A Girl in Winter

This story of Katherine Lind and Robin Fennel, of winter and summer, of war and peace, of exile and holidays.
A Girl in Winter This story of Katherine Lind and Robin Fennel of winter and summer of war and peace of exile and holidays

  • Title: A Girl in Winter
  • Author: Philip Larkin
  • ISBN: 9780571106929
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Philip Larkin in Oxford, 1943Philip Larkin opens A Girl in Winter with a chapter, three paragraphs long, in which he describes England during World War II, suffering through a stormy winter, its people trying to carry on daily life through numbness and deprivation:[The snow] lay in ditches and in hollows in the fields, where only birds walked. In some lanes the wind had swept it up faultlessly to the very tops of the hedges. Villages were cut off until gangs of men could clear a passage on the r [...]

    2. Philip Larkin (1922-1985) foi um grande poeta inglês; trabalhou durante trinta anos na biblioteca de uma universidade, período em que produziu grande parte da sua obra.Uma Rapariga No Inverno é um dos seus dois únicos romances e conta a história de Katherine e dos dois momentos da sua vida passados em Inglaterra: numas férias quando adolescente e, anos depois, a trabalhar como bibliotecária. Com ela se cruzam homens e mulheres, novos e velhos, pobres e ricos; todos tendo em comum uma gran [...]

    3. Me esperaba una historia de amor triste, pero me he encontrado con un libro lleno de vida. Terriblemente bello, capaz de sumergirte en una atmósfera de ensoñación, de días luminosos y dorados de verano, y días fríos y blancos de invierno. También me ha sorprendido que no sea una historia de amor al uso, con personajes misteriosos, carismáticos y irónicos, es hasta divertido. Una joyita, muy agradable de leer, está escrito de una forma poética, que hace que leerlo sea un dulce para el [...]

    4. I was a little nervous about this one. Nervous, not only because of Larkin's reputation, but because of this:"This masterful novel by the great modern poet is the story of the development of a lonely, self-centered adolescent into a mature young woman and the man who helps her find the way."Now, that suggests all sorts of unsavory things!: that the protagonist is unlikeable throughout most of the book, that the omniscient narrator is judgmental for the entirety of the book, and that solitary wom [...]

    5. From BBC Radio 4 - Classical Serial:In wintery wartime Britain, Katherine Lind, exiled and alone, endures her job as an assistant in an obscure provincial library with an unpleasant boss and unfriendly colleagues. Frozen in time and tragedy, her past is gone - and with it her family, her friends, her old life. She is living moment by moment. But on this cold, bleak Saturday, news from an English family she once knew forces her to relive the idyllic summer she spent with them six years before. Wi [...]

    6. 4.5 starsBest known for his poetry, Philip Larkin wrote two loosely connected novels during his lifetime. The second of these, A Girl in Winter, concerns itself with the confusing mix of emotions which characterise a critical period in a young girl’s life: her coming of age. It also captures the deep sense of loneliness and isolation that marks its central character, a woman named Katherine Lind.First published in 1947, A Girl in Winter represents my contribution to Karen and Simon’s 1947 Cl [...]

    7. "For the world seemed to have moved off a little, and to have lost its immediacy, as a bright pattern will fade in many washings. It was like a painting of a winter landscape in neutral colours, or a nocturne in many greys of the riverside, yet not so beautiful as either. Like a person who is beginning to go physically colour-blind she was disturbed. She felt one of her faculties had died without her consent or knowledge, and she was less than she had been. The world that she had been so used to [...]

    8. Una chica en invierno es una novela preciosa. Elegante, sobria y atmosférica. Se compone de muy pocos elementos, pero están tan bien medidos y estructurados que no hacen sino realzar la solidez del conjunto. A través de una solitaria y refunfuñona refugiada europea que ejerce como bibliotecaria en un pueblo inglés durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Philip Larkin narra una hermosa historia sobre encuentros con el pasado, desarraigo y descubrimiento personal que trata de indagar en esa enorme [...]

    9. I had to stop myself from gobbling this book. I did not ever want it to end. Written by a poet with the talent to transport the reader into the atmosphere of his story. I believe I actually lived it--- he is so good. What pleasure.

    10. This is one of the most perfect novels I have ever read--not a word or gesture or character out of place. It's one of the only novels I've read set in war time that doesn't sentimentalize or mythologize that state of siege. It is luminous, very funny and very sad and very brave.

    11. Una chica en invierno es el típico libro en el que mi novio diría que no pasa nada. Es un libro muy realista que te describe un día en la vida de Katherine, que trabaja en una biblioteca y tiene que acompañar a una compañera al dentista. La mayor parte del libro es un flashback que describe las vacaciones a Inglaterra que hizo Katherine años atrás, cuando era una adolescente, invitada por un chico con el que se carteaba.Y eso es prácticamente todo. No esperes una gran historia de amor o [...]

    12. I came to A Girl in Winter familiar with Larkin's poetry. But I'd never before read any of his prose, whether fiction or reviews. Not knowing anything about it other than the impressive credentials of the author, I came to it with curiosity. I found the prose good, steady, and clear without being poetic. I also found the Larkin of the mildly curmudgeonly and cynical reputation. The novel is composed of 2 seasonal backdrops. The summer section sits in the middle--as in every year--dividing 2 sect [...]

    13. **************************The first three paragraphs, as well as the last two paragraphs clearly intone our somber isolated world and its dilemmas. These act as bookends for a work also structured as a core childhood memory encased by two renderings of a more "current" adult experience.This book is very well written; and it takes the reader through one of our most challenging and essential experiences, our ultimate loneliness and isolation from one another.The prose is beautiful. And the author' [...]

    14. This is a beautifullly written book, but also very sad. The action takes place over the course of one day, with the middle section being a flashback to when the girl, Katherine, was sixteen and spending 3 weeks in England. It's a book about emptiness, about loss -- mostly of hope, sadly -- and about being stuck in a cycle you feel you can never break, and simply being resigned to it. It's worth a read for the lyrical language and some of the descriptions, but it is bleak, hopeless, and sad. It i [...]

    15. A book about unmet expectations.About finding things to do in life that matter/having a life that mattersReally interesting personality/character changesQuotes:- library assistants are forced to do everything to books except read them- All the week she had been waiting for Robin's letter. So far it had not come, but the interval lulled her excitement into a powerful, delicious expectation, strong enough to carry her through the daily work that she normally found disagreeable.- Because Katherine [...]

    16. I love this book so much, and I didn't expect to. To describe this book has less to do with the time period an more to do with the psyche of Katherine and human condition. Some comments made me realize there is a distinction in the novel, Katherine's youth in the summer and her older self in the winter. I didn't find Katherine obnoxious or even "annoying" in fact I felt she served as a telling of the exceptions we may feel, of love, ourselves, other countries. and what happens when those expect [...]

    17. I read this book for the reading group. It definitely didn't look like the kind of novel I'd enjoy but I read it and I was surprised how much I liked it. From the blurb on the cover you can't learn much. It says:This story of Katherine Lind and Robin Fennel, of winter and summer, of war and peace, of exile and holidays.And that exactly what you get: the story of one winter day during which Katherine Lind reminiscences about the summer she spent with the Fennel family.Lots in this book is unfinis [...]

    18. "Because Katherine was so young she hitherto thought love a pleasant thing; a state that put order into her life, directing her thoughts and efforts towards one end, and because she found it pleasant she thought it could not be real love, which by all accounts caused suffering and was to be feared." p.172"But did she really care what she did in England? There would be other thing for her to do, and whatever it was she would do it unwillingly, obstinately, as if she were working in a field; what [...]

    19. An excellent book, well constructed and beautifully written. Many writers have criticized the main character, Katherine Lind, as being solipsistic and self-centered.Larkin only hints at Katherine’s background but a careful analysis of these hints led me to conclude that she is a Jewish refugee from Germany. She thinks often but vaguely of the losses she has endured, her displacement in England and her loneliness. I don’t wonder at her self-concern.We must all regret that Larkin failed to com [...]

    20. La historia narrada en "Una chica en invierno" no es extraordinaria ni original: una chica rememora los días en que conoció a su primer amor justo cuando su vida carece de toda la emoción de aquellos días.Lo que si es extraordinaria es la sensibilidad con la que Larkin nos va desvelando los secretos y sentimientos que esconden las relaciones entre las personas que aparecen el libro. Esto hace que un libro que podría ser mediocre por su guión (uno más) se convierta en un libro excepcional. [...]

    21. 2'9.M'ha deixat bastant freda. No acabo d'entendre què hi vol fer Larkin. Va d'un costat a l'altra en dues frases. Els personatges no els he acabat de pillar mai perquè el narrador diu una cosa diferent d'ells cada moment. Ara està enamorada ara no sent res en absolut. Se n'havia oblidat i ara torna a ser el més important. No ho sé, m'ha frustrat tot bastant. L'últim paràgraf molt bé, però per mi no el salva!

    22. I fell in love over the 2 days that I read this book. The prose was like some mental lyrical massage, quite the most beautiful and yet profoundly sad book I have read yet. The description of the summer spent with robin's family filled my senses with the scent of hot languid english summers. I could hear the sound of willows by the thames, swishing in the humid air. Finishing this book left me bereft and empty. I am yet to recover from it so have moved on to Jill.

    23. I was curious to see how dear old Pip would deal with the novel form, and he handles it admirably. The theme, as one might expect, is isolation: crushing isolation and pathetic, impossible dreams and the realisation that "though they might try sincerely", people can no more help each other and make contact "than people standing ten yards apart can take other other's hands". But it's all done so lightly and lyrically that it's an absorbing read.

    24. You can tell from his style of writing that Larkin was a poet first, A girl in winter is a fantastic book about isolation. Larkin never reveals which country Katherine is from, but I feel it's France. Set in the war Katherine living in England is separated from her family, friends and country, she clings to the hope that the war will end soon and she can go home. Can't imagine being in such a situation.

    25. One of my favorite books. Like The House in Paris, the current action takes place in one day, waiting, while the backstory happens in the middle. It could really be called A Girl in Summer, as the crux of the book happens one idyllic summer before WWII. I like to read this in the summer.

    26. Smashing. Not quite a "true" five stars because it lags in a couple places (but not for long) but far too good to give four. Honestly, I think its flaws are part of its charm. I wish Larkin had kept writing novels!

    27. I was depressed for a week after this book. It's been awhile since I read it, but I felt the weight of HUMAN ISOLATION. I was at a point where I was reading non-fiction exclusively due to attention span issues, but this was so absorbing.

    28. Novel written by a poet, and quite poetic. It's about Katherine Lind, a 22-year-old girl from Europe (we're never told where) living in England during World War II, working in a library. The whole story takes up one winter day early in the war, in the first and last sections, and three weeks during the summer six years before, when she visited England for the first time, to stay with her pen pal Robin and his very English family (parents, sister Jane). Landscape is important in this book, both e [...]

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