There'll Be Blue Skies

When sixteen year old Sally is evacuated to the English south coast, she is terrified by what lies ahead of her All she knows are the sights and sounds of London s East End but Sally swallows her tears as they leave the familiar landmarks behind, knowing that she has to be a Grown Up Girl and play mother to her six year old brother Ernie Playing mother is nothing new fWhen sixteen year old Sally is evacuated to the English south coast, she is terrified by what lies ahead of her All she knows are the sights and sounds of London s East End but Sally swallows her tears as they leave the familiar landmarks behind, knowing that she has to be a Grown Up Girl and play mother to her six year old brother Ernie Playing mother is nothing new for Sally their real mother Florrie, a good time girl, hasn t even come to the station to wave them off and Ernie, crippled at an early age by polio, is used to depending on his older sister When they arrive in Cliffehaven, they re taken to live at the Beach View Boarding House where they re welcomed by the open hearted Reilly family headed up by warm, loving Peggy, and life begins to improve Sally gets a job in a uniforms factory to help pay her way and to pay for Ernie s expensive medicines but then Florrie arrives in Cliffehaven, bringing disaster with her And Sally is forced to work out where her true loyalties lie
There ll Be Blue Skies When sixteen year old Sally is evacuated to the English south coast she is terrified by what lies ahead of her All she knows are the sights and sounds of London s East End but Sally swallows her tear

  • Title: There'll Be Blue Skies
  • Author: Ellie Dean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I absolutely loved this book and managed to read it in three days. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to feel like you are a part of the story and are actually living with the characters.It didn't beat around the bush and was true to the harshness of the war without making it sugar coated like I find some books do.It was nice to have a romance and for once for it to be a second sort of storyline and not take the attention of the whole book. Overall I loved this book.Just ordered the [...]

    2. I was first introduced to Ellie Dean's Beach View Boarding House Series this past summer when I was presented with an advance reader's copy of Book #9, Sealed With A Loving Kiss, and I was immediately captivated by the endearing cast of characters as well as Dean's emotionally compelling writing style. Although it read well as a stand alone novel, I immediately knew I had to go back a begin with the first book in this series and I was not disappointed in the least! This first installment is set [...]

    3. I had high hopes for this book after numerous recommendations and it did not disappoint.Set at the beginning of World War II the story starts with 16 year old Sally and her Brother Ernie who has been left crippled by polio at an early age. They are evacuated from the slum in London's East End to Cliffehaven a fictional town on England's South Coast. Left until last to be picked by the people accommodating evacuee's probably because of Ernie's disability and threatened to be split up and Ernie pl [...]

    4. I was 5 yrs old when WWII started. Ms. Dean brought back so many memories. I was born in the suburb of Edmonton North London, I was evacuated to a small village in Bedfordshire. I was fortunate to be billeted to a good family. Ms. Dean researched well, and I thank her for portrayal of a very difficult time. The characters were very true to life, I live in the states and have done for years, I will recommend this book to my Brit friends.

    5. I loved this book, it was gripping and I found I could not put it down and it made me cry in parts - always the sign o a good book! however I did think towards the end it started to boarder on cheesy and it seemed to just end which annoyed me, though I did discover there are sequels, which I will be buying right away. Overall a really good book!

    6. Very enjoyableI think I loved this book most of all because of the interesting characters and how the story intertwined to make for a really good read. I also liked how the historical time period was written in vivid detail. I could see in my minds eye the beauty of an English seaside village and then also the horrors of war. Very well done.

    7. I really enjoyed this book, it was almost a guilty pleasure; I was not expecting to have such a positive experience reading this. I felt as though I knew the characters personally and truly cared what happened to them. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.

    8. I enjoyed this book up until the last five chapters, where it became somewhat mushy and rather lame. The ending was very disappointing in it's banality

    9. Et oui je suis enfin de retour. J'ai reçu ce livre il y a un petit moment, je me laissai de côté. Car étant une grande amatrice des lectures sur la seconde guerre mondiale, il y a des moments où j'en fais une overdose. Je voulais donc le garder pour un moment où je pourrai réellement l'apprécier. Et ce fus le cas, lorsque j'ai lu ce livre. Je ne connaissais pas du tout l'auteur auparavant, ni ses livres mais j'étais très heureuse de le découvrir. J'ai vraiment apprécié cette lecture [...]

    10. Peggy ran a lovely boarding house in the south of England before war was declared. At first the South was considered safe but now being in the path of the Germans on the way to bomb London, families had to evacuate their children. Beach View Boarding House continued to act as a billet for much needed people who were there for the war effort. Sally and her little brother Ernie were taken in by Peggy because no one wanted a child with polio. Peggy lived with her husband Jim, her FIL Ron, her two d [...]

    11. I listened to this one in the car. The book takes place in a seaside village and covers about a year in the life of Sally and her little brother Ernie during the time before and after the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. The children are evacuees from London's East End and are placed in the loving home of Peggy Reilly and her family. I liked the characters and the setting - and overall the story was a sweet little vacation for me. I really enjoyed this one and will be reading the rest in the series. [...]

    12. Brilliant story set near the beginning of WW2, was lovely getting to know Sally and her brother Ernie and journey with them to Cliffehaven. So many fun things but also challenges await. The air raids and evacuations of children were very sobering but the resilience of all the characters as they just got on with their lives was truly inspiring.

    13. J'ai beaucoup aimé l'ancrage historique de ce roman, Londres en 1939, les enfants évacués à la campagne, l'effort de guerre et la vie quotidienne malgré les bombardements allemands. C'est un autre éclairage sur cette période sombre de l'histoire.Quant aux personnages de l'histoire, je me suis très vite attachée à celui de Sally et ensuite à ceux de Peggy et toute sa famille. La pension, tenue par cette dernière, est un véritable havre de paix, d'amour et de solidarité. Un endroit o [...]

    14. Typical London evacuee trials and tribulations made good in the end type book. Enjoyed reading it. Winter afternoon by the fire feel good at the end type read.

    15. Née à Launceston, en Tasmanie, Tamara McKinley quitte très jeune son Australie natale pour la Grande-Bretagne, où elle intègre un pensionnat de jeunes filles du Sussex. Ses précédents romans, parus aux éditions de L'Archipel, ont tous été de véritables succès, depuis La dernière valse de Mathilda (2005) jusqu'à L'île aux mille couleurs, parue en 2015. Depuis 2011, sa série de la pension du Bord de Mer, qui compte déjà huit tomes, captive les Britanniques. Elle met en scène des [...]

    16. J’ai eu la surprise de recevoir il y a peu dans ma boîte aux lettres, le tout dernier roman de Tamara McKinley qui vient de paraître en France, aux Editions de L’Archipel.A la base, ce roman avait été écrit sous le pseudo d’Ellie Dean. Il s’agit d’un premier tome, d’une saga qui en compte déjà de nombreux en VO.Changement de décors, en effet, Tamara McKinley nous a habitués aux paysages sauvages de l’Australie. Ici, il n’en est rien. Nous sommes en Grande Bretagne, en 19 [...]

    17. I enjoyed the book, it was as a simple short read. The characters and story line were reminiscent of classic books.

    18. C'est le début de la seconde guerre mondiale quand Sally Turner 16 ans quitte Londres accompagné de son petit frère malade. Ils sont confiés à une famille d'accueil, qui leur offre le gîte et le couvert, mais bien plus encore. C'est une histoire ô combien émouvante, qui nous est donné ici de lire.On vit la guerre avec angoisse, douleur et urgence. Sally n'a pas connu de mère aimante et attentionnée, ou encore responsable. Cela ne l'empêche pas bien au contraire de tout donner à son [...]

    19. It is tempting to call this book "WWII Lite" as it was such an easy read, but that would not really do justice to a very good WWII book. Yes, it is a quick easy read with a "chick-lit" feel, but it also tells an interesting and educational story. And yes, there is some romance, but the romance is not the main focus of the story. The focus is on a delightful cast of characters who must endure the upheaval of the war-time evacuation of children from bomb plagued London to rural England. Sixteen ye [...]

    20. This book was like a comforting cup of hot chocolate on a winter's night while cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket around a blazing log fire! Set in the 2nd World War, it recounts the experiences of a 16 year old girl and her five year old brother (who has polio) who are sent to the seaside as refugees when their East End home becomes too dangerous to live in. Though not very nice things do happen they are never too serious or long-lasting and the feelgood factor remains high. The cast of cha [...]

    21. C'est un très beau livre sur les rapprochements qui ont pu s'opérer durant l'horreur de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale.Sally a toujours dû s'occuper de son frère et d'elle-même avec une mère qui ne l'a jamais fait. Elle est mûre pour son âge mais à la fois incertaine comme si elle se refusait le bonheur. Elle a du mal à faire confiance car sa propre mère les a laissé tombé. Elle pense que le handicap d'Ernie sera toujours un handicap à leur vie.Mais l'arrivée à Beach View dans la fam [...]

    22. I do love these war time stories! This is the first one I've read that deals with the start of the war where at first it doesn't feel like much is happening and then the bombing begins. I loved all the characters, they just all made prefer sense together. The way Sally looks out for Ernie is lovely and it's so sad that their mother can't be bothered with either of them. The family are beach house are the kind of people you would be happy to lodge with and you can tell that their house is warm an [...]

    23. 17/20En bref, j'ai apprécié la plume de l'auteur et le monde dans lequel elle nous plonge. J'ai ressenti pleinement les frissons des alarmes au bombardement, j'ai eu peur pour les personnages, j'ai aussi ri et eu des pincements au cœur en les voyant vivre certains événements. On est pleinement concentrés sur cette histoire, on oublie ce qu'il se passe autour de nous et on relâche un peu la pression une fois la dernière page tournée. Une très belle aventure familiale, qu'elle soit de sa [...]

    24. Avis en demi-teinte pour ce roman.Bien que le de début fut prometteur avec ses personnages plongés dans les prémices de la seconde guerre mondiale, les scènes un peu trop prévisibles pour ce type d'histoire, les personnages pas développés et la lenteur de certains passages m'ont fait passer les bonnes impressions du début.Je n'ai pas réussie à rentrer dans l'histoire et je me suis retrouvée bien plus agacée par cette histoire que passionnée… Petit bémol pour la lourdeur de l'écr [...]

    25. This story had potential. I'm interested in the time period and the setting, but the writing was pretty poor. It felt as though I was reading something written in a high school creative writing course. I see that it was the author's first book, so perhaps she has improved since then. I did like the characters of Peggy and Jim.

    26. Really enjoyed this book, however I felt the the tale was left unfinished as it would be nice to know what happened to the main characters as the war progress also whether Sally and John's relationship did survive the trials and tribulations of his injuries. That said it was a good read and I would recommend it.

    27. A different way of viewing life during WW2This was a good book. I'll very likely buy the next one in the series. It is about the children separated from families for their own safety. The pain felt by parents and children. It also spot lighted the way they carried on with their altered lives.

    28. Coup de coeur pour cette nouvelle saga de Tamara Mc Kinley, premier tome d'une série de 6, des personnages attachants au sein d'une pension de famille le long des côtes anglaises durant le debut de la seconde guerre mondiale. J'attends la suite avec beaucoup d'impatience !

    29. I really loved everything about this book. It was an easy read that was difficult to put down the author made you laugh and cry - signs of a brilliant book. It made you feel like part of the family. A sequel about the main characters would have been brilliant.

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