Now or Never

Tormented by nightmares of a woman s death, Sheriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman from his visions chained to an altar in the woods He barely knows her, but something compels Taylor to protect the mysterious Lenore Whyte no matter what Even if it means dealing with magic And when an investigation into a series of suicides leads Taylor deep into the town Tormented by nightmares of a woman s death, Sheriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman from his visions chained to an altar in the woods He barely knows her, but something compels Taylor to protect the mysterious Lenore Whyte no matter what Even if it means dealing with magic And when an investigation into a series of suicides leads Taylor deep into the town s past, he discovers that the key to saving Lenore and the town of Never may have a surprising connection
Now or Never Tormented by nightmares of a woman s death Sheriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman from his visions chained to an altar in the woods He barely knows her but something compels Taylor to

  • Title: Now or Never
  • Author: Michele Bardsley
  • ISBN: 9780451236241
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. I have one simple question to ask after finishing the book: Where was the romance? Oh, there was a hero and heroine who hooked up at the end of the book, but there was no relationship that would require, you know, actual interaction between them.Although I had issues with the first book in the series, Never Again, I liked it. I found the story's 'voice' very readable and really liked the cast of characters the author assembled. The paranormal aspects of it were interesting, and I liked the small [...]

    2. As with the first book, I like this world. It interests me. However, in this book - the romance is SO underdeveloped. As in - THERE ISN'T ONE. I mean, there is onebut wow. Not much is really done with it.But I like the small town feel for a pnr. I'm conflicted.Review to come.

    3. Now or Never by Michele BardsleyMAY CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------------------------> I love mysteries. Usually the more complicated they are, the happier I am. But have you ever read a mystery that had so many different mysteries going on at one time that you couldn't keep a line on all of them? Unfortunately, that is what seems to happening to this series. It is only two book in and I’m wondering just how Ms. Bardsley is going to be able to keep up this nearly mani [...]

    4. I just couldn't get into this book. I re-read book 1 before reading this book, since it had been so long since I read book 1. I enjoyed my re-read of book 1 and was really looking forward to reading this book. However, while we spent a lot of time with the male leads POV, we didn't get much time with the female lead. And most of her POV time was before the two characters met. And that's the big problem for me. By the time I stopped reading, the two lead characters had only just actually interact [...]

    5. I loved this book and literally couldn't put it down once I had picked it up. I'm not sure if it was a combination of already knowing most of the characters from the last book or the further development of them in this book but I loved this book and all of the characters stories instantly gripped me. The romance wasn't as straightforward or integral to the plot as Bardsley's usual books but I didn't really miss anything there wasn't any personal problems between the love interests that needed to [...]

    6. Probably should have read this directly after book 1 as they talk A LOT about what happened in that one and well, I don't remember much several years later. This felt a little convoluted with the 2 story arcs and then only one of them being tied up. It was a bit annoying to have a cliffhanger and no new book, but it looks like one should be coming out later this year (2017).

    7. This book was truly an amazing read. Kept my attention riveted right from the beginning. Lots of characters , new and old, and the drama unfolding in Nevermore is gripping. Highly recommend though that you read the first one is the 2nd book. The first book, Never Again, introduces a lot of the characters and background that you need. You could read this book as a stand alone, but I think you miss too much.

    8. Very, very good read. However, even though this 2nd book in the series can be read as a stand alone novel, had I read the 1st book before this one it would have allowed me to appreciate characters better. That being said, great book. MIchele Bardsley leaves you waiting for the next book in the series.

    9. Now or Never, Wizards of Nevermore #2, by Michele BardsleyGrade: B-“They had, maybe, a couple of days to figure out everything, save Norie, save Nevermore, and of yeah, save the world. And if it could all be done without telling his mother, that would be even better.”Taylor Mooreland is the Sheriff of Nevermore, Texas and although he himself has no magic he is used to being around those who do. For the last month Taylor has been dreaming of an unknown woman, who he desperately tries to save [...]

    10. Now or Never is the second book in Michele Bardsley's Wizards of Nevermore series and boy is Nevermore heating up.Nevermore is a town in Texas under Dragon Rule it also happens to host a goddess fountain and we learn a nemetin. The Ravens have joined forces with the Demons and have decided to withdraw from the grand council an unheard of concept. Never in the two thousand years since the council was created has a house withdrawn.In order to do so they must find a way to free Kahl they have come [...]

    11. Taken from my review posted at That's What I'm Talking About Blog by myself and my review partner, Gikany.Wow. Just wow. Gikany and Una are in love with this new series. Luckily for us we have discovered it early – Now or Never, the second book in the Wizards of Nevermore series is fantastic. This is how world-building should be done.Ms. Bardsley has perfectly woven romance, mystery, detective drama, the paranormal, urban fantasy and world-building fluidly into this fantastic series. Gikany an [...]

    12. Now or Never by Michele BardsleyParanormal Romance -March 6th, 20124 starsNow or Never continues the fascinating series in the author’s new Wizards of Nevermore books. The various Houses of magic with various powers and personalities easily pulled in this reader. In this story, the devious, avaricious and amoral Raven House prey on a unsuspecting young woman in their bid for power.Lenore Whyte’s life has been a hard one. Although she loved her mother, her paranoia kept her on the move and pr [...]

    13. I liked the first book of this series, Never Again, so I had hoped I would enjoy this new take on paranormal romance. Now or Never, I think, just had too many aspects pulling the narrative in varying directions. We are reintroduced to Sheriff Taylor Mooreland, who has murder and/or suicide to solve. He's irritated because (1) the gun found at the scene of the crime should be under lock and key and (2) he's the man with the key. Add to this mystery the strange dreams he's been having, and Taylor [...]

    14. Michele Bardsley takes us back to her fun new series and the town of Nevermore, Texas in her newest installment Now or Never. Previously we were introduced to a world where some people have magical talent, some don’t, but when living in the town of Nevermore any type of magical talent can be amplified. This story follows Sheriff Taylor Mooreland as he tries to keep the citizen of Nevermore safe. But he’s continuously plagued by dreams of a young woman screaming for help. When late one night [...]

    15. So much of the appeal of this series is the town of Nevermore, itself. The whole magical town where people who use magic and those that don't get along. It does seem like there is something about Nevermore that makes it ground zero for a lot of crazy things that seem to be happening in the magical world.From the start I really liked Norie, you knew there was more to her than what meets the eye. As we learned more and more of just what happened in her life I wanted to cry for her. She lost so muc [...]

    16. He estado dudando entre darle 4 o 2 estrellas, y no se ha quedado en 3 porque no reflejaba lo que realmente me ha parecido este libro.A ver, para empezar, sigue exactamente la misma línea del primer libro, que era al final una presentación de un universo literario que prometía mucho. Eso, para un primer libro, está genial. O al menos es algo que puedes esperar y perdonas, pero no para el segundo libro de una serie que no sabes ni cuantos libros formarán (aunque, visto que no han publicado a [...]

    17. I had two issues with this book. One, it was hard to keep track of what was going on since the point of view changed a lot. I can handle two of three different POV's but this book had up to six at one time. It made tying all the string together difficult. Also, the lack of intimacy was missing. I'm not saying that I need the book to be full of sex but something would have been nice. There were too many other things going on for much "getting on" to be apparent I guess.This book felt like a huge [...]

    18. I absolutely loved the first book in the series. This one, not so much. There were just too many things going on and way too many POVs (everyone seemed to be in a starring role). I really liked the characters but I just think that none of them had enough of a center stage to really shine. And where was the romance? There was more romancy angst between Ant and Happy than the hero and heroine, Taylor and Lenore. I think the hero and heroine shared exactly one kiss towards the end of the book and t [...]

    19. Ummm that was a bit of a disappointment. The story in itself was interesting with lots of plot twists and the premise behind the plot was Awesome and had so much potential to be great. Unfortunately there was just too much going on at one time. Though the story required a lot of different POVs to get everything explained that part was at least done well. The little side love stories were fun too. My biggest problem was the romance angle. The romance was all in the background. You could see some [...]

    20. Nevermore's sheriff, Taylor Mooreland, is driven by nightmares and a ghostly voice to find Leonore Whyte, chained and naked to an altar. Leonore is without memories of her past, and doesn't know why a mysterious group is intent on sacrificing her to a demon. Together, the two must unravel her past and protect her from harm.For a supernatural book, this was great. Wonderful tension, a fast clip with believable discoveries, and a fairly menacing threat. Where it fell short, however, was the romanc [...]

    21. I read a lot of the other reviews and they complained about to much going on in the book. I thought it felt like a soap opera, many different POVs. It was definitely different from the first book. But in that book all the different avenues converged into one a lot sooner in the book. I enjoyed where the story went but I also though the ending was a bit rushed. The last chapter was a cliffhanger I absolutely didn't see coming and I can't say that I am overjoyed with it. I like Taylor, Ant and Tre [...]

    22. Tormented by nightmares of a woman's death, Sheriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman from his visions chained to an altar in the woods. He barely knows her, but something compels Taylor to protect the mysterious Lenore Whyte no matter what. Even if it means dealing with magic.And when an investigation into a series of suicides leads Taylor deep into the town's past, he discovers that the key to saving Lenore and the town of Nevermore may have a surprising connection About the Author [...]

    23. 17/20 En bref, j'ai adoré retrouver le monde de l'auteur même si je regrette un peu un final trop rapide. Mais le reste de l'histoire est prenant, les personnages de Lenore et Taylor vraiment bien campés, on s'imagine sans peine vivant cette aventure avec eux. Les rebondissements sont nombreux et nous réservent quelques belles surprises ! Et étant donné le dénouement, il me tarde de lire la suite pour voir de quelle manière les choses évoluent !leslecturesdemylene/20

    24. While I still love the world Michele built in this series, I am not sure I loved this book. There was a lot of switching characters, which I don't really care for. It seemed choppy, like the main characters were being shortchanged plot time in favor of getting in these short vignettes featuring other characters. I felt shortchanged in getting to know the lead couple, like their relationship was merely a short story within the book. I will still read the next book because I want to know what happ [...]

    25. Book two in the Wizards of Nevermore series is fast-paced, full of action and, of course, mystery. The romance between Taylor and Lenore is old-fashioned and sweet but works perfectly with the prophecy storyline. Cullen's story should be out in 2017 and hopefully it ties up questions about the mysterious suicides and the possible war the Ravens are trying to start.

    26. I REALLY wanted to like this book. but I just couldn't. There were WAY to many different narrators to the book! Then the ending just instantly wrapped up with a cliff hanger that they spent way to much time on throughout the book! I was VERY disappointed with this book, won't pick up the next one.

    27. I think there was too much going on in this book. There are a ton of people involved (including those from the previous story), multiple story lines, and even more questions. The relationship between the hero and heroine ended up falling into the background. The story was interesting but this felt like a bridge for the next book and not a romance book.

    28. This second book in the series is still less romance-like than the first. The main love story takes a backseat to the conflict that all main characters are in. In fact, there are two love stories that are completely developed in the book. BTW, waiting until they get married???? I think this is the first novel in this genre that proposes that.

    29. Not so much a book as connector between books -- this little wafer offered a continuation of the story arc and a peek at several new characters, but it was hardly a self-contained entity and it barely had a story of it's own. I like the world and the style of this series, but I'm now tempted to wait until it's all over and read them later rather than these piecemeal updates.

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