Zog is the keenest dragon in school He s also the most accident prone Luckily, a mysterious little girl always comes by and patches up his bumps and bruises But will she be able to help him with his toughest test capturing a princess
Zog Zog is the keenest dragon in school He s also the most accident prone Luckily a mysterious little girl always comes by and patches up his bumps and bruises But will she be able to help him with his t

  • Title: Zog
  • Author: Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler
  • ISBN: 9781407115597
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Celyn went into hospital for a procedure under General Anaesthetic and while she was out I nipped down from the Children's Hospital to the nearby Waterstones and picked this up (also signed 3 Prince of Thorns & 1 King of Thorns copy (Bristol, Galleries)). We read it together while she was recovering before going home.Nice read. Not quite Room on the Broom or Stickman quality, but a solid 3.75 stars. The fairybook princess and rescuing knight both throw off their stereotypes and opt to become [...]

    2. Helen for bigbooklittlebookThis is another great read from the Donaldson/Scheffler team. The illustration’s are in the same vein as those you would expect from Gruffalo and the like; clever, funny, brightly coloured and plenty to accompany the story for a little reader.The story of the dragons made me smile alot. It’s great to see them learn how to be dragons and make plenty of mistakes along the way. Dragon school looks cool and is a great idea for children to relate too.I also enjoyed the [...]

    3. A favourite of both mine and my daughters. Zog is a dragon that tries his very best but finds being a dragon a bit of a tough task. But with the help of Princess Pearl, he becomes the best dragon at dragon school.A wonderful, entertaining read that teaches children the valuable lesson of helping others. With its gorgeous illustrations and whimsical rhymes, it makes reading and learning fun.

    4. Bought this for Poppet this week and she - and I - absolutely love it. The rhyming, the images - so much for her to point out and so vivid - and the funny fantasy story with a happy ending. It's an absolute win really, and she keeps requesting it.

    5. I can't help but think that this would have been a better story had the author not bothered with making it a rhyming book. The story in general was fun, but the rhymes were SO FORCED.

    6. It is difficult to tell a story in rhyme scheme that holds its meter and flow. This book keeps the rhyme convincingly going throughout, it's a good story, it has repetitive language (which I like) and the illustrations are really fun. Another plus is that it contains both mail and female characters. Winner!

    7. Really enjoyed this one from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. They're a consistently great writer & illustrator team - most well known for The Gruffalo of course - and this one ticks all the boxes. The rhyming story is full of delight and near-perfect for reading aloud (there were only 2 lines where the rhythm seemed a touch off), with a great sing-song quality and plenty of fun words, humorous moments, and wee twists to keep little readers engaged and amused. The illustrations from Axel [...]

    8. This is a story about a young dragon who is attending Dragon school. He is very keen and tries really hard with all his lesson, however, things always seem to go wrong and he is constantly having accidents. Every time he hurts himself a mysterious girl comes along and bandages him up. One of Zogs task is to capture a princess who turns out to be the girl who always helps him. She is happy for zog to capture her as she is happy to escape from her royal life. Zog gets his gold star and the princes [...]

    9. A book that firmly shatters gender sterotypes - a princess who doesnt want to just wear a frilly gown and just be a princess; a knight who would rather wear a stethescope and a dragon who would rather help a bunch of docs. Very interesting storyline. Lo has already asked me to read the book twice. I have a feeling this is going to be one of her favourites. She does take to Julia's books easily, her favourites being Tyrannosaurus drip and Flum flum tree. The zany rhyming quality in Julia's books [...]

    10. Zog is a dragon who grows up from being in year one at school to year six. There is an emphasis on the stages in school, which can be related to the real world and it would also be great to link to mathematics for simple rote counting. Zog is also a rhyming book that can be used to develop a child’s phonics skills. It incorporates the rule of three as the dragon hurts himself three times and is helped by a princess each time, this helps children to follow the story and prediction can be includ [...]

    11. Author and Illustrator:It is so hard for kids to say no to dragons. The author Julia uses dragons as characters to tell a tale about a young dragon going through dragon school determined to win a gold star. The illustrate in this book is very cute. Personal Response to the Book:Children will be able to relate to Zog as he tries his best to earn a "Gold Star" at dragon school. It is not a easy journey for Zog to get "gold star" but he never give up.Evaluation of Educational Purpose:It is a great [...]

    12. Zog is definitely a new favourite in our home, it is a beautifully written story with lots of nice rhymes and repetition , but it is perhaps not as good as some of the other Julia Donaldson books like the Gruffalo. However, the illustrations are spectacular and it really is one of the brightest, well illustrated baby books that we own so far. It's also nice to read a story where the princess doesn't want to be a princess but a Doctor.

    13. Another lovely book, this one has much more humour in it than other ones I have read. My daughter loves how Zug and the princess keep meeting up all the time. When we first got this book I think I was forced to read it everyday for two weeks.

    14. So cute. About a dragon who wants to be the best in class, but just can't cut it. Every year something bad happens to him and a little girl helps him. She and him grow up, and she becomes the doctor for the dragons until a knight comes to rescue her! But does she need him?

    15. Completely adorable. It is a children's book with Dragons inner child is going wild! =D5 out of 5 stars!

    16. ZogJulia Donaldson is regularly hailed as an author who breaks down gender stereotypes. Zog is even recommended as a suggested purchase for parents who would like to bring up their children as not-sexist-shits. At first glance, Zog looks like a good choice. In traditional tales boys save girls, not the other way around. In Donaldson's books girls do traditionally masculine activities and vice versa. However, the following summary of Zog describes exactly how 'girl heroes saving boys' is Female M [...]

    17. You can never have enough great dragon picture books in your library. I just discovered Zog. Author, Julia Donaldson's introduces Zog, needy young dragon, that always needs a little extra help with the challenging dragon skills taught by Madame Dragon in dragon school. Every time he tries a new assignment he doesn't succeed until he receives help from a spunky human girl, Princess Pearl who secretly helps him every time, with either a sticky pink band-aid for his beak, and one for his wing after [...]

    18. Great book! A nice book to read to the younger years, which I think they will really identify with, as the story follows a young dragon going up through his years in dragon school. I like this book because it also attempts to oppose some of the more rigid gender stereotypical roles expected from princesses! For example, the princess in this story doesn’t want to go back to her castle and prance around the place in a pretty frock, she wants to be a doctor. She also manages to convince the knigh [...]

    19. This is a very cute book, that I actually saw a YouTube video of (Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age was reading it which is the main reason, at first, as to why I watched it!). The story focusses on a little dragon which is a bonus for me as I love dragons! The dragon is the titular Zog and he's learning all the different aspects of being a dragon, such as breathing fire, flying and roaring. Of course, he's helped out by a very nice princess who really wants to be a doctor! The illustratio [...]

    20. Zog is one of many books by the wonderful Julia Donaldson, and this book is a particular favourite of mine. The storyline and the characters are funny and entertaining for children, which may be due to the use of rhyme and rhythm in the story. This helps to enforce children's phonetic understanding, as they need to listen to the sounds in each word. Children can use this story as inspiration for creating their own rhyming story about their own magical creature. This story provides the opportunit [...]

    21. I've been on a bit of a dragon kick of late, so it was only natural that I'd pick this one up as well.Zog tells the tale of a school of dragons, a place where, you've guessed it, little dragons learn all about dragondom. What to do, whom to capture, all the great stuff that's essential to dragons.But Zog, although very keen, just can't quite manage to keep up with his classmates. Until one day he meets a special girlAnother great book by the Donaldson/Scheffler duo. If you liked "The Gruffalo", [...]

    22. This is a cute rhyming story with colorful illustrations. It is a story about a dragon named Zog who is going to dragon school. He keeps meeting a girl who helps him like a doctor when he gets hurt. It would make a nice read-aloud. It is a good story for making predictions. I would definitely buy this one. Highly recommended for Grades K-2.

    23. This is a cute book I came upon at my latest book fair. Zog is a derpy dragon that keeps bungling his assignments in school, but befriends a princess. The art is cute and the story is nice.

    24. Julia Donaldson does it again! This one is not your usual dragon, princess, prince book. 👑 Women can fill any role they want to!

    25. Lovely book of Zog the dragon who is ready for any challenge but needs a bit of help and encouragement along the way!

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