Amethyst Heat

While out riding, Meg McMurray finds herself on unfamiliar lands Gone are the long expanses of Oklahoma prairie, and in front of her are the wild Scottish Highlands How did she come to be there, and did Aunt Gilly s amethyst ring have anything to do with it A sweet romance set in the Highlands, free on line storewconceptspublishing
Amethyst Heat While out riding Meg McMurray finds herself on unfamiliar lands Gone are the long expanses of Oklahoma prairie and in front of her are the wild Scottish Highlands How did she come to be there and d

  • Title: Amethyst Heat
  • Author: Laura Hunsaker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Amethyst Heat”

    1. Amethyst Heatis a free short story that surprised me in how much I enjoyed it! It took all of 10 or 15 minutes to read, but in those short moments, a world of possibilities emerged. This story could easily be a prologue or an epilogue to a full length novel and I definitely hope the author will give us more of Kade and Megan’s story!You can find this story here – Read Amethyst Heat

    2. Free read over at New Concepts Publishing. download or read online hereIt's also on my website in its entirety.

    3. I love time travel stories and 'Amethyst Heat' is no exception. I can honestly say my attention has been glued to the story. What an excellent short story.

    4. I don't know what these other people are talking about. I love short stories. They make me feel so productive! Finish a book over breakfast? OK!A well written short story can take you on an adventure just as well as any verbose tome. And a great lil story it is. Guys in kilts, swords, plot, love, nobody pregnant, free it's all here. Do I want more? Yes! Do I think it should unfold in infuriatingly short shorties? You betcha. The Highland category lacks a source of the short n' strange. Untapped [...]

    5. Read free here: newconceptspublishing/laurI am a big sucker for any Highlander time travel romance type story and 'Amethyst Heat' was all of those wrapped into one. Great cover and even better title, I knew I had to read it. Oh so short yet oh so enjoyable. Beautiful story!

    6. What a beautiful short story by Laurie Hunsaker! It’s strange to say that I knew Laurie “The Highland Hussy” here on before she became a published author. I even ordered a copy of her book, Highland Destiny, all the way from Australia, not just to support her writing endeavours, but because I was truly curious to read something penned by such a lovely and fun person. I haven’t as yet read Highland Destiny, but I have now read this short story, Amethyst Heat, and I was so pleasantly surp [...]

    7. 4.5 starsThis was such a great story. The story had great humor, great characters and a great setting. A definite great start to a book that seems to have really great potential. I only wished that it was longer.

    8. But,but,but. was onlyis big! *shows an itty-bitty distance with thumb and index finger*AAAAAAAAAAAA!I wanted more. :(

    9. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookLaura, what is this? A teaser? Are you kidding me woman? Where’s the rest of this? Grrrrr!!I’m glad to say it was a really good introduction for me to Laura Hunsaker aka our Highland Hussy’s writing. I’ve been meaning to read Highland Destiny for sometimes now (and I will, soon I hope) so when this came out as a free read, I jumped! I got distracted by my other reading plans but I should’ve read it as soo [...]

    10. 15 minutes of pure bliss. I wanted more !! hot characters time travel, humour and spunk whats not to like !! ohhh and Modern woman !! Cover is smokin ! Sizzleeeeee A great read if your after something short and satisfying Only a short read but well worth its weight in substance !! aka fulla of all the good stuff !Loved the horses name btw lol

    11. Well writen, gives the atmosphere of time travel as well as being thrown into a whole new world.The chemistry between the hero Kade and the heroine was immediate-i wanted to throw him in my bedI loved that the heroine and i had that gut feeling that she knew Kade. Very Well written and I look forward to more By Laura, The Highland Hussy!Im sure i'll be a Highland hussy before long XDYou Can read it for free, here: Amethyst Heat

    12. I love free on-line short stories.Its the best way to get to know a new author and see if it works for you. So i was thrilled to add and read thos one.Its a lovely story (4-6 pages) about a Highlander, a girl and love stronger then time. What's not to like?!Just one thing, Laura dear, Why so short?! Go Read!:)

    13. A sweet short 10 to 15 minute read that left me intrigued and wanting to know more about this couple. Thanks Laura for offering this free read. I see it as a great beginning for a full length novel:-)

    14. Loved it! I'm giving it 4.5 stars because I just wish we could have some more!!! Got me all curious and wanting to find out more about Megan and Kade!! :DThe short story is available for free here: Amethyst Heat

    15. Another rock hard yummy nom that my highlander hussy has given to me!!RAWR RAWR RAWR I can nots waits for more and more and more and more!Super sonic squees!!

    16. Even though this was a short story I enjoyed it immensely, it has now made me want to check out her other books. definitely one to read.

    17. I wanted to comment on the cover (because I was a stubborn child who never listened when they told me not to judge books on their covers):I just realized it's actually a short story, not a novel, so my critique of the cover is pretty asshole-ish (yeah i made that word up, do you like it?), considering. anyway I will hide it in a (view spoiler)[I realize it's an ebook, but I wish the title and author name were done better. I don't like the font, the color, and the gradation (which is probably sup [...]

    18. This is a free short story.I enjoyed it and wished it was longer! :)Love highlanders with kilts.Sigh! I want my own highlander!

    19. A very descriptive and emotionally charged story. A little too short for my taste; once I was introduced to Meg and Kade, I wanted to keep reading! I wish that this book was longer so I could really dig deeper into their romance.

    20. A short and beautiful romance bound by the power of an amethyst ring."Amethyst Heat" is an enjoyable short story taking its readers on a journey from modern-day Oklahoma to Highlander Scotland.

    21. Um wow. This was short really, really short. But also free. There wasn't much story but the idea was sweet.

    22. This was a VERY short story, but one that I really enjoyed! It made me want to read more of Ms. Hunsakers stories!! I love time travel romance, and this fit in perfectly with what I like!!

    23. Great short story (and free too!). Lots of good elements, including time-travel, highlanders, and star-crossed lovers. I want more!

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