The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Storybook

Presents experiences of nursery school student Alfie and his younger sister Annie Rose.
The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Storybook Presents experiences of nursery school student Alfie and his younger sister Annie Rose

  • Title: The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Storybook
  • Author: Shirley Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780688076726
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Beautifully written and a timeless classic. Fond memories of this book as a child and even more in love with the description as an adult. Cannot fault this book, as it is just happiness for children of many ages!

    2. I love all of Shirley Hughes books, they are extremely personable, yet a light hearted read for both children and adults. The illustrations are extremely intricate and allow the reader to empathise with the characters which makes the story extremely memorable. Would recommend reading Dogger as another favourite of mine!

    3. A favorite in our house.No magic, no imaginary friend, no gross habits or vocabulary, Alfie is a normal little boy. Shirley Hughes' books are wonderful because they show a family living day to day with each other. The words are well chosen and beautifully descriptive. The pictures are gorgeous! Realistic Fiction for children of this age is hard to find, but every book in this series (that I have come across) is like a breath of fresh air. I can read a new Alfie book to my girls without worrying [...]

    4. If you've seen the Alfie and Annie Rose books before, you'll recognize some of the illustrations in this collection - which I loved because it felt like I was getting the story behind the pictures that are only hinted at in the counting book for example. I like this group, in part because it's a nice look at how children grow up in Great Britain - which really isn't all that different (except for the language used sometimes) than life in the United States. A nice collection of fell-good stories. [...]

    5. What a surprise to see this book here! The stories are wonderful to read with little ones and as the Mum of a 17 yr old and a 19 yr old I felt a wave of nostalgia, very happy memories of their pre-school years. The stories are easy for little ones to relate to and the illustrations complement the stories beautifully.

    6. "Shirley Hughes captures exactly the little details of domestic life with small children sparkling but cosy pictures[Jump] overflowing with affection for the very young and full of uncanny understanding of their minor trials and triumphs" [Horn Book]

    7. One of our favourite books when my daughter was little - in fact, I enjoyed reading all of Shirley Hughes's books to her, again and again and again. They recreate a wonderful, simple, reassuring world, which is just what a very young child needs and loves.

    8. Paul and I read these books several years ago, and I just reread them with Lila. These are rare gems of children's books, and I love them all.

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