Black Bird, Vol. 12

Reads R to L Japanese Style.Sho s manipulations have cast the demon world into chaos, and Kyo must leave the tengu village to help save the Kuzunoha clan from slaughter But giving aid to one of his few remaining allies means he must leave Misao vulnerable to attack.Kyo s grandfather is able to cast a powerful shield over the tengu mansion, but while it keeps anyone fromReads R to L Japanese Style.Sho s manipulations have cast the demon world into chaos, and Kyo must leave the tengu village to help save the Kuzunoha clan from slaughter But giving aid to one of his few remaining allies means he must leave Misao vulnerable to attack.Kyo s grandfather is able to cast a powerful shield over the tengu mansion, but while it keeps anyone from getting in, it also traps those who are inside How can Misao justify locking herself away when Sho begins to menace the village s most helpless members
Black Bird Vol Reads R to L Japanese Style Sho s manipulations have cast the demon world into chaos and Kyo must leave the tengu village to help save the Kuzunoha clan from slaughter But giving aid to one of his fe

  • Title: Black Bird, Vol. 12
  • Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji
  • ISBN: 9781421540528
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I am so ashamed of my investment in this series. ;_; I can't even make people read it with me because when I try to sell it I'm like 'oh the romance starts off with the heroine being sexually harassed by this crow demon who is constantly making sure she's aware of how much power he has over her and at one point flies her into the air while she's screaming so she knows she's totally dependant on him to survive and eventually this translates to love? But don't worry! After the first nine volumes o [...]

    2. 08 February 2013Now, we're talking. Black Bird, Volume 12 finally steps it up and delivers a compelling, action-packed good time. I feel like I've waited over eight volumes for this story to happen, but it was well worth the wait. This might be my favorite volume of the series so far.Sho is leaving a path of destruction and confusion behind him, but his insatiable appetite for chaos seems to have no end. (view spoiler)[This bloodthirsty fiend pits brother against brother, causing strife and hear [...]


    4. Reseña--- bit/2n7OHbAEste tomo estuvo muy cargado de información, podemos decir que estamos entrando a la recta final de la historia y a tan solo 6 tomos del esperado final tenemos, por fin, más información sobre los tengus que acompañan y proteger a Kyo y Misao, del sereno y misterioso Sagami y también de los adorables trillizos ya habíamos tenido algún dato pero de los demás desconociamos casi todo lo relacionado a ellos y de como es que llegarón a ser parte de este grupo protector d [...]

    5. Now this is what I've been wanting! Great action, compelling characters, and just the right amount of Misao crying. the Daitengu are really showing what makes them distinct from eachother, why their loyalties lie with Kyo over Sho, and that they're not just faces. I loved seeing more behind Sagami and Ayame's relationship. Hoki's motivations and mental state are unclear but hopefully it works out.

    6. This review will be the same for all of them-- excluding book seventeen and eighteen-- as I'm going to briefly review books 1-16I've wanted to read this manga for quite some time, and once I started reading it like a few weeks ago. I couldn't stop. Despite what anyone says, I love this manga. I love the artwork. I love the main character's romance. I love the plot line. And I love all of the characters that make up this manga. There's a lot of people who've said that Hime-sama, the main characte [...]

    7. ~3.5 or 4/5This is such a long series. It's seeming to be dragging out, and I'm not enjoying the volumes as much as I'd like to. On a good note, though, this one was a bit better than the last few have been.Hoki got hurt in the last volume, and so has to stay and protect Misao while everyone else goes out to fight, since the village is under attack. There's a spell on the village that creates some kind of maze that doesn't let anyone into the village, and some children trying to find Misao get l [...]

    8. see full review @ Katie's CornerWell, this was one of the first mangas that I’ve read when I started getting into the manga world. There are about 7 other mangas a bit similar to this one, and I will definitely cover them soon. They are in the category mature and smut (erotica), but they are still the best.But let’s get back on track. This manga has absolutely everything, starting with comedy and ending with tragedy, having a lot of supernatural doesn’t seem bad too. You just can’t not l [...]

    9. 'Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive'In this volume, things got a lot more interesting. Even though I disliked the Sho storyline last volume, this volume focused on it a lot more and I found myself enjoying it.We learnt a lot more about the characters of Zenki and Hoki in this volume, which I loved. The last time we really learnt about any [...]

    10. Another great addition to this series. The last volume ended with Sho plotting to take down the Daitengu (Kyo’s warriors). I have to say, even if Sho is evil, he makes this series so much more interesting. It really seems as if the focus has shifted away from Kyo and Misao and to the conflict Sho is creating. He targets three of Kyo’s Daitengu, trying to find the chink in Kyo’s armour. There’s more back story on Ayame and Sagami and vows they made to each other before they married. There [...]

    11. WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First, Zenki is on the cover!!! Hooray!!Second, OMG!!! HEART ATTACK!!Third, I totally shed tears during this volume!Fourth, holy god are Kyo and Misao horny! XD I loved the little drawing at the end Sakurakouji-sama did where Zenki said "When I was suffering the most these guys were messing around." And then in his demon beast form "I won't forgive them!" Hahahaha!! But seriously so true!Holy crap I can't believe the shit that hit the fan in this volu [...]

    12. Sho begins his attempts to tear the Daitengu apart, beginning with Sagami. However, the bond between Kyo and Sagami is too even strong, even when Ayame is placed in danger. But Sho does have better luck with Zenki, who's past harbors a dark and terrible secret, one that threatens to tear apart the Kyo and Misao's entire world. As usual, Volume 12 ends on a terrible cliffhanger, one that makes me wonder if there might soon be a death of someone very dear Misao. A good volume, one that really adva [...]

    13. 3.5 - 4 STARS As promised, the 12th volume in Black Bird delivered much needed action and character development. Probably enough to forgive the complete lack of said developments in the previous books.It's 1AM so I'm just going to go with the ol' Pros and Cons listPROSThat we finally got more background on Zenki and Houki! Got more Cheeky Sweet Kyou than Creepy Confusing KyouHOUKI The CompoundZENKIThe OrphanageDID I MENTION HOUKI AND ZENKI?!?!CONSSexy time was cut off but as it was because of th [...]

    14. This was a fantastic volume in the Black Bird series. Actually I think this is the best volume of them all. War, death, betrayal, sacrifice, love, promises, faith. Seriously. This was a jam packed installment. Our characters are becoming embroiled in an all out civil war with innocent casualties and some crazy twists and turns involving betrayals from some of those closest to Kyo. I liked this volume so much I read it 2x right in a row. Seriously if you have considered reading this series I hope [...]

    15. This was okay. I don't know, its like I say that with all the other volumes. Its not that I don't like the series. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to. But then as I thought, eh why not give it a chance, I found there's moments to like, moments that it a little weird and awkward. Good balance there. 3 stars means I kind of liked it but at the same thought it was okay. But I didn't think it was bad or anything.

    16. Vol. 12 of the Black Bird series is the best so far - very dramatic but with plenty of humor. My favorite moment is when Kyo's grandfather tells him he needs to start picking out successors for his captured friends and bodyguards since they're as a good as dead and Kyo turns to him with a look of genuine confusion and says "Old manI only speak Japanese. I don't understand Crazytalk." And Misao's all "Gasp! Kyo!!" Bwahahaha!

    17. In this book Kyo left Misao for a mission that he was on. He got trapped in a mazy and there is no way out. They think that they are left there to rot. Kyo is the clan leader and not he has to think of a plan to get them out. After a while he came up with a plan but it failed and the were stuck there for 3 days without food and water.

    18. Much is revealed about some of the characters and there was a lot of action, but it was too tidy. Things were resolved too quickly and I feel like I'm being told rather than shown.For my full series review on volumes 1-16 please visit perksofbeinganotakuwallflower.

    19. A really great installment in a series that I'm absolutely addicted to. I really am so glad that there's more of a focus on the Tengu, particularly the bonds between Kyo and his clan. Also the romance between Kyo and Misao has become more relaxed and sweet rather than somewhat weirdly obsessive and discomfiting. I am also very concerned for Hoki and longing for volume 13!

    20. Sho devises a plan to take down Kyo by taking out the Daitengu one by one, starting by awakening the demon within Hoki and Zenki. He plans to throw the world into utter chaos and destruction, starting with the demon villages. Will Sho's plan succeed, or will Kyo be able to prove Sho's theory of ruling with an iron fist wrong and protect everyone with his kindness?

    21. Series Review: This series doesn't look like much in the beginning but trust me it soon shows it's true potential. This manga is gripping and thrilling while never losing its romantic side. As always manga is rated for a reason and this is really for older teens and up due to some semi graphic content, however I really recommend giving this manga a try!

    22. Chapters 44-47.This volume is more about the detengu and Sho which I enjoyed. I love how her covers make sense with the plot. I adored seeing Sagami's background with Ayame and their joint vow. Then Hoki's abandonment for good and Zenki's past. I love this series for the plot, characters and the art!BOTTOM LINE: Wow!

    23. I didn't love this volume of Black Bird, the whole war thing and Hoki and Zenki it wasn't what I wanted to read about, and I know the author wanted us to know the other characters but this book was boring. And for God's sake can Sho just die and remain died?!

    24. It was Awesome.I Like the part when Zenki tuned into a non stop killing demon, was kind of sad to.I did not like it when hoki betrayed them to go work for Sho though, but I will try to understand why he did that. The man who wished Misao didn't show up in their lifes, that was so mean, happy when Kyo tryed to help her out by saying some words back to him.The book was really great though.

    25. Ooooh, we have a heartbreaking betrayal, followed by another surprising revelationd there is a battle gearing up. My heart broke over Zenki and I like how Kyo handled it. There were some really endearing moments in this volume that had nothing to do with Kyo and Misao.

    26. TwT no estoy preparada emocionalmente para lo que va a venir - Al principio no podia dejar de compararlo con otros mangas -.- pero conforme pasan capitulos me encariñe demasiado con cada uno de los personajes ademas esta lleno de romance que me hace gritar de la emocion jjujujuh (ruborizarse) *m*

    27. I'm not that sure why I keep reading Black Bird. I like it, but I've read much better comics. And most of the time the story is quite boring. I actually think this is the best volume so far so I have hope for the last volumes.

    28. Love, treachery, brother against brother, and seals unbound oh my! This is another Black Bird where there is mostly action. Although I understand why it's needed. I still want there to be lovie dove stuff.

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