Nuskha ha-e Wafa / نسخہ ہائے وفا

Nuskha ha e Wafa None

  • Title: Nuskha ha-e Wafa / نسخہ ہائے وفا
  • Author: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Nuskha ha-e Wafa / نسخہ ہائے وفا”

    1. Reading Faiz is akin to discovering a new existence such that once you discover it, the life you had hitherto known feels utterly without meaning, without purpose, without substance, as if none of it had mattered before, as though you have been born just now. I know I'm waxing poetic but how can one praise Faiz if not by poetry itself? The fact is, there are no words to enumerate the gifts Fiaz's words bestow on you. You just accept it, like a penitent, kneeling, head bowed, with a bowl of palms [...]

    2. PhenomenalI absolutely loved it ♡ مانا کہ یہ سنسان گھڑی سخت کڑی ہے لیکن مرے دل یہ تو فقط ایک گھڑی ہے ہمت کرو، جینے کو تو اک عمر پڑی ہے °•○●○•° °•○●○•° °•○●○•° °•○●○•°نہ دید ہے نہ سخن، اب نہ حرف ہے نہ پیامکوئی بھی حیلہء تسکین نہیں اور آس بہت ہےامید یار، نظر کا مزاج، درد کا رنگتم آج کچ [...]

    3. I just can't explain my love for his verse. He is my favorite poet, and as i believe one of the greatest poets who ever lived. If someone is surprised by this claim, he'd better read him first.

    4. Genius! Haunting! Faiz's words are like robots with mechanical hooks and his poems are torture cells. He knew how to reach into hearts and pull them right out ripping the chests open. And you love it, you love to bleed, you long to stay in his torture cells, because there is hope too, hope through the rozan-e-zindaan

    5. I have very mixed feelings about Faiz Ahmed Faiz.I am awestruck by the sheer beauty of his poetry,I don't think there has been a better wordsmith in the Urdu language.His communist ideology is another matter though,I can't subscribe to his political views.

    6. Mind Blowing justtt lovely piece of poetry every context, every ghazal, every word made a great impression اب ٹوٹ گریں گی زنجیریں، اب زندانوں کی خیر نہیں or another lovely line مجھ سے پہلی سی محبت میرے محبوب نہ مانگ Definitely I rate it 5 stars just awesome

    7. I always found this book in my dad's room in his racks. I didn't realize on that time that its a book for communist lunatics like me. Must read it if you are mature enough to get real core of poetry. Absorb these flowing words by a revolutionary poet.

    8. This is one of my favorite books in my collection. I am a huge fan a love reading it again and again.

    9. جانے کس رنگ میں تفسیر کریں اہلِ ہوسمدحِ زلف و لب و رخسار کروں یا نہ کروں

    10. An unparalleled poet, who has so smoothly touched such diverse subjects. Ranging from romance, to social awakening, to shunning capitalism to being one of the few people who saw 1971 from an unbiased perspective. Beautiful read. Moreover, the language used is not so heavy and contains minimal words from punjabi / Farsi. I will recommend it to anyone wanting to begin with urdu poetry, this legend is the perfect start.

    11. Ab Toot Girain Gi Zanjeerain, Ab Zandaanon Ki Khair NahiJo Darya Jhoom K Uthe Hain, Tinkoon Say Na Taalay Jayain Gay!kut'tay Bhi Chalo, Bhartay Bhi chalo, Baazo bhi Buhat Hain, Sar Bhi BuhatChalte Bhi Chalo, K Ab Deiray Manzil Hi Pay Dalay Jayain GayAye Zulm K Maato Lab Kholo, Chup Rehne Walo Chup Kab TakKuch Hashar To Un se Uthe Ga, Kuch Dur To Nalay Jayain Gay!No words can do justice to Faiz. He is one the best poets Urdu Literature have ever had!

    12. Faiz is a revolutionary poet, and his works are truly inspiring. His simple yet eloquent style is very motivating. His poetry represent his love for his homeland and highlights the need of struggle for true independence and peace. Faiz is a great poet, and his enticing words captivate the heart of the reader.|Jis Dhaj Se Koi Maqtal Mn Gaya Wo Shan Salamat Rehti Ha|Yeh Jaan To Aani Jaani Hai Iss Jaan Ki To Koi Baat Nahi

    13. I am speechless to describe my likeness for this book and no doubt Sir Faiz Ahmed Faiz is the best poet!

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