Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, Vol. 1:Duelist Kingdom

Yugi, Jonouchi, and Anzu have survived Kaiba s deadly theme park, but now they re faced with the two Kaiba brothers, heirs of the biggest game empire in Japan Seto Kaiba has spent years and millions of dollars building the greatest Duel Monsters deck ever Armed only with his grandfather s hand me down deck, Yugi fights Seto Kaiba for his grandfather, for his friends, aYugi, Jonouchi, and Anzu have survived Kaiba s deadly theme park, but now they re faced with the two Kaiba brothers, heirs of the biggest game empire in Japan Seto Kaiba has spent years and millions of dollars building the greatest Duel Monsters deck ever Armed only with his grandfather s hand me down deck, Yugi fights Seto Kaiba for his grandfather, for his friends, and most of all, for revenge But will faith, and good card playing, be enough
Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol Duelist Kingdom Yugi Jonouchi and Anzu have survived Kaiba s deadly theme park but now they re faced with the two Kaiba brothers heirs of the biggest game empire in Japan Seto Kaiba has spent years and millions o

  • Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, Vol. 1:Duelist Kingdom
  • Author: Kazuki Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9780575077577
  • Page: 489
  • Format: None
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    1. Yes, back to the anime's story. It is fine how Joey and the others are all about how sexy Mai is and Tea wants to rip her apart. I believe one of the reasons why is because she feels Mai is a threat since Tea wants Yugi and Mai seems to be interested in Yugi, even though it is only as a duelist.I don't remember the anime saying that the duels would last for only 48 hours but It's been years since I have watched the first episodes. Go, Yugi! Go, Joey ! :P

    2. Now I'm reading the story the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series was built on. Wow. It is so much fun to see what they have changed and what they kept. WARNING! This review will compare the manga with the anime a lot.The gang travels to Duelist Kingdom and it's much easier for Jounouchi to enter the tournament (and the ship that takes them to DK island) than it is in the anime. It kind of makes more sense in the anime but I wouldn't have given it a thought when reading if I hadn't seen the anime. The are [...]

    3. I did read the Yu-Gi-Oh! series in entirety, but I lack the patience to add them all. I did like the anime as a child, so when I first started reading it I was surprised to see how violent and gruesome a lot of it was in Japanese, and hilarious how much they censored it in America. I love the range in character types, and thought the ending was perfect.

    4. This book is about a kid named Yugi who plays the card game Duel Monsters. One day he receives a tape that traps his grandpa in a camera and tells him that he must play Duel Monsters in the Duelist Kingdom to get his grandpa back. So he and his friend Jonouchi get on the cruise ship to go duel in the duelist kingdom. They learn that there are new rules to the kingdom, and they meet someone who proves a challenge to Yugi and Jonouchi at the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi´s main goal is to duel Maximilian [...]

    5. I picked up this book from the library for a quick read. I was interested to see what the original book was like having watched the anime version a couple of times. Volume 1 covers the stealing of Grandpa’s soul by Pegasus, their journey to Duelist Kingdom and Yugi’s duel with Weevil, ending with Joey accepting Mai’s challenge.The first differences are the names which are the original Japanese translation as opposed to their American counterparts. Joey Wheeler=Katsuya Jonouchi, Tristan Tay [...]

    6. “Yu Gi Oh: Duelist” is a tough book to critique with a neutral standing. As a personal choice it is not a book I would gravitate towards. However, I can see it being attractive to young teens or even younger. The adult reader with no Yu Gi Oh background is immediately lost, but a reader who has either played the game or watched the show would feel much more at home.“Duelist” features seven vignettes. The smaller stories are a vividly illustrated portrayals of the card game, which pits sp [...]

    7. A Quickie ReviewMaybe I'm just a sucker for entertainment, but, I always found the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime thrilling and fun. I was a bit late to the party, though, so this early part of the story arc is a bit new to me; still, I'm familiar enough with the franchise to understand it. If you know nothing of Yugi Moto and "the heart of the cards," this isn't for you; still, for fans like me, it's great stuff.Content Concerns:• Sex: Stray comments about women's appearances; a woman telling a guy that she [...]

    8. Yugi is a master at Duel Monsters, a card game in which each player has a deck of monster cards that have different powers and points for attacks and defeats. He just plays for fun with his friends until Maximillian Pegasus, an American game designer and sponsor of an upcoming tournament, duels Yugi in order to get him to enter. As insurance, Pegasus traps Yugi’s grandfather in a television and will not release him unless Yugi beats him in the tournament. So Yugi and his friends travel to the [...]

    9. This is a sequel series! There are 7 volumes (season 0) that precede this one! Yu-Gi-Oh!Duelist starts along with the anime. Young Yugi and his friends are addicted to the latest game to sweep Japan, Duel Monsters! At the beginning of this volume, Yugi is fairly confident in his dueling abilities after defeating Kaiba (and hospitalizing him) and vows to not be competitive until he has the opportunity for a rematch. Yugi's plans are foiled however when the creator of Duel Monsters challenges him [...]

    10. this book is about a kid name yugi and he plays a card game and this grandfather owns a card store that sells these cards. as in the story a guy name kaiba yugi's enemy come and destorys one of his grandfathers most prize cards. as this happens ayugi duels him in a card battle as he wins with the help of the melienum puzzle(special power.i think the message is to be by your family side as when they need help.i think this because yugi helps his grandfather by defending his honor with a duel. this [...]

    11. Review for all 24 volumes.Better than the original series, both in story and artwork (especially the latter). Much more fun to read, much more clever, and really hooked me as a kid. Second biggest problem was that the plot was obviously very cheesy and just an excuse for the characters to duel each other. Biggest problem was that I played the card game a lot as a kid, and it's obvious that the story was changing rules and the way cards worked very frequently (spell cards played like trap cards a [...]

    12. another title i grabbed at work to see what the big deal is. i probably should have started with the other yu-gi-oh series first, because this just did not work out for me. if readers are really familiar with the card game it probably makes more sense, but for me it read something like this:insector: i will defeat you with this random insect card!yugi: oh, but i have this random card that will defeat your random card!insector: but i will randomly set this random trap card!yugi: i will randomly s [...]

    13. If this book claims to be different than the anime (as in more shocking or what not), then it is completely lying. There wasn't a single scene I don't remember from the English anime much less the Japanese. The books in the first series definitely claimed to have scenes deemed too much for the anime, but I didn't see anything like that here. I did see a bit too much of Kujaku Mai displaying feminine wiles, and monster on monster violence, but other than that, it's nothing I wouldn't have seen on [...]

    14. I can see this series still remaining popular among young adults for a very long time. I really like the role that the card game plays in moving the story forward. Much is at stake for Yugi and his friend Jonouchi, as both players are going into the Duelist Kingdom and competing in the clever Pegasus' tournament for noble reasons. The fantasy and adventure elements make it a captivating read, primarily for male teens, I think.

    15. И започваме арката на Кралството на дуелистите! За мен лично, тази арка е по-добра от Бойния град (който тепърва предстои). Юги, както се заричаше, че няма да се дуелира с друг, освен Кайба, така беше въвлечен в турнира на ексцентричния и малко женствен милиардер Пегасъс, който [...]

    16. This is the yu-gi-oh manga series that you'd want to buy for someone who enjoys watching the yu-gi-oh tv series. This "yu-gi-oh! duelist" series deals with the card game as opposed to the other, titled simply, "yu-gi-oh" series which deals with deadly, and graphic, games of chance.

    17. Great card game, great series. But have you wondered ever if Card Games have magical powers and there's a kid with a 1000 year old living inside him?

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