Girl From Mars

A truly out of this world romance from Little Black Dress star Julie Cohen I, Philomena Desdemona Brown, do solemnly swear to forsake all romantic relationships It s not like the vow, made by Fil and her three nerdy male best friends, seemed much of a big deal at the time Frankly, Fil wouldn t know romance if it hit her in the face, and with her real love being her artA truly out of this world romance from Little Black Dress star Julie Cohen I, Philomena Desdemona Brown, do solemnly swear to forsake all romantic relationships It s not like the vow, made by Fil and her three nerdy male best friends, seemed much of a big deal at the time Frankly, Fil wouldn t know romance if it hit her in the face, and with her real love being her artist job at Girl from Mars, the comic whose heroine has never had a love interest, she doesn t exactly mind being relationship free anyway Until her world is rocked to its core when one of her long standing quartet and Girl from Mars herself both unexpectedly fall in love Is it time to give in to temptation and finally fall in love
Girl From Mars A truly out of this world romance from Little Black Dress star Julie Cohen I Philomena Desdemona Brown do solemnly swear to forsake all romantic relationships It s not like the vow made by Fil and

  • Title: Girl From Mars
  • Author: Julie Cohen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Fil Brown has a life she loves, which allows her to indulge her love for comics and sci-fi. She draws her beloved "Girl From Mars" comic, about a female superhero, and she's got three really close male friends who provide her with the love and support of a family. And then, things start changing. One of her friends falls in love, and this changes the whole dynamic of the foursome's relationship. And Fil can't even find a refuge in work, because that's in flux as well: the powers that be have bro [...]

    2. Fil is great- she's also awkward as fuck, intense, self-protectively callous, and utterly oblivious when she wants to be. The book plunges forward into the nerdlove more commonly dissected on my most favorite of blogs, captainawkward/, than seen in your typical contemp romance. I really liked who surfaced as Fil's ultimate love interest and it made an intriguing contrast to another Cohen romance, One Night Stand. That said, what really made this book was the constant framing through all of the c [...]

    3. Oh, what a wonderful book! Just what I needed to distract myself on a day when I had the house full of builders making lots of noise!Julie Cohen is a brilliant storyteller and she really shows it in this book. She captures the thoughts and feelings of her heroine perfectly, and takes her on a journey that had me absorbed right from the start.The descriptions of the comic book art, and how the heroine creates it, are described with such rich and vividness, I could really visualise it.   The ch [...]

    4. I love this book. The nerd stuff and all. Bits and pieces are coming back of what happened. I just remembered because after all this years, my paperback finally came back to me.My baby's home and the euphoria I felt was oh oh oh! Until I inspect the pages and see for myself that it has cobwebs and all. Now really, the very reason I'm not buying hard copies anymore or asking my college/cpa friends for paperback as a gift was because my hometown friends doesn't care if it stay brand new looking ju [...]

    5. What you get here is a very convincing portrayal of Miss Geek overcoming the inertia of her geek life and geek clan to discover what she needs to do in order to be happier--and there's the thing--she's already happy in her life of back-to-back X-files box sets, Marvel comics, role-playing games, whatever--she isn't a miserable wallflower feeling sorry for herself (thank Zarquon). And those of us who've been there can relate to the awkwardness of introducing real human feelings into that mix. All [...]

    6. This was definitely a romp, but surprisingly good. Don't get me wrong; don't expect high literature, but do expect an entertaining read with enough depth to make the read more realistic. This is definitely a romance novel/beach-read type of book, maybe like The Devil Wears Prada, but with a nerdy girl heroine. By nerdy girl heroine, I mean, a *real* nerdy girl/buddy girl who isn't really that great with people, whose two best friends are guys, plays D&D and takes refuge in comic book binging [...]

    7. To be completely honest, I judged this book on it's cover and title. At that time I didn't check what kind of book it was and assumed it was a Si-Fi/Fantasy kind of book. When I found out it was a Chick-lit/Romance it went from top of my to read list to bottom.Last week I pick it up for some light reading, and wanting to step out of my comfort zone of YA and Fantasy. I was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with the main-character Fil and felt I could relate to her as a person. Also I really l [...]

    8. I loved the book and ate it all up in two days, but admittedly I think Fil should have ended up with James I mean Dan is amazing but he doesn't beat jim :(

    9. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerIn case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of The X-Files. I own the DVD’s, the movies, the books (that's right, books!), I have posters, t-shirts and once I went to an UFO convention even though I don’t believe in any of that. I also have a book blog (I hope you did know that!). Yep, I’m pretty much a nerd. So when I saw this book and read that the heroine was a fan of The X-Files I left everything I was doing in order to read it. It was ente [...]

    10. Loved so much!!! Highlighted my brains out. It's NOT A ROMANCE though. It has a very strong romance woven into the plot and there's a HFN at the end. However, this is more of a turning-point-in-your-life fiction. Older coming of age. (Older being late 20s I think here.)Anyone who is reading this for a feel good romance alone will not be happy. If you can be happy with a really, awfully good book that sits slightly outside the romance genre, this is the one. ADORED.

    11. With her blue hair and black baggy clothes, Philomena, or Fil to her friends is not your typical heroine. Living with her best mate Jim, Fil's life is simple and just how she wants it. She has three great friends and her dream job working as an illustrator for the comic 'Girl From Mars'. Then one night the sanctity of their foursome and the latest X-Files marathon is rocked. One of her friends had the audacity to go and fall in love. Completely taking the group by surprise the revelation shakes [...]

    12. Sometimes you pick up a book not because you know the author or her previous books, not because its the genre you adore, and not because of all the reviews you're read. Sometimes you just pick up a book because it feels like a book you'd love.Boy, was I righ this time.Girl from Mars is a fun, snappy, entertaining romantic comedy with more depth than most. Fil is a comic book artist with a small group of fellow geek friends who are her life. That and the comic she draws for Girl From Mars. And th [...]

    13. I've enjoyed the various Julie Cohen contemporary romances I've read, but I really loved GIRL FROM MARS. It's from Little Black Dress - the books are romantic and light in tone, and some readers would call them "chick lit," though they aren't, really, in my opinion. Generally, they're less explicit than most romance novelsRL FROM MARS starts off with the heroine, who's the artist for a comic called "Girl From Mars," in the midst of an X-Files marathon with her three best friends, all male. It's [...]

    14. I loved this book! It's got an unusual premise and works out very well. Philomena, also known as Fil is a comic book illustrator for her favorite comic "Girl From Mars." She got three best friends, Jim, Digger, and Stevo. Things start to change when Stevo falls in love and distances himself from the gang. Not understanding the attraction, the rest of the gang goes to a nightclub to try and pick up people and they get shot down. Smarting form the pain, they make a pact to not date and just keep t [...]

    15. I wanted to give this book 5 stars. Actually, I kind of wanted to give it 50. I know it probably doesn't deserve that much, but I really really love it. A lot. I pretty much hate 99% of all chick-lit I try. Because I hate 99% of all characters in chick-lit I try. I find them vapid and idiotic and mushy and calculated. But I still sometimes try to read them, because, on the very rare occasions where I find Chick-Lit that doesn't make me sick, I really enjoy it. Girl from Mars is one of those rare [...]

    16. 4 Stars +Girl From Mars is the perfect book to curl up with on a quiet rainy weekend.I really really enjoyed this book, the characters felt real enough to step out of the pages, they were flawed, vulnerable, strong and so delightfully quirky!Fil is far from your typical chick lit heroine and I think that that is a big part of the charm of this book. It's all about watching Fil grow, change, open her eyes and learn to let people in and you're cheering her on every step of the way.The writing is s [...]

    17. It's about Fil, who with her best friends, Jim and Digger make a vow to forsake all romantic relationships (after being deserted by fourth member of the team, Stevo, for "lurve") and to stick together forever! Although, Fil has blue hair and a cool job as the artist of the Girl from Mars comic, she and her friends are total nerds - proven by their ideal weekend being a back to back X-files marathon! Fil's professional and private life is thrown in turmoil by the arrival of Dan, a gorgeous and su [...]

    18. Girl from Mars (Little Black Dress) -Julie CohenIt's a fun little book to read! I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Quite easy to read, but not too unintelligent. I picked up the book from my sister's pile of library goods she had just finished while waiting for inspiration to strike my mind into finding another great read. Then as my day went on, it became a nice little companion for a lonely night. But as I continued to read it I read a little passage and it's stuck with me:"QamuIs Heg qaq law' [...]

    19. I was immediately drawn to this book as soon as I learned the title. And then I knew I had to read the book when I read the synopsis. Comic books! Geeks! Nerds! MY PEOPLE!So Fil is a graphic novel artist, and she idolizes the character of her comic: Girl From Mars. Only, the comic isn't doing so well so management brings in this hotshot Hollywood screenwriter who happens to be the original GFM creator's grandson. Anybody see where this is going?Only, Fil made a pact with her nerdy friends to swe [...]

    20. Hhhmm what can I say? I dont know why I grabbed this book, maybe because of the catchy title, the funky illustration or the fact that I wanted to give this romance fiction book a read after not reading this genre of books for humpteen of years. Flipping through the first few pages, felt like I was reading a script from New Girl (acted by zooey deschanel). As the story progressed I got a little hooked on (exactly as if you were watching a soap on tv) although I kinda knew where the story was head [...]

    21. I've loved Julie Cohen's latest two books so I researched her backlist and picked up Girl From Mars because of the fantastic cover. I absolutely loved it, it was funny and original, the heroine (in my humble opinion) ended up with the right guy in the end but as a reader I was kept guessing right until the very end. Fil is a comic book artist, she's independent, creative, hilarious, passionate about her work and also quite vulnerable. I am a bit geeky and really got all the SFF references. This [...]

    22. This one kinda got to me. It's not exactly chicklit? And it's not anything else either. I don't really know where to put it. It's about a geeky group of friends, and not the funny haha chicklit geeky group but the seriously geeky people. I think that's what I liked about this book, it's funny but it's also pretty much realistic. It's not chicklit, and I was seriously touched by the story. I couldn't stop reading and I loved seeing our main girl grow into herself and learn stuff about herself and [...]

    23. Every so often there's a book that you pick up and it speaks to you instantly. For me, Girl From Mars was just that sort of book. I recognised the type of people in it and definitely recognised the dynamics of the friendship Fil has with Jim and Digger.The comic book geek side of things was very entertaining and I loved the insight into how Fil sees the world. There are two potential suitors in this book and I honestly did not know which one she was going to choose right until the end. I don't k [...]

    24. I loved this book for many reasons, but then it went ahead and broke my heart. Now as much as I enjoyed it I can't help but feel bitter over how it didn't turn out how I wanted it, how I felt like it left me hanging. I would recommend it to others, but I don't think I can bring myself to break it back open again soon.

    25. I read this book think ing that it was a romance novel and it turned out to be more of a coming of age book, even though the heroine is in her thirties. I loved Phil and Dan and everything about the comic. I felt phil was a little too oblivious at times and the writing was pretty weak. How ever this book was a lot of fun. I recommend it

    26. This book was amazing, i loved all the characters and the flow of the story. But i could tell what is going to happen next almost all the time. So i was not really surprised by anything nor was there any unexpected twist or anything. The book was a light read and fun. But it was also very predictable.Had fun reading this, my only regret i wish i had free time to read books now :(

    27. This is brilliantly fun book which you just can't put down. The romance is just so skilfully written that is is poignant and amusing at the same time. The heroine Is an illustrator of action comics and the way Julie imagines her drawing the action enables you to visualise each picture. Brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

    28. It's nice to read chick-fic about a nerdy girl who draws comic books for a living and prefers pints at the pub to shopping for shoes. I liked her, although she was a little too socially and romantically inept for me to relate to.Most chick-fic I get rid of after one read, but this will stick around on my shelf and likely be read again when enough time has passed that I've forgotten what happens.

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