Tempted by Trouble

T is forTrouble Elle Amery knows her late mother s bad boy loving reputation was not the best inheritance Tempted So when smooth talking Sean McElroy turns up with a pink and white ice cream van called Rosie that s apparently hers Elle s playboy radar flashes red, and she tries to ignore the traitorous flicker of attraction Or the Time of their lives Family oT is forTrouble Elle Amery knows her late mother s bad boy loving reputation was not the best inheritance Tempted So when smooth talking Sean McElroy turns up with a pink and white ice cream van called Rosie that s apparently hers Elle s playboy radar flashes red, and she tries to ignore the traitorous flicker of attraction Or the Time of their lives Family orientated Elle is the last girl Sean should ever want he s not a fan of responsibility in any form Yet as they embark on a journey filled with ice cream, these two misfits find that life comes in many flavours and that they re better all mixed up than apart
Tempted by Trouble T is forTrouble Elle Amery knows her late mother s bad boy loving reputation was not the best inheritance Tempted So when smooth talking Sean McElroy turns up with a pink and white ice cream van calle

  • Title: Tempted by Trouble
  • Author: Liz Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780263883848
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. This is the story of Sean and Elle. Elle has spent most of her adulthood looking after her younger sisters and her slightly unhinged grandmother. Her carefully ordered world is thrown into disarray one day when handsome Sean turns up at her doorstep with a vintage ice cream van "Rosie" that has been given to Elle by her great uncle, whom she didn't know existed. Elle is forced to take on the responsibility of bookings for Rosie, and Sean, feeling guilty for unwittingly piling this extra pressure [...]

    2. I loved this book. Had me hooked from the first page. How many of us have not been caught out, not looking their best, when they open their door to a handsome stranger? I know I have, lol! This is a sweet romance, full of sexual tension - they never get past kissing!I really found myself rooting for the H/H and I loved, loved, loved the humour. A def feel good romance with a lovely, light feel to it and well rounded, believable characters.This is the first Liz Fielding I read and I will def read [...]

    3. Rating: 8 out of 10 - GREAT READ!First line: Life is like ice cream: you have to take it one lick at a time –Rosie’s DiaryMemorable Scene: - Sean removing a ladybug from Elle's hair > sweetness!Elle Amery is a responsible young woman who puts others' needs and wellbeing before her own. She’s determined not to follow in her mother's promiscuous footsteps. She’s also independent and sensible and self-sufficient. Sean McElroy is an illegitimate son who bares the emotional scars of being [...]

    4. The hero and heroine in this story are very much opposites. Sean McElroy has a large but fragmented family and isn’t interested in adding anyone else to it. Lovage “Elle” Amery is family oriented and had stepped into the role of parent for her two younger half-sisters and carer for her grandmother. So they should be totally incompatible. But Cupid doesn’t match people up like a dating agency, so naturally these two people have to be together despite their very different outlook on life. [...]

    5. With Liz Fielding you are almost guaranteed a sweet read with humour, pathos and some nicely graded sizzle. Tempted by Trouble, is from the RIVA line, which has been refurbished into the Kiss line. Shoot me if I'm wrong.We meet Elle Amery, whose real name is Lovage, and her sisters Sorrel and Angelica, and yes her mother was Lavender. There is a herbal theme happening here that makes me think of Scarborough Fair.Which is kind of appropriate when we find out the history of the sisters and the lin [...]

    6. A long while back Kate Hardy wrote a blog post referencing Mr. Whippy. I had no idea what a Mr. Whippy was, but then, with some education I soon was dreaming about creamy ice cream by the sea. When Liz told me she was writing a book with an ice cream van, I thought how typically Liz. Liz does such a brilliant job of adding a touch of whimsy to her books, and a heroine in charge of an ice cream van named Rosie sounded just perfect.I'll confess I had moments of confusion at the beginning of the bo [...]

    7. What I think is, I wish I could write like Liz Fielding! This is a great Mills & Boon with a delightful idea centring around how wonderful it would be to find love and laughter through owning an old fashioned ice cream van - you know the sort that used to make your mouth water when you were a schoolkid and you heard those chimes ringing out through the streets. We used to have one turn up outside the back gates of our school every summer's day and reading Liz's book reminded me of sprinkles [...]

    8. I've become a big fan of Liz Fielding's writing over the past year, and she never disappoints. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Liz has a way of making her two characters sizzle on the page with sexual and sensual tension.There are great amounts of flirting in this book! Who doesn't love flirting?Being a Riva, I did wonder how far the 'sex' would go. This again is very much a Liz Fielding style book - it's more a Cherish/Romance rather than a modern/heat, but if you like Liz's style, y [...]

    9. This is the second book of Liz Fielding's that I have read and I am rapidly becoming a great fan of her work. Her writing is engaging, romantic, and well paced with likeable characters, and realistic situations. This book is about Elle, a girl who is a bit downtrodden and totally depended upon by her family, who meets Rosie (my favourite character) the ice cream van and Sean, the hunky delivery guy of said Rosie. The book is will they, won't they, will she slap him, will he leave - a great book [...]

    10. I love Liz Fieldings books and this was no exception. I did struggle in a few places however with this one. The first three pages were very descriptive and at times the narrative became choppy and hard to follow but it had a guarenteed to make me cry and then be happy ending.

    11. What made me read this book- Rosie's snippets on Ice-Cream.Forget the typical romance plot- just read this book because of the snippets on Ice-Cream.For example, "if your ice cream melts it means you are eating it too slow," (or something like that).

    12. Gently paced, sweet romance that ticked all the boxes: great characters, intriguing and original storyline, evocative descriptions. Lovely read.

    13. Good book about a woman who finds a new purpose in her life and a man who learns that loving is better than hiding, all because of an ice cream truck named Rosie!

    14. I don't love the romance genre, but this book has personality and humor that I thought was great. It's the most charming voice in romance that I've read.

    15. TEMPTED BY TROUBLE is the latest release from author Liz Fielding in the Harlequin Romance series.Elle Amery put her own dreams on hold and stepped up to the responsibilities of two teen sisters and a Grandma who is not quite there. Taking all the extra shifts she could at the local diner where she worked, she tried hard to make ends meet.All of a sudden Sean McElroy turns up with an ice-cream van and a business. Dare she leave the security of her weekly waged job to take over the ice-cream van? [...]

    16. Fans of Jill Mansell will enjoy this book. It’s the first in a series of three books about the three “Herb” sisters, each named after an herb or edible plant. As this book opens, they’re living in a house that’s almost falling down. Their mother died almost a decade ago and their grandmother’s been trying to raise them, but she lost her head, heart and almost everything to a conman leaving the oldest daughter Lovage, aka Elle, to hold it together. She’s working double shifts at a b [...]

    17. This was solidly cruising along to four stars and then a weird almost assault happened that the hero handled badly (and in fairness, the heroine calls him on this and he acknowledges it himself immediately), and it just lost some of its luster. But as a prequel to Anything But Vanilla, I liked it a lot. I assume a third book is coming at some point, and I'm pretty curious to see if it can break the three star curse.

    18. This was a good book and more 2.5 stars. More for passing the time and nothing more interesting to read. I liked the characters and the story line. This is a more emotional book. There were plenty of emotions too. The ending was really good though. This was a little slow for me but I enjoyed reading it. It's not a page-turner, more for relaxing or for something to read. There was sweetness, some anger, and some good old-fashioned nostalgia. Enjoy

    19. My Mills & Boon effort for the reading challenge at work. It was an easy read with an obvious storyline, but nice enough for snuggling up in bed at night with. It certainly didn't give me any nightmares.

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