The Colour Out of Space and others

La ferme tout enti re baignait dans cette couleur m l e, inconnue et hideuse les arbres, les b timents, et m mle la verdure et l herbage qui n avaient pas compl tement tourn la fatale d sint gration dans la grisaille Les branches se tendaient toutes vers le ciel, coiff es de langues d un feu immonde, et des ruissellements chatoyants de ce m me feu monstrueux se gli La ferme tout enti re baignait dans cette couleur m l e, inconnue et hideuse les arbres, les b timents, et m mle la verdure et l herbage qui n avaient pas compl tement tourn la fatale d sint gration dans la grisaille Les branches se tendaient toutes vers le ciel, coiff es de langues d un feu immonde, et des ruissellements chatoyants de ce m me feu monstrueux se glissaient autour des poutres de fa tage de la maison, de la grange, des appentis C tait une sc ne inspir e d une vision de F ssli, et sur tout le reste r gnait cette d bauche de lumineuse inconsistance, cet arc en ciel hors du monde et hors mesure de secret poison, qui naissait du puits bouillonnant, palpant, enveloppant, s tendant, scintillant, treignant et faisant malignement des bulles dans son cosmique et inidentifiable chromatisme.
The Colour Out of Space and others La ferme tout enti re baignait dans cette couleur m l e inconnue et hideuse les arbres les b timents et m mle la verdure et l herbage qui n avaient pas compl tement tourn la fatale d sint gration d

  • Title: The Colour Out of Space and others
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft
  • ISBN: 9780318047102
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. What the actual fuck, Lovecraft. Never sleeping with the lights off again.I'm not a huge horror buff. I scare easily and the fear stays with me for a long time. I've decided to start reading though some Lovecraft because I want to be able to say I've read Lovecraft. As I was checking out at Barnes & Noble, the cashier told me I was in for a treat. Yeah. Right.This creepy story about a meteorite and the creature that came along with it is slowly terrifying in a Heart of Darkness way. The lack [...]

    2. CLASSIC Lovecraft. The Colour Out of Space, The Picture in the House, The Call of Cthulhu, Cool Air, The Whisperer in Darkness, The Terrible Old Man, The Shadow Out of Time. An amazing collection I found at my local library for 10¢.

    3. WARNING!Do not read this book at night!I repeat do not read this book at night!May cause insomnia or terrible nightmares!

    4. Just when I think I've found my favorite Lovecraft story, I'll read another and my new favorite is born. Ive watched the B-movie adaption from 1987's The Curse. For a small-budget film, that really wasn't too bad. The story was even better. Lovecraft's writing was so vibrant in this tale. It felt like I could picture the meteor hitting the farm, smell the drinking water it tainted, taste the rotten fruits and vegetables that it affected, see the crazy colours in the presence's aura, and feel the [...]

    5. One of many chilling stories of Lovecraft. Story of strange goings on."It was just a colour out of space - a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes."

    6. To quote Lovecraft himself:“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”Lovecraft's horrors were never as unknown and scary as in The Colour out of Space.

    7. I love horror. I've read much horror as a kid, book after book after book of delicious scary stories. Truth is, horror for the most part isn't scary at all. In literary form that is. When it comes to horror movies, I always chicken out or look away. It's just not my thing. Too gory, too explicit, too obvious. Plus, adaptations are nearly always pretty meagre compared to their originals. But I'm not here to talk about movies vs books, the classic argument. I'm here to talk about my obsession with [...]

    8. The cover art is reason enough to love this book!Lovecraft never wrote much more than shorts, of course, and all of us who make a living in the genre owe something to his great brief mind. Fortunately, this was the first book of Lovecraft's that I ever read and I was thoroughly introduced to the man's mind from the varied and astounding tales within.Lovecraft's weakness was "character" - and these stories are no exception. The characters each have ridiculous dialogue and forced behavior. Never l [...]

    9. Seven clustered stories including the canonical The Call of Cthulhu. The stories don't do so much for me, but the scenes - the scenes are epic. Viz:"I shall never sleep calmly again when I think of the horrors that lurk ceaselessly behind life in time and in space, and of those unhallowed blasphemies from elder stars which dream beneath the sea, known and favored by a nightmare cult ready and eager to loose them on the world whenever another earthquake shall hear their monstrous stone city again [...]

    10. One of H. P. Lovecrafts most brilliant of stories, The Colour of Space, may ultimately be his best. He certainly considered it his best. Influential--the title story has inspired such other tales as Die, Mosters, Die, The Blob and Invasion of the body snatchers. This is the true must read of his entire work.

    11. Cute little story. Reminded me of little house on the prairie. Eίχε κι ένα ελαφάκι στο πηγάδι. Τι διαβάζετε ρε τρελοκομεία;

    12. Had to read this as part of an assignment and it was my first interaction with Lovecraft. I still have mixed feelings about his writing. I enjoyed some of the stories but most of them had a tone that I didn't find suitable for my taste. One reason may be that I like a specific kind of horror and this wasn't it. As a side note, now I find it difficult to look at a slime and be okey with it. Ha. I did enjoy the writing. His characters had enough essence to be likeable and I enjoyed following them [...]

    13. 3,75 starsI do understand why Lovecraft is considered a gothic writer because he creates this uncanny ambiance in his stories that makes me feel very uneasy every time. What I liked about this story (and have liked in the two other stories that I have read by him) is the use of the themes of the unknown to "scare" the reader instead of gore. I really, really like that. It is unlike anything I have read. I do feel, however, that in this particular story like the reveal was, you know, a bit anticl [...]

    14. This is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories. Two quotes, the first near the beginning: " nothing could bribe me to drink the new city water of Arkham", then echoed near the end: " I hope the water will always be very deep - but even so, I shall never drink it" resonate. I found myself thinking of this story when the Japanese Fukushima disaster occurred; I'm sure that Lovecraft didn't have anything specifically radiation-related in mind when he wrote this, yet the idea of the radiation leaking o [...]

    15. Os acontecimentos se passam numa pequena cidade, Arkham. Tudo começa quando um meteorito cai na fazenda de Nahum, trazendo consequências inimagináveis para aqueles moradores. Lovecraf disse certa vez que "a emoção mais antiga e mais forte do homem é o medo, e o medo mais antigo e mais forte é o do desconhecido". Sem dúvida essas palavras se tornam realidade nos seus contos. Esse em especial, é extraordinário! Nos deixa apreensivos do início ao fim e causa um certo desconforto, diante [...]

    16. A quick one, mainly picked up as an introduction to H.P. Lovecraft (can you believe I have never read any Lovecraft? – Shocking, I know).This little book has 3 stories: The Colour Out of Space, The Outsider and The Hound. Very short, very easy to read and very good! The Colour Out of Space was his favourite – and I found it compelling and creepy – the story of a meteorite and how it destroys a family. I liked the way it combined science fiction and good old fashioned horror – and partly [...]

    17. When still in junior high, I was reading in the living room one night while babysitting my five-year-old brother. As usual, the parents were later than expected. I was pretty much past the stage of immediately assuming they had perished in a flaming automobile wreck, but, still, it being late, I stayed downstairs on the couch, resolved to wait for them.This collection wasn't the first thing I'd read that night--or at least "The Colour Out of Space" wasn't. Maybe I'd started with the shorter stor [...]

    18. Lovecraft ha pasado a ser uno de mis escritores favoritos de este genero, honestamente es un escritor que vale la pena leer, con el se aplica el dicho de "menos es mas" ya que no necesita de muchas paginas y de escenarios monstruosos, con fantasmas o practicas diabolicas para introducirte en sus historias cargadas de locura, horror y suspenso, una mente creativa que vale la pena conocer, claro que si van a empezar a leerlo deben iniciar con The Call of Cthulhu o At the Mountains of Madness que s [...]

    19. I loved it. Poor farmers meet an evil outer space entity and it slowly devours the spirit of a family and.well read it and find out

    20. Any natural history or antiques collector must have a favourite Lovecraft story: For the fulgurite collector, it is The Lurcking Fear; for the mirabilia collector, it is The Hound; for the collector of human skulls with pedigree, it is Ibid; and for the meteorite collector, it is The Coulour Out of Space (for the book collector, it’s a treat in most of his stories). Beware though, those are Lovecraftian objects, to handle with care. Trivia: Is this the earliest reference to the Widmanstaetten [...]

    21. Над всичко това витаеше дух на тревожно униние; долавяха се нотки на уродлива нереалност, сякаш бе изменен някакъв основен елемент от перспективата или светлосянката. ~~~Цветът му, близък до някои ивици от удивителния спектър на метеорита, не се поддавал на описание — нарек [...]

    22. Definitely not my favorite Lovecraft offering but certainly one of the creepiest. He was more vague than usual in this one and it was so dragged out that it eventually got on my nerves a little. But the concepts and dread are really top notch, so I'd still suggest it if you like Lovecraft or horror in general.

    23. Entretenido, sobre todo la historia que hace alución al tema del compendio, el color que cayó del espacio es bastante entretenido, y hace volar la imaginación.

    24. The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft is an interesting read. Leaves your mind open to the imagination of what is really happening. Frightening to say the least.

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