The Good Body

Botox, bulimia, breast implants Eve Ensler, author of the international sensation The Vagina Monologues, is back, this time to rock our view of what it means to have a good body In the 1950s, Eve writes, girls were pretty, perky They had a blond Clairol wave in their hair They wore girdles and waist pinchers In recent years good girls join the army They clBotox, bulimia, breast implants Eve Ensler, author of the international sensation The Vagina Monologues, is back, this time to rock our view of what it means to have a good body In the 1950s, Eve writes, girls were pretty, perky They had a blond Clairol wave in their hair They wore girdles and waist pinchers In recent years good girls join the army They climb the corporate ladder They go to the gym They wear painful pointy shoes They don t eat too much They don t eat at all They stay perfect They stay thin I could never be good The Good Body starts with Eve s tortured relationship with her own post forties stomach and her skirmishes with everything from Ab Rollers to fad diets and fascistic trainers in an attempt get the flabby badness out As Eve hungrily seeks self acceptance, she is joined by the voices of women from L.A to Kabul, whose obsessions are also laid bare A young Latina candidly critiques her humiliating spread, a stubborn layer of fat that she calls a second pair of thighs The wife of a plastic surgeon recounts being systematically reconstructed inch by inch by her perfectionist husband An aging magazine executive, still haunted by her mother s long ago criticism, describes her desperate pursuit of youth as she relentlessly does sit ups.Along the way, Eve also introduces us to women who have found a hard won peace with their bodies an African mother who celebrates each individual body as signs of nature s diversity an Indian woman who transcends treadmill mania and delights in her plump cheeks and curves and a veiled Afghani woman who is willing to risk imprisonment for a taste of ice cream These are just a few of the inspiring stories woven through Eve s global journey from obsession to enlightenment Ultimately, these monologues become a personal wake up call from Eve to love the good bodies we inhabit.From the Hardcover edition.
The Good Body Botox bulimia breast implants Eve Ensler author of the international sensation The Vagina Monologues is back this time to rock our view of what it means to have a good body In the s Eve writ

  • Title: The Good Body
  • Author: Eve Ensler
  • ISBN: 9780812974737
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In theory, I (generally) like what Eve Ensler has to say- I (kind of) get where she comes from and her feminism bumps up against mine and we sometimes find a middle ground and sometimes not.I believe in the idea that underlies this piece. I know what she's saying. I (mostly) agree with what she's saying.I just detest the way in which she says it. There's a whole load of unchecked privilege present in the text, no real reflection of how women's bodies and lives intersect with the complicated nego [...]

    2. I did not care for this book at all. I wonder if I saw it presented on stage, if that would change my opinion, but I disliked it so much that I'd be unlikely to give any money or time to be exposed to it again.First of all, there is really nothing new in terms of the style or presentation of material. Ensler is using the same structure as The Vagina Monologues, the only difference is that this work focuses on her stomach and she herself gets a lot of stage time.Although there were a few thought [...]

    3. Relentless, vehement body loathing with a desperate attempt at a hopeful (saccharine) ending of:"We live in a good body. We live in a good body.Good body. Good body. Good body." Ms. Ensler is obviously trying to convince herself, but I'm certain she does not believe it. She's left with hatred of her body, and, sadly, the reader is left with the stories of extreme self-hatred that constitute the book. Instead of feeling glorious that my body functions and is my "tree" (one of her few attempts to [...]

    4. Not as good as the Vagina Monologues, but still very powerful and funny and wonderful in its own way. My favorite moment of this book was reading it in an airport My copy had a different cover from the one pictured here. The cover art is a naked female torso with scoops of ice cream instead of breasts. I thought it was a fantastic image that managed to convey the commodification of female bodies, the link between female sexuality and self-denial, the strange way female sexuality and food have be [...]

    5. This is a mess. Maybe it's because I don't like the format, or that I think a 90 page book made up mostly of unexplicated quotes is a lazy way to make money, or that I think the whole premise is strangely misogynistic, but I hated the book. There is really no discussion of reasons why women might hate their bodies beyond being damaged by their parents or personally buying into media images of what's beautiful. So who makes the media? What drives our standards of beauty? Is it possible that the e [...]

    6. Just read this. And buy it for all the women you know. And take them to see it performed on stage, if at all possible.

    7. Most women have something they hate about their bodies. For Eve Ensler it's her stomach, but for me it's less one part and more a laundry list of complaints: the hair on my head (too fine), the hair on my body (too thick), my cheeks (too hamster-licious), my eyes (too wonky), my teeth (too mangled), my stomach (too wobbly), my thighs (too thick), my legs (too short) and my feet (too wide). I've spent a fortune over the years buying products to firm, tone, support, remove and disguise the many ar [...]

    8. I'm having a tough time reviewing this one. Written by the woman who wrote the Vagina Monologues, I expected something similarly revelatory and moving. So I think this suffers from high expectations. It's also hard to knock a woman for wallowing in self-hatred, but I suppose you expect more from the woman who has college campuses everywhere chanting CUNT and loving their vaginas.I just felt that The Good Body was self-indulgent rather than moving. It was almost the inverse of Vagina Monologues - [...]

    9. Eve Ensler changed my relationship to my body when I saw her perform the Vagina Monologues. I had no idea what to expect (I was a teenager!)She spoke about experiences I was new to and those I had yet to experience. As a nutritionist I've discovered that body image bind us, regardless of body type, age or gender. In this book Eve once again takes women's stories and shares them to provoke and empower. There are the universal tales- how fashion mags make us feel about our ordinary selves, the ext [...]

    10. This short little play was interesting to read and touched on so many parts of female identity that remain, sadly, relevant. I loved the exploration of body and felt a calm upon completing the script.

    11. like the Vagina Monologues but focused on body fat and body image. the audio version has some really annoying fake accents going on

    12. This is really wonderful. If you get the chance get the audio version and listen to Eve perform the piece - so very powerful. It made me laugh and cry and think. Loved it.

    13. I don't know what I was expecting from this, but it certainly wasn't what I got. Having never experienced The Vagina Monologues, this was my first brush with Eve Ensler. Holy hell no. Since it was really short, I powered through it waiting for meaning to emerge, but it never did. This might be good for someone else, but it reeks of the kind of entitled white beat poetry that serves only itself. The author narrates the book, and does fake Indian, Italian, and possibly African American "accents" w [...]

    14. The Good Body began with me and my particularobsession with my “imperfect” stomach. Ihave charted this self-hatred, recorded it, tried tofollow it back to its source. Here, unlike the womenin The Vagina Monologues, I am my own victim,my own perpetrator. Of course, the tools of my selfvictimizationhave been made readily available. Thepattern of the perfect body has been programmedinto me since birth. But whatever the cultural influences and pressures, my preoccupation with myflab, my constant [...]

    15. Chaotyczny zlepek różnych treści dotyczących problemów kobiet z ich ciałami, kompleksów na punkcie ciała. Idea słuszna, momentami zgrabnie napisane, można się utożsamić, a kiedy indziej trochę nudno czy irytująco. Ogroooomny minus za wykluczenie kobiet szczupłych, wręcz za nazywanie ich chudymi dziwami i lekkie podśmiewanie się, że co one wiedzą o katuszach ciała, w końcu to zarezerwowane wyłącznie dla grubych (ale gdzie jest granica między grubym a chudym, tego autorka [...]

    16. Described as 'hilariously funny and deeply moving' from the author of The Vagina Monologues, I was expecting this book to examine social and cultural commentaries on how women's bodies are both viewed, and how we as women view our bodies ourselves. All this book said was that the majority of women dislike something about their bodies which I frankly did not need to spend my time reading about.

    17. It's surprising that we so often think we are the only one experiencing some fear, feeling, doubt or whatever. In these stories I often heard my own coming out in different ways. Just a good reminder that we are not alone in our confusion.

    18. Well, this really isn't a book It's a performance of Ensler's one woman play. Very thought provoking re body image. I loved the African woman's answer to whether she liked her body - (paraprhasing) Like my body? Like? I LOVE my body! Look at all the things it can do!

    19. Egy rendkívül szókimondó, őszinte könyv a testünkkel való kapcsolatról. Nagyon tetszik, benne, hogy sokfajta nő életébe enged betekintést ez a könyv. Felhívja a figyelmet a nyugati világ irreális elvárásaira a nőkkel szemben.Eve a könyvben kifejezetten a hasával elégedetlen „Hiszen ide raktározódnak a fel nem dolgozott traumák, bánat, meg nem élt vágyak”.Dulakodnak a könyvben olyan kérdések, hogy milyen a viszonyom a saját testemmel.A tökéletes test élmén [...]

    20. Обожавам Ева Енслър и всичко, което пише! От жена за жена. Лично, естествено. Без захар и консерванти.

    21. Une pièce de théâtre sur la difficulté d'accepter son corps tel qu'il dans la société actuelle. Tous les personnages sont des femmes et elles viennent de partout dans le monde. Leur sujet de discussion est le corps, leur corps et comment l'accepter et ne pas se lancer dans la course à la perfection pour atteindre un idéal, l'idéal qu'on nous impose.Une pièce féministe par l'auteur des célèbres Monologues du vagin (que j'ai lu il y a quelques années). le thème est vraiment actuel e [...]

    22. "I'm stepping off the capitalist treadmill. I am going to take a deep breath and find a way to survive not being flat or perfect. I am inviting you to join me, to stop trying to be anything, anyone other than who you are." Ensler explores Bombay to Beverly Hills, delivering narratives collected in locker rooms, cell blocks, boardrooms, and bedrooms, where she frames their stories with her own personal journey from a self-loathing teenager to a (sometimes) self-accepting adult. "I have bought int [...]

    23. I agree with the reviews by Raven and PhoebeReading. It's a wonderful topic and a worthy endeavor, but not well executed. It's a very short book (I was happy I borrowed it rather than buying it) and easy to read and understand in one sitting. If you've read or seen the Vagina Monologues the tone/style will be familiar. Again, the topic is interesting, but really nothing terribly new, you'd get the same information from an intro women studies or feminist blog.

    24. J'ai découvert Eve Ensler avec Les Monologues du Vagin que j'avais beaucoup aimé et j'étais curieuse de de découvrir Un Corps parfait, mettant en scène tous les diktats imposés aux femmes pour avoir un corps défini par les exigences de la société. La dramaturge nous explique qu'à cause de cette pression, elle a commencé à haïr son ventre et a eu l'idée d'interroger des femmes comme elle l'avait fait pour Les Monologues. Témoignages, confidences, questions, critiques, il est intér [...]

    25. This book is short (I read it in one quick sitting), but its brevity packs a powerful punch. It examines, through the lives of women (real and imagined) around the world, the lengths females go to in order to have a "good body." Female beauty standards are a social construct and yet women live (and often tragically) die by them. In her quest to deal with her dissatisfaction over her rounded stomach, Ensler discovers that women are willing to endure endless surgeries, countless sit ups, and fat c [...]

    26. Je suis tellement loin d'avoir le physique parfait de notre époque que je me suis détachée autant qu'il m'a été possible de toute la pression exercée par notre société pour vivre ma vie. Oui le XVIII ème aurait été mieux pour moi ou même une partie du XIX ème siècle, mais qu'importe ! Je ne suis pas la seule Mais parfois la lecture d'un livre peut ancrer certaines idées qui nous aideront à mieux vivre notre différence (terme un peu fort). Ce texte est une pièce de théâtre. J' [...]

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