Gothic and Lolita

GOTHIC AND LOLITA, edited by Katsuhiko Ishikawa with photographs by Masayuki Yoshinaga, is a new photographic collection that celebrates the eclectic and bizarre street fashion of Japanese popular youth culture A mixture of high fashion and home made ensembles, the Gothic and Lolita scene is a bizarre hybrid, boasting thousands of devotees who dedicate their lives to creaGOTHIC AND LOLITA, edited by Katsuhiko Ishikawa with photographs by Masayuki Yoshinaga, is a new photographic collection that celebrates the eclectic and bizarre street fashion of Japanese popular youth culture A mixture of high fashion and home made ensembles, the Gothic and Lolita scene is a bizarre hybrid, boasting thousands of devotees who dedicate their lives to creating ever flamboyant and original variations of this fused style The origin of this eccentric fashion movement traces back to Osaka in the mid 1990s when young teenagers adopted Gothic fashion in response to the clothes worn and promoted by Japanese Gothic rock bands Influenced by Western fashion trends from the mid 1980s, young teenagers, predominately adolescent girls, began to dress in juxtapositions corsets, spikes, lacy Victorian dresses, dark eye makeup, black spandex, frilly tutus, patterned knee highs, ruffled bows, and wigs of all lengths and styles.Specially commissioned by Phaidon Press and based on the creative design of the bestselling Fruits and Fresh Fruits, Gothic And Lolita features portraits and group shots of Japanese Goths and Lolitas both at home and in the urban centers of Tokyo and Osaka Presented in a simple format with a funky design, hundreds of teenagers posed for the camera in their imaginative and often surreal outfits and offered personal insights into the idea behind their personal fashion choices The responses are sometimes surprising, sometimes shocking, often hilarious, and always compelling.
Gothic and Lolita GOTHIC AND LOLITA edited by Katsuhiko Ishikawa with photographs by Masayuki Yoshinaga is a new photographic collection that celebrates the eclectic and bizarre street fashion of Japanese popular you

  • Title: Gothic and Lolita
  • Author: Masayuki Yoshinaga Katsuhiko Ishikawa
  • ISBN: 9780714847856
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lolita fashion Lolita , ror ta fasshon is a fashion subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children s clothing and styles from the Rococo period A very distinctive property of Lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness This clothing subcuture can be categorized into three main substyles gothic , classic , and sweet Many other Gothic Germanic people Goths or Gothic people, the ethnonym of a group of East Germanic tribes Gothic language, an extinct East Germanic language, spoken by the Goths Crimean Gothic, the Gothic language spoken by the Crimean Goths Gothic alphabet, one of the alphabets used to write the Gothic language Gothic Unicode block , a collection of Unicode characters of the Gothic alphabet Gothic Lolita Bible Volume Various More than any other publication, Gothic Lolita Bible has played an instrumental role in defining the Japanese Lolita style A quarterly mook magazine book hybrid that s a combination fashion magazine, culture guide, and art book, the Bible caters to fans of two separate but related fashions Gothic and to a greater extent Lolita. Watch Psycho Gothic Lolita Prime Video Her beloved mother murdered by a vicious gang of assassins, young Yuki Best Buttocks Award winner Akiyama transforms herself into a gothic lolita killing machine, wielding a lethal umbrella that can blast, slice, and chop her enemies into oblivion. La Carmina Blog Alternative Fashion, Travel, Subcultures Uhh you may have recently seen La Carmina on German TV, with a giant peen Ach du lieber Finally, we can reveal details of the crazy Japanese travel TV show we shot in September As you may know, Naomi Rubin and I run a Pirates production company We do local producing or fixing for travel television shows, in Tokyo and worldwide The Pirates have teamed up before with Joko und Klaas Lolita mode Wikipdia La mode Lolita est une mode vestimentaire japonaise visible plus particulirement dans les rues de Tokyo mais qui s est exporte travers le monde La mode lolita comprend elle mme divers courants branches, dont le Sweet Lolita, le Classical Lolita et le Gothic Lolita pour les plus connus.Les adeptes de cette mode sont trs majoritairement fminines, bien que de plus en plus Lolita subcultuur Lolita , ror ta fasshon is een modesubcultuur uit Japan, die voornamelijk benvloed is door Victoriaanse kinderkleding en kledij uit de rococo periode Lolita kenmerkt zich verder door de esthetiek van schattigheid De kledingstijl kan ingedeeld worden in drie substijlen gothic , classic en sweet Daarnaast bestaan er nog talloze andere substijlen zoals Loli Links Lolita Logs Each of these links are to websites selling Lolita clothing which ship overseas Sweet Lolita Angelic Pretty Sweet Violent Delights Gothic, Steampunk Dieselpunk Clothing Violent Delights Gothic, Steampunk And Dieselpunk Clothing The Widest Range Of Dark Alternative Clothes By Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, Pentagramme And RQ BL, With Free UK Delivery And Fast Worldwide Shipping. Gothic Fairy Dress up Game Azalea s Dress up Dolls Choose from many options of skirts, tops and accessories to give this fairy a gothic, sophisticated look

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    1. Interesting novel-sized gallery of street fashions with a lot of artistic dedication, especially as many of these have to be homemade (it's not like a lot of clothing stores specialize in daywear from two hundred years ago, nor do I imagine many cartoon-colourful cyberpunk costumes).I both like and dislike the fact that these are on-the-spot portraits, so while they have a bit more of an authenticity I suppose, they also don't seem very polished. Anyway, this is a pretty useful and neat book for [...]

    2. Like the two "Fruits" books, this book has pictures of people wearing certain looks, this time focusing on the Goth/Visual Kei and Lolita variations. Unless you're interested in wearing either style (or both, who knows?) this book is more something only to look at. Also, there are some people featured here where you can only think: "wtf, what were they thinking when they chose to wear that?!" Something that wasn't the case with the "Fruits" books.So, this is mostly for those interested in the me [...]

    3. A quick flip through shows almost all photos, and English text for the fashion credits. A keeper and great source material, hopefully with the dates easily searchable. Street snaps are one of my favorite parts of Japanese fashion magazines so this is like candy.

    4. You know how sometimes in the Gothic & Lolita Bible they indicate what the person's job is, aside from the brand of their clothes, and a lot of those people listed themselves as 'members of the society' (positive scripting for NEET, but I'm just a bitter old person grumping)? Those who are neither students nor part-time workers. I've often wondered how they could actually afford clothes that are easily 25,000 yen apiece. A lot of these people DO know how to sew, though, and it's definitely r [...]

    5. One of my favourite aspects of Japanese culture is the really strong style aesthetics among the younger generations. This book and Fruits and Fresh Fruits gave me hours on enjoyment and inspiration. I wish more people had the courage to dress however they feel and express themselves through clothing.

    6. The Lolita twins were my absolute favorite. How is it that they all can afford Vivienne Westwood shoes and accessories?

    7. I first came across this book in a bookstore / coffeeshop in Mexico City and knew I had to have it. Unfortunately I couldn't buy it at that time and only acquired it later, when I was back in the states. I was not dissapointed! The pictures are gorgeous and highlight the creativity and individual expressiveness of these Japanese youth subcultures: Lolitas, who dress like pre-pubescent girls from Victorian England;Traditional Goths, who favor black, corsets, tattoos, and piercings;Cybergoths, who [...]

    8. Gothic and Lolita take you deep in the underground world of Japan. The crazy kids everyone can't seem to understand. Each page bring you deeper in to this strange world. Its understood and most everyone dresses with no fear.Each page screams creativity. The close were amazing and the styles were never to be forgotten. Each page was a different person either Gothic or Lolita. The lolita were my fave. The girls looking like china dolls were to cute. The gothic group was dark and scary and hard to [...]

    9. I turned to this book both out of sheer interest in the fashion as well as a source for my Master's dissertation. While it served a perfunctory function as the latter (explaining the beginnings of the Gothic Lolita movement concisely in the preface) I couldn't have been more pleased with this book as a source for fashion. This collection is one of the biggest pieces of eye candy available for those interested in Japan's Gothic Lolitas, and it provides endless inspiration for up-and-coming Lolita [...]

    10. There's a clothing style that is pretty much all Japanese, and that is the Gothic & Lolita clothing. Lolita clothing is that which the women wear which makes them look like little children, albeit a lot fancier. Gothic is a style which, of course, is based on the goth style of clothing.This book is filled with pictures of young Japanese dressed in both styles, walking around in some of the most outrageous, yet interesting, clothing possible. The movie Kamikaze Girls (American title; Japanese [...]

    11. I learn from that book that my clothes are too plain and too simple. I have a new vision of the future without any specters of the pastI want dresses like those which are featured in this bookSeriously fashion can have many faces and this books exploits Lolitas fashion with various photos of the devotees of that style, they are picked according to the various Rori styles. Highly recommended for broaden your fashion taste.

    12. Not only was this entire book based on a rather pointless, silly and at times disturbing fashion trend, but the book itself is filled with repetitive photos, printed in dull colors, obviously shot digitally as some of them have pixels when closely looked at, and these take up more space than the text which feebly tries to explain the non-existent purposes of this fad, to no avail.

    13. "Wat koopt jouw puber-dochter zo al op de boekenbeurs?" (2) :) Toch maar even doorgenomenEuhn 'gewaarschuwde' moeder is er (hopelijk) 2 waard :) Geef mij toch maar 'gothics'; met een voorkeur voor de outfits van Rika, Kei, V.Prince, Rosa Yura, Sachi, J'zk, Akane, Harold&Eco en ***** voor Har!

    14. Excellent pictures but the graphic design was truly horrible. Someone chose the wrong colors for the fonts. I like the models are they were average person and not the picture perfect people you see in fashion magazines.

    15. while I'm not too fond of the lolita part of the book (old school lolita styles don't always hold up to the test of time), but the gothic part is absolutely wonderful. I think it's a very nice alt fashion reference book.

    16. insightful and informative. a collection of photographs to give you a glimpse into the minds of Japanese teens on the streets and in their homes. also, a great source of inspiration. Masayuki Yoshinaga's work wonderful as always!

    17. Wat een stijl! Vreemde kerels en madammekes.Maar ze mogen trots zijn dat ze 'zo'over straat durven. Dikke chapeau manne!

    18. another birthday present. lots of great street fashion from Japan. even sneek peeks into bedrooms and seeing how kids decorate thier teeny tiny little rooms. a definite inspiration!

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