Rocketeer Adventures Volume 1

Dave Stevens The Rocketeer was an instant hit the moment it hit the spinner rack in the earl 1980s Stevens lush and distinctive artwork and fun, action driven story was inspired by the adventure pulp novels of the era The Rocketeer was set in Stevens produced only two Rocketeer graphic novels collected to much acclaim by IDW and his life was tragically cut short whDave Stevens The Rocketeer was an instant hit the moment it hit the spinner rack in the earl 1980s Stevens lush and distinctive artwork and fun, action driven story was inspired by the adventure pulp novels of the era The Rocketeer was set in Stevens produced only two Rocketeer graphic novels collected to much acclaim by IDW and his life was tragically cut short when he succumbed to Hairy Cell Leukemia Now, with the full cooperation of the Stevens estate, IDW is pleased to present new interpretations of The Rocketeer by some of today s finest talents So, pull up a chair, sit down a while, and discover The Rocketeer all over again
Rocketeer Adventures Volume Dave Stevens The Rocketeer was an instant hit the moment it hit the spinner rack in the earl s Stevens lush and distinctive artwork and fun action driven story was inspired by the adventure pulp

  • Title: Rocketeer Adventures Volume 1
  • Author: Mike Allred Jonathan Ross Mark Waid John Cassaday Darwyn Cooke Kyle Baker Gene Ha Michael Wm. Kaluta
  • ISBN: 9781613770344
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. A collection of short, adventurous, pulpy comic stories set in WWII era featuring Cliff Secord, the Rocketeer with a jetpack who fights gangsters and nazis. Fun and sexy!

    2. My introduction to The Rocketeer came with the 1991 film. I had heard the film was based on a comic book, but I hadn't read any of the comics. The movie was great, but the franchise sadly never took off. Recently, I had the chance to read Rocketeer Adventures, Volume 1 which is a new series based on Dave Stevens' original character, and due to be released in November 2011 by IDW Publishing. For those familiar with the movie or the original comic book series, this book will will seem very familia [...]

    3. Rocketeer Adventures Volume 1 continues the adventures of Cliff Secord as The Rocketeer. These stories are written and illustrated by a different team than the original stories - and each story has its own team, so the style and quality varies between each.The stories themselves are a little stale; I'm not sure how many different ways you can have Betty get kidnapped and then rescued by Cliff, but that seems to be the prevailing plot device used by all of the writers. There is a refreshing text- [...]

    4. This anthology is sadly like most, which is a mixed bag. It was really great to see some of the industry's best work on this classic book but the stories were so short, no one was able to spread their wings. I think I really just want a modern take on this character with Mike Allred at them helm. Due to the format, it was a lightning quick read. Overall, a decent but not spectacular look into the past.

    5. Like, I'm sure, more than a few others, my first exposure to The Rocketeer came from the early 90s movie of the same name: even back then, I remember thinking that it bore more than a few resemblances to the 1988 Amiga game 'Rocker Ranger', with both set during (or near) World War 2, and both concerning a test pilot who learns the use of a jet-fueled rocket pack.I was completely unaware that the film - and, more than likely, that game - were based on a comic series of the same name: this particu [...]

    6. I don't know about this. I like the rocketeer well enough, but I only really enjoyed two stories in this anthology. Anthologies are hard to review in general. Is one truly great story enough to buoy some mediocre stuff? Is there one story so abhorrent that it drags everything else down? The Darwyn Cooke Story is probably my favorite in there followed by the Dave Gibbons Scott Hampton story. Not everything was bad. But none of the other stories were really memorable to me. Too many of these stori [...]

    7. I'm a huge fan of Dave Stevens, particularly his work with The Rocketeer. I watched the film so many times on VHS that I wore out the tape. I immediately sprung for the Deluxe slipcase collection of Dave's original Rocketeer work when it came out a few years ago. With that said, I was a little disappointed by IDW's foray into the Rocketeer canon. I don't often write reviews, but I felt compelled to only recommend this title with some clear reservation. Overall, the stories are incredibly short. [...]

    8. Nice vignettes in the Rocketeer tradition! Really like this book and looking forward to the sequel!But let me express something I DON'T like: I don't like the fact that MY LIBRARY SYSTEM DOES NOT CARRY THE ORIGINAL!!! THIS:The Rocketeer: The Complete AdventuresWAKE UP, LIBRARY! THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD THAT YOU WILL FEEL AN DEEP PAINFUL ACHING VOID IN YOUR LIBRARY-SOUL WHEN YOU FIND YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT BUT DON'T.

    9. This anthology series resurrects the Rocketeer, a great character that had been largely out of action since creator Dave Stevens's fatal bout with cancer.The talent tapped for this miniseries make a valiant effort to deliver adventure yarns in the spirit of the original. While the final product is well worth a read, living up to the creator's original work proves an impossible task. There's some great storytelling on display--particularly with one story hinting about the Rocketeer's Pacific War [...]

    10. I had originally bought the single issues, but gave them away and bought the Hardcover for myself.A bunch of short stories by some of today's top talents.Most of the stories in this book are pretty nice and seem to fit better within the general Rocketeer universe than those of the 2nd volume.So far, we've yet to see any story or art that compares to Dave Stevens' originals.

    11. Una splendida riunione di alcuni tra i migliori autori ed artisti del fumetto mondiale, rende omaggio al personaggio di Dave Stevens con una divertente antologia. Bello il racconto di Lansdale, e la copertina di Alex Ross e l'art gallery alla fine non sfigurerebbero in una galleria d'arte. Molto bello.

    12. A compilation of short Rocketeer stories written post-creator-death. As with most such compilations, some are better than others, and it doesn't really follow a specific line or direction. But I enjoyed it, and seeing the characters continue to enable storytelling is always a great plus. If you can find a copy lying around, it's worth a read. Worth a few bucks if you find a good price.

    13. While many of the stories are simplistic one shots with very similar plots, it's a fun book that feels authentic to the time period and character it's portraying. The good guy always wins, the bad guys are rarely credible threats, and his girl is the cause of a great deal of irrational jealousy.If anything, I wish the stories could have been more substantial, but again, it's a fun collection.

    14. While most of the stories in this are quite short and non threatening to the Rocketeer, I fully enjoyed them all. I actually enjoy the shortness of each story. Compact, sometimes meaningful, sometimes not It doesn't matter. I will buy anything Rocketeer. This is one of my favorite little graphic novel.

    15. A great character in a lot of bland stories.Nothing new here, just a bunch of writers happy to play with a famous character that all seem to just crank out variation on the same idea.Nice to see all the different artists drawing the Rocketeer, shame the stories aren't as impressive.

    16. A well-produced book with lots of wonderful art, but the stories mostly left me flat. Maybe it's not a character that works well without some room to breathe, maybe it's just this property only belongs to Dave Stevens. Beautiful work done by well-meaning people, just not for me.

    17. Some really beautiful art, but not one memorable story. They were all very repetitive using the same Betty in Hollywood/Cliff gets jealous storyline like twelve times. I know they're doing more Rocketeer books, I hope they're better than this. I do love the characters in the original.

    18. Originally published as a limited series, this volume collects several gorgeously illustrated but thinly written short tales & anecdotes of The Rocketeer. I love the original series & for fans of it this is a fun ride. I don't know how much new readers will get out of it, though.

    19. The short vignettes, versions of Stevens's original vision, are fine. This collection of small adventures, though, whets my appetite for longer, more sustained storylines (which come later).

    20. Top industry creators take a hand at Rocketeer shorts. While a very impressive collection of talent, it doesn't really add anything to what Stevens had already done with the character.

    21. The anthology format is long enough to get an enjoyable dollop of action, and short enough before you start questioning what the hell's going on.

    22. Like all anthologies, a mixed bag. Darwyn Cooke contributes a great story about Betty donning the helmet.

    23. I dismissed this cause Im a huge fan of original but I actually really enjoyed this. Some great art and quick stories that lovingly try to recreate Dave's original masterpiece tone and vibe.

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