The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this inspiring book, Katie Couric distills the ingenious, hard won insights of such leaders and visionaries as Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, Michael J Fox, and Ken Burns, who offer advice about life, success, and happiness how to take chances, follow one s passions, overcome adversity and inertia, commit to something greater than ourselves, anNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this inspiring book, Katie Couric distills the ingenious, hard won insights of such leaders and visionaries as Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter, Michael J Fox, and Ken Burns, who offer advice about life, success, and happiness how to take chances, follow one s passions, overcome adversity and inertia, commit to something greater than ourselves, and Along the way, Katie Couric reflects on her own life, and on the shared wisdom, and occasional missteps, that have guided her from her early days as a desk assistant at ABC to her groundbreaking work as a broadcast journalist Moving and empowering, The Best Advice I Ever Got is for all of us, young or old, who want to hear from some of today s best and brightest about how they got it right, got it wrong, and came out on top so we can too.Now with additional contributors
The Best Advice I Ever Got Lessons from Extraordinary Lives NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this inspiring book Katie Couric distills the ingenious hard won insights of such leaders and visionaries as Maya Angelou Jimmy Carter Michael J Fox and Ken Burns wh

  • Title: The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives
  • Author: Katie Couric
  • ISBN: 9780679643869
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Who wouldn't want to read a book that includes Ellen DeGeneres quoting The Pussycat Dolls? Or Tyra Banks lamenting that she wasn't meant to be the next "Lady Taylor Perry Gaga Swift"? In The Best Advice I Ever Got Katie Couric compiles advice from comedians, politicians, writers, athletes, and more on various life topics such as perseverance, creativity, and giving back. She divides the book into neat categories such as "Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down (On Rejection and Resilience)" and "Ever [...]

    2. I listened to this book on CD and got most of the way through disc 2 (there are six total) before I gave up and returned it to the library. It's not bad, per se. Certainly the authors are well-meaning, and I can't help but like Katie Couric. But this book is loaded with more cliches and triteness than I can possibly describe. I liked a handful of essays - Bill Cosby's made me laugh, and Christina Applegate's made me nod along - but mostly is was just typical Hallmark card stuff: do what you love [...]

    3. I have a few issues with katie couric. Yes she lost a husband to cancer - join the crowd. Yes she is sick of being called perky. Boo-hoo. She gets paid $10 million or so to sit in place and read the news for 22 minutes each night. Wrong!So she decides to write a book about life lessons and it turns out the whole book includes on a couple pages of her thoughts. Everything comes straight from Vera Wang, Larry King, Drew Brees, Tavis Smiley, etc. No filter or editing - total cut and paste job. So t [...]

    4. I bought this book in one of those buy-2-get-the-3rd-free deals and I'm glad I did. It is one of those advice books you keep on the shelf and refer to from time to time. I've had it for weeks, reading it in bits and pieces each week. In the intro, it's interesting to learn about Katie Couric's life and how she's dealt with the death of her husband and father, as well as the interesting and revealing tidbits about her early career.The advice from each "extraordinary life" is sectioned off into ch [...]

    5. What was the tipping point for Malcolm Gladwell? What unscripted event made Meryl Streep who she is? How did Mario Batali cook up his recipe for success? In this inspiration-packed book, Katie Couric reports from the front lines of the worlds of politics, entertainment, sports, philanthropy, the arts, and business--distilling the ingenious, hard-won insights of leaders and visionaries, who tell us all how to take chances, follow our passions, cope with criticism, and, perhaps most important, com [...]

    6. It's always interesting to hear the stories and anecdotes that "successful people" are willing to share. I enjoyed this book - Katie Couric has a fascinating life and thinking about her experience alone made for a good read. The only major problem I personally had with this book was that the people chosen were primarily successful journalists, editors, actors & comedians. Not being in those professions, the advice wasn't as clearly applicable to my life as it might be to others. All in all, [...]

    7. I really like this book. It's a collection of advice from successful people. Two of my favorite messages came from Michelle Kwan and Apolo Ohno.Michelle Kwan:"In the end, your finest moments in life aren't necessarily those in which you finish first but, instead, the times when you know that you simply gave it your best - when you did it heart and soul, and held nothing back." Apolo Ohno:"It's not really about the destination, but about what it took to get you there. After I've crossed the finis [...]

    8. This was okay, but not life changing. Typical self-help and I wanted it to go a bit deeper than it did. Also, there was advice from Bill Cosby and Donald Trump that I fast-forwarded the audiobook through. No, thank you!I think my favorite piece of advice was from Matthew McConaughey's dad in which he told Matthew to never say "I can't do X" because that assumes the feat is actually impossible and there is no way it can be done. Instead, say "I'm having trouble with X" because that means there is [...]

    9. mariesbookgarden/After delivering a commencement address, Katie Couric got the idea to gather commencement addresses and other advice from various celebrities, politicians, athletes, military commanders, philanthropists, and businesspeople. She opens each section with an anecdote from her own lifeabout her own childhood, how she got into television, losing her husband to cancer, raising her daughters, and being criticized for her work on the CBS Evening News.I have always liked Couric, even thou [...]

    10. I found this book while browsing the ebook offerings on my library's website and immediately thought a book of advice from successful journalists, artists, entertainers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes would be interesting and informative. After all, their respective formulas worked for them, it can't hurt to find out what they are. Some essays are very short (Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's is fittingly 140 characters long) and some are longer and filled with reminiscences but they all [...]

    11. When Katie Couric was giving a college commencement speech, she got the idea of contacting some remarkable people for advice to offer to these students who were embarking on their new careers. She collected stories from people in a variety of fields--politics, the arts, sports, entertainment, newscasting, and philanthropy. She partnered with Scholarship America so all the proceeds from this book will fund college scholarships for those in need.The stories came from intelligent people with their [...]

    12. What I enjoyed about this book is that there are so many people in here that gave Katie Couric advice ~ and as a reader you can select the ones that you feel like reading. They are also organized by subject ~ if you don't care for looking up the person by name, you can read advice on work, passion, courage, etcMy favorite advice came from Jay Leno, Donald Trump, Larry King, Matthew McConaughy, Joyce Carol Oates, Gloria Steinem, Nia Vardalos, Whoopi Goldberg, M. Night Shyamalan, Soledad O'Brien, [...]

    13. So, I didn't have a strong opinion about Katie Couric one way or the other before reading this book. As I read I found myself liking her a lot. Her portions were funny, real and honest. I wish I could say the same for her celeb writers. I see her dilemma. She asks a slew of celebrities to share words of advice and some (and by "some" I mean "a lot") of the entries are awful. What can she do? Leave them out when people like Donald Trump spent all of 47 seconds writing something stale and trite?Th [...]

    14. I didn't love this book enough to give it a 4, but it probably deserves more than a 3. Because Katie Couric has the career she has, she is able to ask famous people for their best advice. Some of it was really good. Some I could have done without. I did think reading the different essays made the "stars" much more human to me (for the most part). My favorite part of this book is that I could read an essay, put it down for a while and come back to the next one. It would probably be most beneficia [...]

    15. I imagine that this book is a "gift" book a lot. The sort of thing someone gives you when you graduate. It's no "Oh The Places You'll Go"-- but it is pretty good. Like all books of this genre, some of the contributors advice or stories are better than others, but if you are looking for a "gift" book and you already have Dr. Seuss or The Last Lecture, this one is a pretty good choice. Easy to pick up and put down-- jump around in, etc. It's a feel-good book-- what else could you expect from Katie [...]

    16. I like and admire Katie Couric a whole lot. Perhaps that is why I had to give it 2 stars, even tho I could not get into it, and one star would have been enough for me. I did not want to turn others away from this book, which is mostly a collection of commencement address's given by famous or well know personalities, giving the new graduates sage advice. Not my kind of book, but some might really like it. Guess I'm too old, jaded, and as sage as I am going to get. But I do think Katie Couric is a [...]

    17. I am such a sucker for this type of book. I think they are the best type to listen to in the car. Couric has solicited all her famous movers and shakers to share with her "the best advice I ever got." She has grouped them in themes and added her own experiences at the beginning of each section. The replies she got are all relatively short and some more profound, interesting, or humorous than others. I found many to be relevantly good reminders for myself and the young adults in my life.

    18. I realized fairly quickly in that I am not necessarily the target audience -- it is mostly a collection of "graduation speeches." Most of them were your typical fare: follow your passion, fear not, embrace your uniqness Ultimately what I found most interesting is what each indivual's choice of topic said about them as a person and their core values. I did read about ten of them to my kids and had some nice discussions.

    19. Katie Couric, as well as other famous and intuitive people, provide words of insight and inspiration. If you are in need of a little inspiration or perhaps a little angel talking unbeknownst to you from your shoulder, then you will find that this book provides just that. I’m sure you will find some words of wisdom in this book that will enrich your life.

    20. I was planning on giving this a 2 star rating, but I was telling friends about some of the different stories and I was more and more excited to tell the next one (Blue Man Group! Suze Orman! Ellen DeGeneres! George Lopez!) I figured it deserves at least 3 stars. Some advice was pretty generic (Follow you dreams! Don't give up!) but some of the personal stories were very inspiring.

    21. Really enjoyed this collection of inspirational/motivational stories from a variety of sources, both really famous and not as we'll known. Already thinking some of these may need to make their way into my classroom in the fall! :)

    22. Extremely inspirational and a very fast read! I couldn't put it down. Some of the advice is cliche but its always nice to hear some cliches from famous people- reassuring us that we should stick to our purpose! Loved it and highly recommend!

    23. Great collection edited with commentary by Katie Couric. There a a couple people in this 2009 project that might not be included today (Donald Trump, Bill Cosby) but overall a winning group of contributors from music, art, politics, literature, entertainment, business, technology who have worthwhile advice to share -- some more profound than others. Stand-outs for me were Gloria Steinem, Anna Quindlen, Malcolm Gladwell, Ken Burns among others. Lots of "never give up" and "don't give in to fear" [...]

    24. Listened to it on CD and really enjoyed it. It wasn't what I had expected. I had anticipated Katie Couric had written a book. This was not really the case. She introduced each chapter but then other famous people's writings comprised the bulk of the book. Although a lot of the advice was cliche, I found it refreshing to hear of some success stories that started out as massive failures, and that kind of thing. I never tire of gaining wisdom from people who have excelled. With each short essay bei [...]

    25. Most of it is Good advice. Some of it is Better advice. A little of it is Best advice.Although it is segmented into parts like "You've Gotta Have Moxie", "Everyone Needs a Cheerleader", and "Find The Joy", it didn't seem very cohesive to me. It may as well have been just sorted randomly which made it feel unedited. And at times, since many of the writers are famous and very attuned to media and politics, it felt watered down. However, it was Katie's personal stories in between parts that had the [...]

    26. •(My reviews are intentionally generalized, concise, and contain little to no summaries. Here I will focus on my overall experience and personal interaction while reading this book) •I Learned: We all have our own unique journeys and there are universal principles of determination, being yourself, and giving back that will always push you in the direction of success. This collection of advice is sure to resonate with you at some point. •I Felt: motivated, humored, enlightened•It Changed [...]

    27. When you hoped for one nugget but got so many moreI didn't know what to expect going into this book. Of course, I have heard of Katie Couric, but am not familiar with her work. The stories of success through perseverance, determination and even luck are inspiring. We change because of the people we meet and the things we learn. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially to young people just beginning to travel along their own roads.

    28. Because this was a compilation of brief essays from a wide variety of people, some were interesting, most were just basic "Follow your dream", "Don't give up" pep talks. Did feel somewhat ironic that probably most of the people would have advised me NOT to waste my time on a book I wasn't truly enjoying but once I begin, I have a hard time not finishing - perseverance, I am sure it was in at least one of those essays!

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