social lives.Emma is one of three daughters (plus a son) of obscenely rich Winston Frost. Hated at school because of "daddy's" riches and just another pawn to be manipulated and molded for Winston, [...]

    10. Desperté a las cinco de la madrugada y me quité esas ganas de conocer del pasado de Emma Frost. Sabía de antemano que este cómic habla de ello, y la verdad es que me gustó. Sin pasar a ser un cómic genial, resulta entretenido en el par de horas que me tuvo, ojeroso y con mal aliento, leyendo. Antes de nada, destaco el notable trabajo de Greg Horn con todas las portadas; si ya de por sí sabemos que Emma es bellísima, Horn le suma el erotismo.La historia parte con la rica familia Frost, si [...]

    11. I love Emma Frost, I genuinely think she's one of the best characters in the X-Men Universe *but* WHAT IS UP WITH THIS COVER. A few things:1. She's not remotely Hellfire White Queen Emma Frost in this edition so they have her in the pained-on outfit is beyond me (not really but it's stupid). 2. I was reading this at the airport and I was so so embarrassed to pull this out of my bag with this soft porn cover. What the hell Marvel. Seriously?! I sometimes wonder if they ever expected women read th [...]

    12. I loved it! Emma Frost is one of my favorite X-Men so it was fun to see how she got her start. Emma wasn't always the cool and collected heart breaker we all love. She was once the daughter of the richest man and oncea lost high school girl. Emma struggled to be herself in a repressive family with an evil father. It was actually heart-breaking at moments to read and see her struggle. Follows her into her college years where she really develops her powers and chooses the darker side. I was disapp [...]

    13. This series is a glimpse at what could have been. Unfortunately, its slow pace and teen drama elements got the book cancelled just as it was beginning to find its stride. Originally set up to see Emma through to becoming the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, just before we meet her for the first time in the Dark Phoenix Saga, this collection only follows her to her time at university. We do see some glipses of the horrors of her family, but the series ends before this Emma becomes the Emma we kn [...]

    14. Despite the Greg Horn covers (could there have been a bigger mismatch?), this series reads like a YA origin story of Emma Frost. It's nicely paced, and although some things are a bit on the trope-y side (overbearing dad, ill-fated teacher-student relationship), it still does a solid job of showing the beginnings of Emma's path towards becoming the White Queen. Its major weakness is not its fault; the series was cancelled at issue 18, before it could tie up some loose ends (Adrienne's mutant powe [...]

    15. Don't judge this book by the cover!The covers are blatant cheesecake but they are not representative of the art and tone of the series.The content is way more interesting,the art is decent,the writing good and the life of Emma before the Hellfire is quite compelling especially the bits with her family (her dad might be the worst dad ever).The only drawback besides the covers is the lack of a true ending,the series was cancelled way before Emma began her transformation into the White Queen. Never [...]

    16. This kind of fell short for me, in that I wanted more. I know that it got cancelled and this was all they wrote, but I wanted more. I'm a big Emma Frost fan, and so I felt horrible for not having read this one. I finally got to read it and I just wished there was more. I felt the same as a few others in that the dialogue just felt, off. Something wasn't quite right about it. I enjoyed the art and the overall story though. Left me wanting more. A LOT more. Story: A-Dialogue: B+Art: A-Overall: A-

    17. I've never been the biggest Emma Frost fan, especially in her villainous days. That said, I enjoy well-written back stories and this is one of the best I've read in a while. The first 1/4 had a very Spiderman-like feel to it (filled with teen drama and angst), but the story quickly takes a darker turn. The events become more action packed, while the obstacles become more terrifying and lethal. There's no clear cut good or evil in this book, no ultimate battles to save the world - just a great lo [...]

    18. This is poorly written, outdated and poorly characterized. Emma Frost is a fascinating character and I feel like so much more could have been done with her origins than this, it could have been so much better. There was reference to her staying in a mental institution in her early life, taking that and using it as character development and plot would have been far better than this tragically poor romance that the writers chose to pursue. Emma Frost Deserved Better.

    19. Despite the Playboy-appropriate cover, Emma Frost's origin story as portrayed here is one of the most convincing setpieces of (extremely affluent) adolescent life I've seen from Marvel. A regular cast of characters changes from first chapter to last without anyone having to fight to the death, leading to a depiction of mutant powers that gives its walking analogies room to breathe and act human.

    20. A pretty good edition to the X-men mythos - though the only example of her dressing stupidly is on the cover. Basically a Emma Frost history from just before getting her powers to her first year in college. Art was pretty good, but at this point by that I mean the art wasn't bad at all. And I mostly bought the writing.

    21. So very banal and predictable, I could condense it down to a recipe or sum it up in a formula. Glitzy art and cheesy story, but i can't deny that it was loads of fun to read. I wish I could have discovered this three years earlier, I would have loved it then. Don't judge this book by it's glossy cover, the Emma inside is much classier.

    22. A collection of "poor little rich girl" stories that tell the origins of Emma Frost. You won't find anything ground breaking here but it's a fun read for a lazy afternoon. My only complaint is the artwork on the cover. I know Emma Frost is supposed to be sexy and all but was it really necessary to make her look like a porn star?

    23. Oh my. Far better than I was expecting - I really enjoyed getting to follow Emma through childhood, the world and college - seeing what influenced her to become the complex character she ends up as.I definitely need to keep an eye on this writer!

    24. Una maravilla ver como Emma se convierte en nuestra reina blanca favorita. Ver todos sus problemas y conflictos, su amor por la enseñanza y ver florecer su lado mas ácido por las circunstancias. Y aun me quedan 2 tomos mas por disfrutar.

    25. This follows Emma through high school, leaving home and university. It really is a page turning read and explains a lot about her character. I would highly recommend this.

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