In the Flesh

Terrifying and forbidding, subversive and insightful, Clive Barker s groundbreaking stories revolutionized the worlds of horrific and fantastical fiction and established Barker s dominance over the otherworldly and the all too real Here, as two businessmen encounter beautiful and seductive women and an earnest young woman researches a city slum, Barker maps the boundlessTerrifying and forbidding, subversive and insightful, Clive Barker s groundbreaking stories revolutionized the worlds of horrific and fantastical fiction and established Barker s dominance over the otherworldly and the all too real Here, as two businessmen encounter beautiful and seductive women and an earnest young woman researches a city slum, Barker maps the boundless vistas of the unfettered imagination only to uncover a profound sense of terror and overwhelming dread.
In the Flesh Terrifying and forbidding subversive and insightful Clive Barker s groundbreaking stories revolutionized the worlds of horrific and fantastical fiction and established Barker s dominance over the ot

  • Title: In the Flesh
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780671626877
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This has been my first Clive Barker read, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. From what I had heard of Barker before, I had assumed his work was in the gory blood porn genre. As such I was never very interested in trying out any of his work, since the more trashy kind of cheap thrills that Stephen King used to grind out in his earlier years, really never did sit well with me. Neither does the kind of horror that features sexy teenagers being systematically mangled by homicidal maniacs (us [...]

    2. مرة أخرى مع الشيف المتمكن كليف باركر وسَلَطة رعب تحتوي على جميع عناصر أدب الرعب الحقيقي، لا أعتقد أنها ستخيب ظنك.الغموض موجود، التشويق كذلك، شيء من الرمزية، رشّة أفكار مبتكرة وكل ذلك على طبق من الأجواء الكابوسية القاتمة. تحتوي المجموعة على أربع قصص مروعة:المُحرّم: عن قاتل شب [...]

    3. The manifestation of evil, "in the flesh" is the theme that unites all 4 novellas in this early Barker work.The highlight here is, undoubtedly, "THE FORBIDDEN". This is the basis for what is perhaps the MOST UNDERRATED HORROR FILM OF ALL TIME: Bernard Rose's "Candyman." The story itself, 60 pages that really do chill the blood, I've penciled in on a list of the best short stories ever. It is melancholia wrapped in detective noir, supernatural urban legend; a human investment into something large [...]

    4. This was the first Barker for me and, simply put, I liked it a lot. I always kind of thought that Barker was all about extreme gore which isn't quite what I ask of horror literature but since this book happened to come to my possession, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did because my initial impression couldn't be further from the truth.This volume consists of four dark and atmospheric stories. Atmosphere is definitely a key word here. Barker takes his time building it before he takes the [...]

    5. Surprise surprise, another 5-star read from mr. Barker to me.What was a surprise, though, was "The Madonna", the first story in the entirety of "Books of Blood" (that I've read so far; I still have volume 6 to read) that I found to be an anticlimax. The buildup was amazing, the elements were all there, but then it just deflated when The Madonna herself made her appearance. (Also (view spoiler)[rape? (hide spoiler)] Ugh) Hey, just one story out of the 25 in the five volumes is an amazing ratio. I [...]

    6. Типично в негов стил Клайв Баркър успя за пореден път да ме изкефи, да ме шокира и отврати, че дори и да ме издразни. Личният ми фаворит от 4-те творби в томчето е именно откриващата - "Забраненият" - при Кендимен лабаво нема! "Мадоната" и "Децата на Вавилон" нещо не успяха да ме сп [...]

    7. Έχοντας διαβάσει μόνο το Hellraiser μέχρι στιγμής από τον Clive Barker, αποφάσισα να βρω κάποιο από Τα Βιβλία του Αίματος που ξέρω ότι θεωρούνται εξαιρετικά. Πράγματι η γραφή του Barker είναι πολύ καλή και καθηλώνει, γι' αυτό άλλωστε τελείωσα αυτό το βιβλίο σε μία μέρα. Οφείλω να πω επίσης [...]

    8. Another great intallment in the books of blood by Clive Barker. 4 awesome stories from which the first " The Forbidden" is the basis for the Candyman movie:D As always clive gives us much more than just the surface blood and gore. Its a twisted journey inside peoples psyche.Two more books of blood to go:) 4 stars:)

    9. За пети път Баркър ужасява: knigolandiafo/book-review/kВ края на миналата година дойде регулярната доза хорър от Клайв Баркър – “Колибри” ни закачиха на кукичката още в началото и сега като наркомани си искаме още и още :) Петият том “Кървави книги” прочетох още преди месец, но имах ну [...]

    10. Много слабо.С Баркър сме на приливи и отливи. Големи идеи и елементарен стил. А и големите идеи са концентрирани в любимата ми тема за Града, която той застъпва почти навсякъде, но размива с малоумни претупани финали и педерастки постановки.Първият разказ за Сладура е най-до [...]

    11. I'm still finding the quality increases as I work through the volumes. But I have to say, though it doesn't say much, there was one quote that I found quite chilling, from the story The Forbidden:"Don't kill me," she breathed."Do you believe in me?" he said.She nodded minutely. "How can I not?" she said."Then why do you want to live?"Brilliant stuff, that.

    12. Най-слабият сборник от поредицата досега. Реално бих му дал една звезда по-малко, но в случая съм добър защото много харесвам автора, както и останалите му книги, които съм чел.

    13. The second story was the one i’d been waiting for–The Forbidden. Much of it was familiar to me, having seen the Candyman film enough times. The creepy vibe of the film, and the Candyman himself in particular, came through in satisfying ways. But the story created even more, i think, than the film. The eerie, isolated feeling of the housing estate and the peculiar social structure are such banal things, but increase the macabre feeling in the story intensely. It draws on similar themes to Hig [...]

    14. This was the American edition of the last tales of the Book of Blood. Barker managed to keep the quality high right to the end. After this, he concentrated on novels until he gravitated from horror to fantasy. I prefer these early works to anything later. There is a deep dark and very visceral feel to these stories.

    15. Very intriguing collection of short stories. I started reading this because I'm a big Candyman fan, but the other stories in it really hooked me. Looking forward to going back and reading the first four Books of Blood.

    16. I've wanted to nab this baby forever, since watching the movie Candyman, adapted to the screen by Bernard Rose with Clive's backing. I have owned several of his books of blood anthologies for awhile, yet this one has remained an illusive completion of the cycle. Finally I now own all of them, and read this one within the week of receiving it.The book, a brief 255 pages, envelops four short stories. The first, 'In The Flesh', is a strange tale following the mind of a convict, Cleve, who is forced [...]

    17. Not quite as good as the previous volumes but still worthwhile, since it is Barker. Includes the story that Candyman was based on.

    18. This book is a collection of 4 novelettes from "The New Master of Horror." (not so new anymore!)The title piece, "In the Flesh" deals with a petty criminal trapped in a jail cell with a first-time offender who's messing with more than he bargained for in the spirit of his executed murderer grandfather."The Forbidden" is the story the movie Candyman was based on. I'm sure you've seen it. The story is shorter, snappier, and more powerful. (And set in England! Huh!)"The Madonna" reminded me of a mo [...]

    19. "Terrifying and forbidding, subversive and insightful,"but in reality, kind of disappointing. I found this at the used book store, after having an unsettling day that I wanted a distraction from. Lo and behold, an entire collection of Clive Barker stories I'd never heard of! Now that I've read them, I can understand why his "Books of Blood" are so well known while this onen't. A couple of interesting moments, some deliberate cliches (Instead of a hand, his arm ended in *gasp* a hook!), and proba [...]

    20. Clive Barker's shorter fictions are so compelling, and his mind creates some of the most incredible things. I read the four short works over a period of time, and in-between novels, so as to have something to savor. These are dark and bizarre little pieces, each with a unique premise. Master.

    21. So far so good. Very intense writing. I am sure this will be the first of many Clive Barker books thanks to a good friend's recommendation.

    22. The fifth volume of Clive Barker's Books of Blood is easily one of the best collection in the series. Every single story is this book is extremely good.The titular story, "In the Flesh," features chilling visions of the afterlife, disturbing body horror, and ruminations on the birth of sin. "The Madonna" begins as a unnerving homage to Lovecraft that then twists into a intriguing statement about sexuality, gender, and transformation. (While also featuring one of Barker's most uncanny locations: [...]

    23. The penultimate book of Clive Barker's awe inspiring sextology is a tricky one, while all of the stories in the book are good, I find some of them harder to care for than most of his earlier works. Before I begin my review for each individual story, I should point out that this book only has 4 stories. This however is not a bad thing, as the shortest story has always been the worst in previous editions and since this book lacks a really short story, they should all be pretty good, right? Right?T [...]

    24. Който си пъха носа където не му е работа, може да съживи някоя легенда, която ей-така, за да му докаже, че не е само мит, да го цъкне в минало свършено време.***Лесните пари водят двама души - единият е престъпник с много пари, другият - опортюнист с усет, който често го е провалял - [...]

    25. This fifth outing feels like Barker has gained more confidence as a writer, and his narratives are tighter. This one was *almost* as good as the first. While it had fewer uneven patches, it never quite sang to my blood the way a couple stories in the first volume did.“The Forbidden” is a gem and makes me want to rewatch Candyman. “Babel's Children” is the nihilistic political satire that “Hell’s Event” wasn’t. Not sure how to feel about “The Madonna” and all its gender musing [...]

    26. To me this was the weakest of the Books of Blood that I've read so far. That said, it is still Clive Barker, and Clive Barker does not write bad stories. Each one in this short collection is eerie enough to make you take a break between them. The scariness ramps up as you go, as does the violence and horror. Of note, this collection has the story that introduced the Candyman. Overall, it's a cool little collection.

    27. Entertaining and well writtenClive Barker is one of the best writers living today. His books and story's have a scope of breath taking imagination that is unsurpassed. If Stephen king is the king of horror. Clive barker is the God of horror. He doesn't limit or censor himself and the story's flow with ease. It is like he writes as he breaths it comes natural. I highly recommend this book to all Fans of Modern horror

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