Waiting on Hope

Ten years ago, Lexie Dodson fled her home in rural Ohio, leaving behind a heartbroken brother and abandoning a devastated fiance While chasing her desire of a fast paced life in the city, and the obscurity of urban life, she is shaken to her very core by an act of violence that leaves her betrayed, broken, and pregnant and with nowhere to go but home Seeking refuge and fTen years ago, Lexie Dodson fled her home in rural Ohio, leaving behind a heartbroken brother and abandoning a devastated fiance While chasing her desire of a fast paced life in the city, and the obscurity of urban life, she is shaken to her very core by an act of violence that leaves her betrayed, broken, and pregnant and with nowhere to go but home Seeking refuge and facing gut wrenching decisions, she is confronted not only with the past she left behind, but also with a love that never died a love waiting for something to stoke the flames Told from the perspective of four characters, Waiting on Hope will stay with you well after the last page has been turned.
Waiting on Hope Ten years ago Lexie Dodson fled her home in rural Ohio leaving behind a heartbroken brother and abandoning a devastated fiance While chasing her desire of a fast paced life in the city and the obsc

  • Title: Waiting on Hope
  • Author: T.M. Souders
  • ISBN: 9781463721015
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Independent and driven, Lexie Dodson leaves her home in rural Ohio to pursue a photography career in Pittsburgh. She leaves behind a broken engagement to the only man she ever loved. Her family is hurt by her sudden departure.Ten years later, when tragedy rips her life apart, she returns home--broken and numb. She struggles to recover from being victimized at the hand of a man she knew.As she learns how to move beyond her pain, she must also learn how to rebuild broken relationships with her fam [...]

    2. 3 1/2 stars! I thought this was a good book about the very heartbreaking topic of rape. Not only how rape can effect the victim but also how it effects everyone that loves the victim. The only thing that held me back from a higher review was the fact that there was not that much dialogue. It was mostly internal, which the author did well, but I just prefer something with a little more interaction between characters. I often times felt myself skimming over details. Don't get me wrong it was still [...]

    3. There were many low points throughout this book but there were little miracles taking place along the way, drawing us into the heart and soul of Lexie, a young woman who was violated in the most personal and horrendous of ways. The story is a mirror of life, itself, in that these situations do occur. I really enjoyed that the characters were so real, the type I'd like to keep in touch with on a daily basis. I also enjoyed the message that we can, indeed, triumph over circumstances, regardless of [...]

    4. WOW from the first page you are dragged into the story with the main character Lexie trying to kill herself because her best friend husband raped her. Lexie then she finds out that she is pregnant and her world is rocked even more. I loved that this book is told in four POV's of Lexi,her mum,Sienna her best friend and Elliot her first love who she left ten years before. Telling the story from POV's was a great idea for the premise as it showed how every one coped and Lexie's stuggle to come to w [...]

    5. A beautiful read with rich family characters. The story develops well and the ending will make your heart sing.

    6. The characters in Waiting on hope were very realistic. Lexie was like any normal girl in her thirties. One that had a life that most would love to have. But she grew tired with that life and so she moved away from home. Not knowing that where she is happiest would soon turn into her worst nightmare when she is viciously attacked.It takes Lexie a lot of time to come to terms with what happened to her. I think finding her place back home was the push she needed to survive such a horrific event. Th [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I had a few trepidations going into it, as it’s about rape and I tend to shy away from novels of this topic, but I was very thankful to find that Souder’s chose to pick up the story after the fact, instead of forcing the reader to live through it in vivid prose. Had Souders chose the latter, I really don’t think I could have read it as it’s just not something I handle very well. Now, Souders does eventually have Lexie face what happened, as she should, but Sou [...]

    8. WAITING ON HOPE by T.M. Souders tackles an extremely challenging topic and wraps it in a romance. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, one that shows how violence can tear a life to shreds, but also how, with time, love, and support, people can heal. After ten years as a successful photographer living in Pittsburgh, Lexie Dodson’s life is torn apart by violence. It’s a personal, ugly violence committed by a man she knew. It renders her speechless: she can’t confide in her best friend, Sien [...]

    9. Still not tired after a full day of chores and work and with nothing interesting on television I decided to read a few pages of “Waiting on Hope” by T. M. Sounders. The few pages turned into the entire book as I fought sleep to discover what would happen to Lexie the main character.This is the story of a young lady who was raped by her best friend’s husband. This is the story about suicide, about abuse, about true love more importantly this is an excellent story about life and second chanc [...]

    10. Waiting on Hope is an excellent depiction of one woman's struggle to rebuild her life after a horrifying, violent assault that has long-reaching implications. The main character, Lexie Dodson, becomes suicidal after a violent rape that occurs in her apartment, perpetrated by someone she knew and trusted. Lexie is a likable character and Souders does a terrific job drawing the reader into the her psyche, displaying a deep understanding of the issues facing a woman after such a horrendous event an [...]

    11. Lexie left her home in rural Ohio to come to Pittsburgh to find a better life. Afraid that her life was playing itself out before her eyes, she needed to get away and find herself. Now, ten years later, events unfold that send her running back to that small Ohio farm she once called home.Forced to rekindle relationships she had once left behind, Lexie is met with a combination of joy, trepidation and anger. The broken shell that was Lexie must find a way to cope with her rape, her pregnancy and [...]

    12. While reading "Waiting on Hope," all I was thinking was that I was waiting for it to end. The premise was interesting, the story was not. Perhaps it would have been better being told in third person. Being inside Lexie's head was unbelievably painful. And while I appreciate Souders look into the thoughts and emotions of a rape victim - it got old very quickly. There was little growth and when it did come it was convenient and too late. Character development in the story was non-existent (with th [...]

    13. 3.75 to be exact. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure that "pleasant" is the correct word considering the subject matter. Lexie fled her small town 10 years ago and has rarely been back. Not only did she leave family behind, she left a fiance. Her brother has never forgiven her. After being raped, Lexie can't get back to that small town, and home, fast enough. There are plenty of emotions and issues to work through. Circumstances of Lexie [...]

    14. This book is similar to another book I read by Norma Budden but different in outcome and basis of faith.I guess the best genre I can think of this is Family Drama.Alexis, known to friends and family as Lexie, has a secret she can't even reveal to her best friend Sienna. It is too terrible to tell anyone. So she returns to her hometown that she left a decade earlier in hopes of gaining some perspective. What she finds is that her past decisions are blocking her path. Will all her previous trouble [...]

    15. Lexi Dodson is a woman who has bowed to one of the worst betrayals a woman can have forced on her, but she deals with the consequences, fights her way through her pain and triumphs. The book gripped me from the first page and held me to the wonderful ending. I could relate with them in their pain, their anger, their hope and their love. This book deals with a topic that is not easy to discuss, often is never brought out into the open and without loving support and hope, scars the victim for life [...]

    16. Loved it! I found myself engrossed in this story. Maybe it was the fact that Ms. Souders touched on a subject that few can write about well, or maybe it was just the story itself, but no matter what, I enjoyed it. Ms. Souders wrote about a subject that is very tough for people to discuss. Her ability to write it using real life emotions and depicting it in such a way that it appeared completely real, was excellent. The characters were deep, giving you a great base for who they were and what they [...]

    17. I'm a little surprised that this book has so many fantastic reviews. It's okay, a little slow, but I really didn't think it was anything special. I found the main character to be overly dramatic. Yes, she experienced a traumatic event, but her whole life shows a pattern terrible decisions and an inability to accept responsibility for anything. For a girl who wanted to be "big city independent" she sure had a lot of growing up to do. And really, if you love your fiance, and she leaves without so [...]

    18. I LOVED this book. I was pulled in, my heart was broken, put back together, pulled, tugged, punched, stitched, and beating in the end on a happy note. Just fabulous. I saw a review saying this book was a bit predictable. I guess if you have been raped, impregnated, your love life devastated, your work life destroyed, your friendships changed, your family damaged then yes I am sure it could be predictable. To those who haven't lived that life, not predictable at all.

    19. I enjoyed the story, and the main character's internal life after her rape was very affecting. The plot moved quickly and kept my interest; however, I found the grammatical errors ("him and Phillip became close"), misspellings ("shuttered" instead of "shuddered") and incorrect word usage extremely distracting. (I read the Kindle edition; I don't know if this is an issue in the paperback).

    20. I enjoyed reading this book. I thought the characters were believable and the story line was interesting without being predictable. It also covered well the feelings of what a rape victim might go through. I quickly got into this story and could not put it down. I really believed it. I would willingly pick up another book by this author!

    21. The emotion and angst was very well done but a predictable and rushed ending took away a lot from this book. The editing was also nonexistent with tons on random punctuation and misused words. I should mention for my romance-reading friends, this is not a romance. It is women's fiction with a small romantic element.

    22. Waiting on Hope is a good story. Although I was familiar with victims of violence, I wasn't very educated on some of the thinking processes that the victim goes through. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it. This is not a "run of the mill" love story.

    23. I found the characters engaging up to a point, but overall felt disappointed by this book. The plot was resolved very predictably (who all called the baby's name ahead of time?) and the metaphors (pregnant horse??) were awfully heavy-handed.

    24. Pretty good book. Wasn't sure about it, but I actually enjoyed it. The author's description of what the main character was going through was heart wrenching at times, even thought the other story lines may have been somewhat predictable.

    25. This was such a good book about a woman dealing with a horrific rape, going home facing her family and ex fiance. So many emotions, told from the view of several of the main characters, all of which were interesting and vital to the story. loved it, thought it was very well written.

    26. Finding your way after being brutalized is one of the themes in this griping book. Love endures throughout this book.

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