Apple Orchard Bed and Breakfast

Apple Orchard Bed and Breakfast None

  • Title: Apple Orchard Bed and Breakfast
  • Author: Ron McAdoo Caryl McAdoo
  • ISBN: 9780786242344
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Apple Orchard Bed and Breakfast”

    1. The Apple Orchard Bed and Breakfast was fun, fast reading. I'll admit that I am a sucker for the shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. That's probably the reason I found this enjoyable. I liked the fact that it named familiar places in East Texas. The Apple Orchard B&B was the scene where the game took place; the game being that of W. G. Preston finding a wife. He had advertised under the pretense of hiring a manager for his B&B. He hired 8 women to vie for the job. They were all [...]

    2. This is a clean, fun, mature, inspirational romance that got a five star review from Affaire de Couer magazine for romance readers. Written before the first Bachelor reality show, this lovable protagonist decides he has grieved the love-of-his-life's death long enough and devises a scheme to meet some nice ladies without any blind dates or pick-up scenes. He places ad ad for a manager for his East Texas bed and breakfast and hires eight very different ladies to come live there for awhile so he c [...]

    3. Not a bad read. You kind of new from the beginning that this was not a well thought out plan for courtship.Really liked all the places that were mentioned in such a way as to bring back memories or to create an interest.

    4. I read this book twice. It's a fun book that is kind of a cleaner version of the tv show The Bachelor, although, I'm pretty sure this came out first. It's a pretty clean book, except for the mention of someone's chest, if I remember right. :)

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