Chains of Darkness: A Detective Jon Stanton Novel

Alternate Cover Title Edition for ASIN B00538Y1L8THE MOST VICIOUS MURDER IN A CITY S HISTORY A killer stalks the city of San Diego, brutally slaying women on the fringes of society The body of a young woman torn apart in her bedroom makes even the hardened detectives of the San Diego PD s Homicide Unit tremble with disgust and rage A DETECTIVE WITH A TROUBLED PASTAlternate Cover Title Edition for ASIN B00538Y1L8THE MOST VICIOUS MURDER IN A CITY S HISTORY A killer stalks the city of San Diego, brutally slaying women on the fringes of society The body of a young woman torn apart in her bedroom makes even the hardened detectives of the San Diego PD s Homicide Unit tremble with disgust and rage A DETECTIVE WITH A TROUBLED PAST For SDPD homicide detective Jon Stanton, the young woman is than just another case His former partner, Eli Sherman, was the original detective assigned to the case before he was discovered to be one of San Diego s most ruthless serial killers A FINAL CHANCE AT REDEMPTION Stanton was unable to see Eli Sherman for what he was and blames himself for the murders he committed while on the force Near death, Stanton swears that he will never wear the badge again But with a depraved killer eluding the best San Diego PD has to offer, he must once again fight to uncover a killer that leaves no evidence behind, and that has turned his attention to new prey .
Chains of Darkness A Detective Jon Stanton Novel Alternate Cover Title Edition for ASIN B Y L THE MOST VICIOUS MURDER IN A CITY S HISTORY A killer stalks the city of San Diego brutally slaying women on the fringes of society The body of a young

  • Title: Chains of Darkness: A Detective Jon Stanton Novel
  • Author: Victor Methos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I was disappointed.When you download this book, it comes as Chains of Evidence, not White Angel Murder. His "The Invisible Client" was good, that was the reason wanted to read this one. Jon Stanton character is good father, doesn't drink or smoke. Also like his belief in God. Stanton assigned to solve a cold case, but finds out all the corrupt officials around the murders.Sorry Mr Methos, this one only gets 2 stars from me.

    2. Detective Jon Stanton's marriage is ending with wife Melissa preparing to marry Lance and his two young sons hardly getting to see him. While recovering from being shot by his ex-detective partner Eli who turned out to be a serial killer (yikes!), the chief asks him to come in and join a brand new well-funded cold case team. He does and all hell breaks loose when he finds out that the chief is corrupt and involved in crime and sets him up to take the fall for the death of another cop after Jon t [...]

    3. This is the first book in the Jon Stanton series and it provides some background into the former partnership with Eli Sherman, another detective in the San Diego police force, but also a sick killer who is behind bars now. The SDPD is still reeling for not have seen Eli Sherman for what he was. Especially Jon. Jon Stanton is not your usual police detective. He’s Mormon and for some reason I like that he’s not your average cop; he’s actually a thoroughly good, but lonely man.In this first i [...]

    4. The story is beautifully written, it's like watching a very good suspense/thriller film, or a particularly good episode of CSI or NCIS series. I didn't have a hard time at all picturing the scenarios described in the book, feeling the different characters' emotions, and anticipating as a reader the events that are unfolding in each chapter. The insights to each character in relation to their surroundings and past experiences are astute and realistic that I find it easy to empathize and step into [...]

    5. I got 18% in and packed this up. I'd only read 52 pages and already happened across a dozen mistakes. A pity as this sounded a good series and I had a few of them downloaded which I've now deleted. Life's too short and I'm very short on patience at the best of times !!There were words dropped from sentences like be or me and one sentence made no sense. The author either dropped a couple of words or family home evening is something I never heard of. I was unsure-"She invited him out to family hom [...]

    6. White Angel MurderThe book was a pretty good read. The only problem I had with it is the number of characters was so large, that it was awkward at times. Along that line, characters introduced at the start did not reappear until the end, by then you forget who they were and their purpose. On the whole it was a good read and enjoyable book.

    7. Got this as a freebie on . I was so impressed with the characterization and the humanity of the protagonist Jon Stanton. It was very interesting too, as the main character is a practicing Mormon, and so there are some hints of how his faith impacts his work and relationships. I hope this is the beginning of a series.

    8. Some good, some not so goodThe story had some real potential, but seemed to get bogged down by over compensation of the sleazy work of most characters, while over stating the virtues of main character. A fuzzy feel good ending.

    9. I love to read mysteries taking place in a city I live in or near: John Sanford's Minneapolis, Walter Mosley, Jonathon Kellerman and Robert Crais' L.A. to name a few. Someone I like introduced me to T. Jefferson Parker's San Diego and Orange County. I was given this book taking place in San Diego and I enjoyed it. There are a few geographical flaws like taking 8 to get from San Diego to LaJolla and a drive to the Salton Sea from San Diego that took less than an hour. I liked the main character, [...]

    10. Jon Stanton is a retired, Mormon detective in San Diego when he gets recruited to be a part of a special team to pursue cold cases. When he gets assigned to a stale murder case, he quickly recognizes that the killer is not the type to be satisfied with a single victim and that he must solve the case before the killer strikes again.I appreciate a good thriller, and this one is the most intriguing that I've read recently. I thought the language went a little bit overboard, which is why I gave it f [...]

    11. "A Raw, Violent Novel With Dark Overtones"This is the very popular blockbuster book written by prolific author Victor Methos. A killer is roaming around San Diego, brutally slaying women. The crime scenes are so horrific that even the hardened detectives tremble with disgust and anger. Previously assigned to the police force, Jon Stanton's partner had committed several murders; Jon felt guilty for not seeing the faults of his partner. He'd left the department but with the new series of gruesome [...]

    12. This is really a 3 1/2 - I enjoyed the read and will follow up on Jon Stanton. There was quite a lot of corruption going on and things intermingled in a way that prevented me from giving it a four. Sometimes, there is a certain amount of 'inbreeding' in a plot that just makes it a little too much. But, overall, there is a lot of promise on the series. I liked the main character and it was definitely an entertaining read.

    13. Page tunerI like the writing style of Victor Methos. This story is filled with twists and turns that you don't see coming. I will read more books in this series.

    14. Murder MysteryThis was a gripping book! Very exciting and never a lagging moment. I am going to read his next book!

    15. Plausible as Crime novels goGreat police drama, not to many improbable things. Starting somewhat slow, but the tension increase. Will look for more by this author.

    16. Not Methos' bestRead alot of this writer's work and very much liked what and how he wrote. But maybe these first Stanton books were his first? The others I've read were much more focused, tight. This story meandered all over the place, has grammatical errors that are bad enough to cause the reader to have to reread paragraphs! So, I'd pass on this one if I were you. Not a VICTOR METHOS winner, not at all.

    17. Full of unexpected twists!The more I read by Victor Methos, the more I enjoy his writing skills. Thus far, this is the best novel. Full of suspense, police corruption, and twists you never see connected. Great story flow and love the honesty and integrity of the main character against all the corruption surrounding him. This author is phenomenal!

    18. A Better Police StoryDefinitely recommend. This story is different in that our main character is not the extreme of cynicism nor naïveté we often experience. I like him. The story is well-paced and exciting. It's obviously had good editing. I'm looking for more along this storyline.

    19. Too many bad languaje and sex. Good plot. I like Victor's style. I met his work with the Neon Lawyer and the Invisible Client. Those books are fantastic. No need for dirty details at all. This Stanton book is not what I would like to read. I give up on this series. I will stick to the lawyer's series. Those I can even read them to my teenager nieces.

    20. Excellent change of genres, Victor Methos shows his depth Having started with Victor's lawyer series, I took a chance on a police thriller. Fast paced, a quick read, but quite entertaining. I love the ways Methos develops multiple villains and sub plots throughout his works. Makes it difficult to figure out who done in until the last chapters. Bravo!

    21. This is a fraudI began reading this book because it was a thriller. I don't pick my reading material for bible study. If I wanted to read about religion, I would have found that section in the book store.

    22. Interesting! Gotta admit, as a Mormon reader, I am used to people not really doing their research. I was pleasantly surpised! Great read overall! I have a sneaking suspicion about the next book though.

    23. Story tends to dragAs the story progresses it feels dragged and streached. Could have created a little more suspence to keep the reader hooked on to the book

    24. White Angel MurderAn all consuming detective murder story with more twists and turns than you can keep up with! Try to figure out the ending.

    25. Very good book. It was hard to put down. Would like more books by this authorIt was hard to put down. Would like more books by this author. Will it show more books by Stanton?

    26. Awesome ReadAs always Mr. Methos has delivered another GREAT read from beginning to end. Definitely ready for the next one in the series!!!

    27. ConfusingI could not keep all the. characters straight. I was never quite sure what was going on. Not very good.

    28. Jon stantonBook kept my interest from cover to cover. Can't wait to read book 3. Good author and will read more

    29. Good readBook was well written and held my interest throughout.Looking forward to the next book. Have enjoyed several books by this author

    30. Retired cop persuaded back to cold case squad. Assigned a sadistic murder case which turns out to have connections to his past.

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