Karen's Carnival

One day Karen, Hannie, and Nancy are board, bored, bored They can t go roller skating, and the playground is too far away So Karen decides to have a carnival, with all kinds of games and prizes What will the girls do with the money they make from their carnival Hannie wants roller skates but Karen can think of something even better.
Karen s Carnival One day Karen Hannie and Nancy are board bored bored They can t go roller skating and the playground is too far away So Karen decides to have a carnival with all kinds of games and prizes What w

  • Title: Karen's Carnival
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590557023
  • Page: 120
  • Format: None
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    1. In this episode of Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Karen follows in Kristy's footsteps by creating a carnival. Her minions, Hannie and Nancy, go along with it. But Hannie grows a backbone for a day and realises that Karen is actually somewhat of a bully and fights back. But eventually she succumbs and apologises while Karen doesn't. The hell, Karen? I always feel sorry for Mrs Porter, AKA, Morbidda Destiny. She's probably just a lonely old woman, who is perhaps a touch senile. She just wanted to hel [...]

    2. Karen and her friends help build a playground for the community. They all are raising money to build the playground, parents and kids. I think it is nice that they are doing this. I think it is cool how the playground is by her Dads hoose so she and her friends can ride there to play.

    3. In which Karen pretends to be a fortune teller at a carnival (another book based around events in the BSC series), and lots of people get mad because of the crap she tells them.

    4. Thisbbook is realy easy to read it is so fun. Karen and her friends do a carnivsl to raise money for a play ground. An unspected ending which realy makes children think.

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