Raiders of the Lost Carpark

Hugo Rune returns And just in time, for the evil fairies of Brentford are planning to conquer the world To publicise his mission, Hugo plans to kidnap the Queen while she addresses the world before a gig by the greatest rock band on earth, Gandhi s Hairdryer.
Raiders of the Lost Carpark Hugo Rune returns And just in time for the evil fairies of Brentford are planning to conquer the world To publicise his mission Hugo plans to kidnap the Queen while she addresses the world before a

  • Title: Raiders of the Lost Carpark
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780552138338
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Cornelius Murphy, unacknowledged son of the disappeared mage Hugo Rune, and his homunculus friend Tuppe (short for Tupperware), need to steal an ocarina and an ice-cream van. Their plan is to visit Forbidden Zones, gain access by playing certain notes on the ocarina, and scarper with whatever booty they can grab. Sadly, although the plan works, the booty has already been taken. They manage instead to locate and free Hugo Rune, not such a great move it turns out, because he plans to kidnap the Qu [...]

    2. I just love Hugo Rune. He's my favourite character besides Rizla, Jim Pooley and John Omally out of all the rankin's books (though I haven't read them all just half of them). I do love Cornelius Murphy too with his best mate Tuppe. After reading the 'ulimate truths' I just had to go out and buy the next book to see if Cornelius found Hugo Rune. Now I can't wait to read the last installment.I liked how Rankin made many references to the Golden Dawn Occult order. I wouldn't have picked up on them [...]

    3. After reading a detective story set in 1944 Nazi Germany followed by a book describing the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, I needed something to balance things up a bit. This was a perfect choice. For non Brits it could be a bit difficult to get the head around but it's worth the effort. The cast is varied and eclectic. They're all here, Cornelius Murphy, Tuppe (short for Tupperware), The Prince of Wales, HM the Queen and Hugo Rune, plus a cast of other varyingly comic characters. And what a [...]

    4. The sequel to "The Book of Ultimate Truths" pretty much starts where that one leaves off, with epic hero Cornelius Murphy and his diminutive sidekick Tuppe planning to break into the Forbidden Zones to rescue Hugo Rune, and retrieve some booty while they’re at it. In doing so, they run afoul of the secret ruler of the world, who ends up being a familiar but unexpected figure. This was a good read, and a bit more focused than the first Cornelius Murphy book. Mind you, that’s not saying too mu [...]

    5. L'Angleterre revue et corrigée par un humoriste. En prennent pour leur grade dans ce livre : le Prince Charles, les hippies, les héros épiques et bien d'autres choses encore.Pas révolutionnaire, "les Aventuriers du Parking Perdu" recèle quand même quelques bonnes tranches de rigolade. L'usage constant des mêmes ficelles dilue quelque peu l'intérêt passé les deux tiers du livre.Une bonne détente cependant.

    6. The sequel isn't quite the stuff of epics that that The Book of Ultimate Truths was. It is, however, high quality Rankin. Cornelius and Tuppe, with a little help from some friends continue the search for Hugo Rune and the entrance to the Forbidden Zones. There were more nice Easter Eggs as the action centered in Brentford. Rankin is in great form here.

    7. I'm getting ready to review this on our podcast, The Dewey Decibel System. In a nutshell, I was not very fond of this book. it was tedious and difficult to follow at times. It seemed like the author was really trying to channel Terry Pratchett. He failed.

    8. My first Robert Rankin book I read in the hope to find a fix for the lack of Douglas Adams material (may he RIP). Terry Pratchett never really appealed, and although Rankin does wobble through various degrees of genius, this book hooked me into his work, and his characters became part of me.

    9. This book was given to me and supposed to be good for fans of Terry Pratchett. For me it was not a patch on Terry Pratchett. There were a few funny things happening in the book but generally I was not interested enough in the characters or what happened to them to really engage with the book

    10. You know what you're getting with a Robert Rankin book, and this one is very much true to form. Running gags, numerous puns and outlandish plot. Fun if you enjoy that kind of thing. And I did.

    11. It might not be too profound, but I got hooked immediately. And apparently I'm not the only one. All in all, this was one of the most entertaining books that I've read.

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