In Search of the Time and Space Machine

Make room, James Bond Max Remy is an eleven year old superspy ready for action Max may look like your typical kid, but she isn t In truth she s a world class superspy involved in a dangerous mission with the international agency Spy Force When Max s mother sends her off to visit Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ben for summer vacation, Max and her friend Linden encounter a TimMake room, James Bond Max Remy is an eleven year old superspy ready for action Max may look like your typical kid, but she isn t In truth she s a world class superspy involved in a dangerous mission with the international agency Spy Force When Max s mother sends her off to visit Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ben for summer vacation, Max and her friend Linden encounter a Time and Space Machine that can carry them anywhere in the world Dare they test their fate
In Search of the Time and Space Machine Make room James Bond Max Remy is an eleven year old superspy ready for action Max may look like your typical kid but she isn t In truth she s a world class superspy involved in a dangerous mission w

  • Title: In Search of the Time and Space Machine
  • Author: Deborah Abela
  • ISBN: 9780689873577
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “In Search of the Time and Space Machine”

    1. This is junior spy stories, well written. Max life and personality has good insight on what early teenagers may experience at school and at home, especially the sense of feeling weird and inadequate. Different family portrays are showing up. The story of course is just as impossible as one could expect for the age.

    2. I actually cried when i started reading it again. like for absolutely no reason. I think i just missed it too much.

    3. I'm always reading young adult fiction to find a new good series for Django. I think this might be something he's interested in when he's 10 or 11I'm not sure. But he likes having to figure out the mystery and go on a mission or adventure, and that's what happens here.11 year old Maxine (Max) has to go spend the summer with her aunt and uncle in the country instead of in LA with her dad or NYC with her mom. She's bummed to be out in nowheresville, but she had a kid named Linden for company and s [...]

    4. This book series has a special place in my heart. I remember distinctly walking around the local library and complaining to my Mum that there was no good books. She then reached into a shelf and pulled out this one. As a closed minded eleven year old I was skeptical, but I gave it a go. Little was I to know that this would be the series to introduce me into the love of reading. In the six years after reading these books, I have collected them all and plan to pass them onto my own children in the [...]

    5. I love the Max Remy series. I think that I read the series more times than I have read Harry Potter (I have read the Harry Potter series at least 10 times). The first chapter made me questioned if I wanted to read the book but after that chapter, it gets really good. I hope that the characters and their relationships develop in the next 9 books, and maybe Max could be less pessimistic. But we'll have to see.'I recommend this book to primary school kids who love some action and comedy.Happy readi [...]

    6. This is a great, fun read which I think lots of kids my age and younger will enjoy. It's exciting while easy to follow, and has a certain sparkle to it, which you don't get in many children's books these days. I gave it three stars solely because it was perhaps a little too 'young' for me; had I read it three or four years ago, it would have been four or five stars from me. It's a book that dares to dream; it revels in the impossible and un-imaginable. It's different. It's fresh. It's fantasy - [...]

    7. -11 year old Max Remy is spending her summer with her aunt elanor & uncle Ben. She thinks they are farmers, but they are actually scientists who used to work for the British Government. She finds out that her uncle built a ‘matter transporter’ With the help of her friend Linden, a helper on the farmer, they transport themselves to London to find Ben’s brother Francis. However, once there, they find out that someone really wants their hands on the time & space machine components, Mr [...]

    8. 4.3 The books of my childhood! These books are great! They offer a complex main character who has flaws, is a tad frustrating (which makes her that bit imperfect) and a great heroine for young girls. It's every kids dream to suddenly find themselves in a world of spying and adventure and Deborah has captured the magic perfectly for young readers. Could not put it down and instantly went out and bought the rest of the series.

    9. It's been so long since I've read this book and it was so much fun to dive back into the world and read about Max's first adventure all over again! I'm reminded of how desperately I wanted Max and Linden to get together But poor Max! She's only 11 and has no idea what to do with boys! (same tbh)Anyway, I love this book. It was one of my favourites when I was a kid and I'm glad I finally own it so I can revisit the world any time I want.

    10. Nothing too special. It was an ok story and a quick read - very fast moving. It's one of those kids books that's a bit over the top in terms of technical reality - like Zac Power - where the author makes up fanciful devices like a zandoodle bangowham that can teleport people around. And it ended rather abruptly I thought - not quite deus ex machina but close. A pleasant read.

    11. Good, fun novel with enough twists and turns never to be dull reading. Inititally I did find the chapters of Max's own story about Doctor EvilBrain much more enjoyable than the story itself, but things improved once the "Scientists!" part of the story began.Will be interesting to see what the kids make of this series.

    12. I didn' think this book was very smoothly written and was rather predictable. The main character, Max, is a brat but with just cause since she is ignored by her divorced parents most of the time. It is kind of frustrating because she is writing a spy novel but never tells how the spy gets out of her dangerous situations. I'm hoping things gets better as the series progresses.

    13. When I was given this book in year 4, it was to be the beginning of a very happy relationship between myself and books. This is the first series that really got my love for books going. Thank you so much :D

    14. Confession: I only read about 2/3s then skipped to the last chapter. I didn't find it engaging enough but I do think kids would enjoy it. There is enough action without being overwhelming to keep the pages turning for those who like spy, time-travel mysteries.

    15. This series has got to have been my favorite when I was younger, and is one of those books where even though you're too old for it now, you still love them because they have a great story, is entertaining, and everything was just so cool as a kid ^^ can't wait to give these to my kids haha

    16. A delightful read for the young 'uns. Max is a great lead character who gets into lots of mischief during her adventures, and the supporting characters are also great value, especially Linden. Loved the eccentric aunt and uncle scientists. Suspect I will devour the rest in this series quickly.

    17. This book is laugh out loud funny. You will be rolling on the ground laughing in two seconds flat.

    18. I really enjoyed this book, although it was easy I loved the story and characters. I recommend this book if you enjoy adventure and a tiny bit of mystery and action.

    19. It was a cute, fast paced read that I think my daughter will enjoy when she gets a little older. It was mildly repetitive with whining but the overall story was well worth the time to read it.

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