Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival, and Strength

Sanity and Grace A Journey of Suicide, Survival, and Strength
Sanity and Grace A Journey of Suicide Survival and Strength Sanity and Grace A Journey of Suicide Survival and Strength

  • Title: Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival, and Strength
  • Author: Judy Collins
  • ISBN: 9781585422609
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. She's been there. She's tried it (her own). She's survived it (her son's) and continues to strive for a full life in the face of the constant wake of loss. With this book, and with "The Seven T"s, Judy Collins shows us how to do the same.

    2. I love Judy Collins as a singer, activist, artist, and general all-around affirmation of what is best in the human spirit. I saw her in concert last year and even now, in her 70s, she has that feisty combination of warmth and of not suffering fools easily that has always endeared her to me. In this book, she explores weighty issues and opens her soul to the reader about her own experience with suicidal thoughts and the actual suicide of her son, Clark, at age 33 in 1992. This is not a book about [...]

    3. Judy Collins' only son committed suicide in 1995 at the age of 33. This is her personal account of the grieving and healing process following this tragic event. It raises questions on how society views suicide(keep it hidden and don't talk about it) and how important it is to change those views. Not only does she share her experience but she offers advice learned from various experts in suicidolgy and a extensive reference section for further study. It is a very thoughtful and personal account a [...]

    4. Just prior to her concert last year I learned she had lost her son the same year I lost my brother. I felt so much compassion and could see the work she had done to heal her pain once I read this book. I read a few others of hers as well. I am so proud of her accomplishments and desire to continue life clean and sober! You rock Judy! Of course she doesn't need me to tell her that. You broke the silence encouraging others like me to speak out as a S.O.S. God Bless youI know your son is with you a [...]

    5. 8 - I read this book because the author Judy Collins was going to be singing at a function I was attending. I have read a lot of books on suicide loss so I didn't think this one had a lot of new information. However, because she is a songwriter, I think this book was more enjoyable to read. She had a nice writing style for such a painful subject. Judy did tons of reading after she lost her son to suicide. This was the 8th book I read on the subject, and I used her book as resource to help me pic [...]

    6. Mixed feelings about this book, though they're mostly positive. I like that Judy Collins is open about her son's suicide, and it's effect on his family and friends. I like especially that the prevention of suicide isn't totally drugs; there are other things like exercise and meditation. I like that she's bringing suicide out into the open and encouraging discussion. But I didn't feel the book was well organized.

    7. I love Judy Collins, but I like her singing better than her writing. This book, written after her son committed suicide, sheds light on the effects of a suicide on the survivors. At times I felt like I was reading someone's private journal.which I was. It might have been a better book if she had waited until she was a little less raw to write it.

    8. I am thankfully not a suicide survivor, but this book have me some great insight into the difficult life someone leads after a loved one commits suicide. Kudos to Judy Collins being so open and honest about her journey.

    9. I read this because a friend's child committed suicide. It was short and easy to read, and moderately interesting but provided no great insight. I believe the author wrote it to help her heal from her own son's suicide, and there is nothing wrong with that!!

    10. This book gives a whole new light to dealing with a family member who committed suicide- genetic predisposition and society's views.

    11. Survivors of SuicideI cannot imagine life after the suicide of a child. Judy Collins goes deeply into that Underworld in this frank and brave book

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