Son of a Preacher Man: My Search for Grace in the Shadows

In Son of a Preacher Man Jay Bakker, son of famous televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, tells the compelling story of growing up in the glaring lights of a television studio It s all here the Bakker family s public disgrace, the fall of the PTL Praise The Lord media empire, and Bakker s subsequent plunge into a morass of anxiety and selfdestruction But Son of a PIn Son of a Preacher Man Jay Bakker, son of famous televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, tells the compelling story of growing up in the glaring lights of a television studio It s all here the Bakker family s public disgrace, the fall of the PTL Praise The Lord media empire, and Bakker s subsequent plunge into a morass of anxiety and selfdestruction But Son of a Preacher Man is than a tell all it is a story that dramatizes the human toll of this tragedy on the Bakker family, with insight into the seismic shifts that nearly destroyed his father and wrecked his parents longtime marriage It is the story of a prodigal son s return to the true meaning of God s love and acceptance It is the story of a boy who was lost, but on the journey back from ruin finds a better way to understand and live life It is the story of discovering God s grace and of becoming a man.Despite years of disillusionment, alcoholism, and heartbreak, Bakker managed to continue on his spiritual quest First he worked to redeem his fatheren his faith Bakker began his service with Revolution, a ministry for skateboarders, punk rockers, and hippiesthe street kids he knew best He shared the message that saved his life the message of Jesus that God s love is infinitely generous Now Bakker has a large and growing ministry among the tattooed and pierced of downtown Atlanta who feel rejected by the traditional Church yet flock to hear his message of grace and love.Ultimately, Son of a Preacher Man is a story about resurrection of one lost young man, of his disgraced and imprisoned father, and of the hope that can t be destroyed by the machinations of power hungry preachers, The long, lonely road that Bakker traveled taught him that you can t earn or make yourself worthy of the love of God, but if you are willing to let go and open up, that infinite love is waiting to welcome you home with open arms.
Son of a Preacher Man My Search for Grace in the Shadows In Son of a Preacher Man Jay Bakker son of famous televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker tells the compelling story of growing up in the glaring lights of a television studio It s all here the Bak

  • Title: Son of a Preacher Man: My Search for Grace in the Shadows
  • Author: Jay Bakker
  • ISBN: 9780062516992
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book tells several stories:-Jim Bakker's Praise the Lord ministry and its downfall, from his son Jay Bakker's viewpoint.-Jay's life after the end of PTL, which was tortured enough due to his father's imprisonment but made much worse by most other Christians' giving the Bakkers the cold shoulder.-His discovery of God's love and grace, which he knew nothing about due to having been neither taught about it nor shown it by any Christians he had known. His learning process continued even after h [...]

    2. There are three books that every christian should read. This is one of them. This book changed my life forever. It's a quick read, very convicting and honest. It's sure to make any fundamentalist hang their head in shame. But after reading this book, you'll realize that that is a GOOD thing.

    3. I was never intended to be a pastor. Like much of life, it was something that I fell into and wasn't sure why. After a while, I saw that I was made a pastor to help people by being transparent, open minded, supportive, non-judgmental, and honest. Once that was established, I saw that I couldn't be a Methodist pastor any longer as they were everything I wasn't and didn't support me in my vocation to be transparent, open minded, supportive, non-judgmental, and honest. I was labeled a heathen for d [...]

    4. Okay, I don't think I have anymore of these "radical christian" type books laying around. I don't know why I bother reading them, I just end up writing nit-picky things in the margins.Though this "radical" type of message that's started in get around in the past couple of decades is better than the old coots rattling off all the ways we're going to burn, it still feels false. Not to mention ages behind "secular revolutions" which are fighting for freedom of choice.Maybe Christianity is (sloooowl [...]

    5. Jay's message of the grace of Jesus Christ is beautifully demonstrated here. He makes some excellent points about folks who parade around proclaiming what great Christians they are, but who seem to exhibit very few (if any) Christian qualities. However, I was especially fascinated by all the bits about televangelists and these larger-than-life men who made their name preaching on TV to thousands if not millions of people, and the scary amount of power they did (and in some cases, still do) wield [...]

    6. While most Christian authors won't dwell into their past, Jay Bakker is brutally honest about his. In a world where so many people are put off by religion and Christianity in particular, Jay Bakker tells his story of life under the spotlight through his fathers' height and eventual downfall, and the fallout it created with other churches. He tells a story of rejection and eventual redemption. This is a great book to read for the spiritualist and non-spiritualist alike. It tells a story of accept [...]

    7. Challenging! Makes you think. It made me even more to think, and to be honest, quite sad, after I checked how Pastor Jay Bakker is doing today and what he is promoting now Jesus loved sinners and hated sin. We tend to go to the extremes. We love sin and sinners or hate sin and sinners.

    8. The story of growing up as a child of Jim and Tammy Bakker. Jay went through some very rough times, but emerged as someone to remind us of what religion, and Grace, truly means. Very inspirational.

    9. The surprisingly good memoir of the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Jay tackles the whole scandal surrounding his parents and gives his opinion on it.

    10. Actually, I read this book by accident -- I bought it in a bookstore because it seemed interesting. Initially, I was interested in investigating alternatives to mainstream religions, and it seemed appropriate since Jay Bakker, son of televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (who ironically enough, before her death, became something of a gay icon due largely to her former television show with Jim J. Bullock) had started an "alternative" church in Brooklyn, New York. While his ideas struck me as f [...]

    11. One of my earliest memories is of being outside on a bright sunny day with my grandparents at Heritage USA, gazing up at the terrifyingly high waterslide. This must have been no later than 1987 or 1988, so I would have only been three or four years old. We only went once. My grandparents were not wealthy, but they'd donated money to PTL and admired the Bakkers. I never knew--I wonder if they still supported the Bakkers after their very public ordeal, or if they lost faith in them like so many ot [...]

    12. I really appreciated this book. I was a young kid when the whole Bakker situation went down, so a lot of the information was new to me. Jay Bakker wrote this book clearly, transparently, and authentically, with the ability to let the reader in on what his family went through when much of the evangelical church turned its back on them. I also really like his emphasis on grace and of Christ's unconditional love. That being said, I couldn't give it a higher rating because I think he lumps together [...]

    13. This book was very easy to read and I found myself having a hard time putting it down. Maybe that was because I was in my 20's during the downfall of PTL and have always had a fascination with this ministry.After reading this I was left with the feeling that Jay is still wanting to be rebellious because of what his family went through. I would not wish that on anyone however at some point we have to get through the pain and move forward in positivity.I dont agree with a lot of his premises withi [...]

    14. An interesting, inside look at Jim and Tammy Bakker and what happened with them before, during, and after PTL. Jay Bakker really suffered when his world fell apart and his dad went to prison. He helped get his dad's sentenced shortened when he was only 16. The last half of the book is about Jay's life after his dad got out of prison and how Jay struggled againt his own demons, including his rage and mistrust towards the people who hurt his family and his addiction to drugs and alcohol. The Jay B [...]

    15. Social Distortion and the Misfits? I would want to hang with Jay Bakker just to hang out with those guys too. Plus we were born the same year and married the same year, and raised in conservative religious homes. The similarities end there. Jay teaches an open Christianity that is relevant to our 21st century lives and he deserves to be listened to. I am still unsure about his father's guilt after reading this. That aspect seems to be fuzzy in Jay's mind. He was a kid at the time, after all.

    16. This book is a beautiful story of redemption and discovery of purpose, and a must-read for anyone who thinks they know the truth about the Bakkers,PTL, and the impact that scandal and shaming had on this family. I strongly recommend it. The story told through the eyes of a child growing into a man under the scrutiny of a world who turned his parents into a mockery is a story that most of us probably haven't heard before. It's a tough read because the pain is palpable, but it is a story that need [...]

    17. I read the introduction of this book and was totally hooked. It gives an interesting, albeit a totally biased, perspective on the Bakker saga as told by their son. Great to read what he learned about the grace of God from it all, so that kept me reading. Eventually, the writing wore on me, as it clearly was written on a low reading level. But at the same time, the simple language and writing of the book surely makes it appealing to many. Proving again his point that God's grace is for absolutely [...]

    18. Son of a Preacher Man has a kind of "tell all" quality that made the book really hard to put down. It's not a complicated read. I would recommend the book to anyone who like memoirs and also gets nostalgic for certain strains of Christianity. Son of a Preacher Man doesn't feature anything particularly groundbreaking about Christianity itself, so don't expect to leave the experience with any novel theological illuminations. However, I really enjoyed it, so I'd probably read it again.

    19. I read this book several years ago and while I think anyone who enjoys memoirs would like this book, if you were raised in the church or around in the 1980's when the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal unfolded, then I would say this is a must-read. To know not only how that time affected their children but how ruthlessly the church judged and ridiculed their entire family was a hard pill to swallow, albeit not terribly surprising. Did Jim and Tammy Faye mess up? Yes. But how the church treated t [...]

    20. I admit, I didn't know much about the scandal with PTL until I read this book. My wife bought the book because she did know about it and thought it would be a good read. It was a good read and a personal look in the life of Jay Bakker as a kid and how his view influenced him. Met Jay in person later in the year.

    21. Jay Baker has a very interesting story that reveals God's Grace in a broken world and how He can redeem any situation/story and turn it into an opportunity to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ. For all who feel as if your past sins and brokenness will keep you from a Holy God, I recommend you read this book and see that nothing can keep you from His love!

    22. Continuing in his mother's footsteps, Pastor Jay does an amazing job sharing a story that is often unheard. In his own journey of faith and understanding, God reveals supernatural understanding to Jay - an understanding that continues to define his ministry today. This is a must read for anyone who feels rejected by the church and the faith.

    23. A wonderful look at the boy who became a man while Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were being imprisoned and humiliated for their public missteps as 1980s televangelists. Bakker laid his soul bare, and his candor makes up for some awkward turns of phrase.

    24. I think Jay Bakker has a very harrowing story, but in his telling, in retrospect, I think he would have benefitted from some tough love, instead of surrounding himself with people who seemed to enable him.

    25. I am in no way shape or form a Christian, but I have SO much respect for Jay Bakker for so many reasons, especially for his commitment to tolerance, inclusion and dedication to the advancement of gay rights. I heart this man and his core values.

    26. Although I still think he is in denial over his parents issues, this is a surprisingly powerful and honest look at his troubled life and finding the grace of God. A pretty disturbing look at the American church, in ways you expect and ways you don't. Worth the read.

    27. Jay Bakker is an amazing, real, honest human being! His book equals his passion. Jay writes with his heart, mind and soul and you'll be glued to each and every page. Can't wait until his next book is available in January!

    28. Some of it interesting, most of it self-righteous. Bakker needs to learn he doesn't always have to be the center of attention, and people had a right to be angry about his father's errors and use these errors as an example.

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