Hazel Creek

In the Hazel Creek Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains, Nathan and Callie Randolph, with their five unique daughters, wrestle to maintain their farm, forests, family, and faith against an unforgiving wilderness An evil lumber company manager is seeking by every means possible to pilfer their land and clear cut their virgin forest A cast of colorful characters, includingIn the Hazel Creek Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains, Nathan and Callie Randolph, with their five unique daughters, wrestle to maintain their farm, forests, family, and faith against an unforgiving wilderness An evil lumber company manager is seeking by every means possible to pilfer their land and clear cut their virgin forest A cast of colorful characters, including a menacing stranger, gypsy siblings, a granny midwife, and a world famous writer even a flesh and blood Haint collide in a gripping struggle of good and evil amid eruptions of violence and tragedy Our heroine, fifteen year old Abbie Randolph, has to help save her family s farm and raise her sisters while preserving her faith This important story, based on almost ten years of research and four years of living in the area, captures the speech, ways, and beliefs of these unique pioneers at a crucial and irreversible turning point in this Smoky Mountains community of the Southern Appalachians With the march of the industrial age, especially commercial lumbering, the traditional life and ways of our southern highlanders in general, and the Randolphs in particular, were about to change forever.
Hazel Creek In the Hazel Creek Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains Nathan and Callie Randolph with their five unique daughters wrestle to maintain their farm forests family and faith against an unforgiving

  • Title: Hazel Creek
  • Author: Walt Larimore
  • ISBN: 9781439141823
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. “Hazel Creek” by Walt Larimore, published by Howard Books.Category – Fiction/LiteratureDid you ever want to read a book that you can just sit down and enjoy, one that deals with old time traditions and values? How about one that is family and Christian based? How about one that has minimum violence and no sexual content? If you would like to read a book with those characteristics, read “Hazel Creek”.A story that takes place in the Smoky Mountains between 1924 and 1925. An era that saw [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsThe main reason that I wanted to read this book was the setting, the 1920s Smoky Mountains. I'd say that in this facet, the book didn't disappoint. I did enjoy the setting, but the story wasn't really a hit for me. There were some extremely sad aspects that just weren't for me, personally.The heroine is very young, which reads a little differently than what I was expecting. She's young and she acts young. In a way, it's sweet, but in other ways it's a little slow. I really liked her rel [...]

    3. I new when I stumbled upon Hazel Creek by Walt Larimore on I instantly had to have it and the conclusion Sugar Fork. It's really hard to find "mountain literature" that is tangled with this much hope and encouragement at the fore front. For me it was truly memorable. The Randolph family is gripped with mountain superstition and tradition but grounded in faith in the one true strong hold that will never fail, Jesus. This book is filled with lively characters and adventure abounds; but inevitably [...]

    4. Many of the endorsements for “Hazel Creek” said this novel was much the same as the infamous “Christy” novels and while I never read “Christy”, only saw the movie, I can say I add my agreement to theirs.Set in the back hills, the story has all the intricacies of how the people thought, talked and lived their lives. Tension and drama crowd the pages, but what I loved most about the story is how I as a reader, got to taste and experience these characters’ lives. Their struggles and d [...]

    5. A very folksy accountOf a young girl and her foray, at age 15, into what the early 20th century Smokey Mountains called adulthood, for young women. The descriptions of the landscape are beautiful and transported me to Hazel Creek. Character development was good but dialogue was average. There was too much “thinking” and not enough interaction, for me. This was not a happy go lucky book. Much conflict was investigated and resolved through faith, family and good old mountain ingenuity. This is [...]

    6. I listened to this in audiobook form while taking a short vacation. I appreciated the well-developed cast of characters and the diverse personalities of each of the sisters. I grew up near the mountains (though compared to the characters in the book I’m a regular townie) and the setting was familiar and comforting. However, not much happens in the book. The reason I say that is because how the book sets itself up in the prologue (a 100 year old woman reflecting on her life and the seizure of h [...]

    7. Review cross-posted on my blogHave you ever read a novel that contains that “special something” for you? That something that draws you in and won’t let go? It’s a something that’s difficult to put your finger on, but it’s there. That’s what Hazel Creek did to me. I’m not sure if it was the protagonist, Abbie Randolph, and how she made me think of my Grandma who grew up in the WV hills; or if it was the setting, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is where hubby and I spent our [...]

    8. Hazel Creek back in 1924 was what small mountain towns should be. Where people respected the land around them, and found value in family, friends, and God. Scattered around the outskirts of a larger town, owned predominantly by the Calhoun Lumber Company. There goal since convincing the railroad line to come through town was to clear cut most of the virgin forest owned forever by the mountain people in the Southern Appalachians. If people didn't want to sell, the company found ways to obtain the [...]

    9. I love books like this, they always make me think of a favorite movie. These stories are told as the reminiscences of an elderly woman. Mrs Abbie. In the stories we learn of the life of Abbie Randolph a young woman who grew up in the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains. As hill folk, her family is leery of outsiders and lowlanders, and especially her father is leery of the logging company who is trying to force him to sell their land. And with good reason when they bring in a man who tries his be [...]

    10. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the 4 books I have read by Walt Larrimore. Once again this one was set in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I have a personal interest in the setting of his novels because my husband spent most of his childhood living on a farm on a mountain in East Tennessee---a short distance from the setting of this book. Walt Larimore does an outstanding job of portraying both the people and traditions from this part of the country. I agree with the the reviewer's commen [...]

    11. Reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder's writing style in Little House on the Prairie, this snapshot of mountain folk, gypsies, and the Great Smoky Mountains quickly draws a reader in. This tale takes place during the Roaring Twenties. The only things that roar in the Smokies are cougars and rifles. Abbie Randolf is forced to grow up quickly and rely on "that ole time religion" when the new age of industry begins to threaten the family farm and their very lives. It is obvious the author did a lot o [...]

    12. This terrific story of a family in the Smoky Mountains will make you feel like you made new friends to keep for life. You'll fall in love with Nathan, Callie, and their five daughters, especially Abbie, whose courage, faith, and love of family strengthen and inspire those around her. Full of adventure and even some romance, Walt's book paints a picture of wholesome living in the midst of struggles. I give it five stars and can't wait for the sequel!

    13. For anyone who loves the Smokey Mountain or stories about the folk who fought a hard living to live and survive in their beauty, Hazel Creek was a wonderful story. The endurance that people must have to live life was very evident not only in the hardships they faced but in the joy from the fuits of their labors was a reminder that hope abounds even in the darkest of times as well as in the celebration of the beauty around them. A must read!!

    14. I loved this book. Author Walt Larrimore was a doctor first, in a small town not far from Hazel Creek. His earlier books were full of funny, and sometimes poignent, experiences from that time. His compassion--his "bedside manner"--shines through in his treatment of the characters in Hazel Creek, his first novel. You care about these people. And you care about the things, both tragic and triumphant, that happen to them. It's a good story, well told.

    15. I enjoyed Hazel Creek even more than I had expected. It was a compelling, feel-good story of life in the Smoky Mountains in the early 1900s. The story introduced some very likable characters and taught me a lot about folk traditions, both of the mountains and of Russia. I look forward to continuing the saga in Sugar Fork.

    16. I have really enjoyed Larimore's previous books. This one is moving awfully slowly. It's an interesting story of a family living in the North Carolina mountains, but there is way more detail to the daily lives than I like. It did get easier to read as the story developed.

    17. I enjoyed the author's Bryson City books and I also enjoyed reading this one. Abbie remembers growing up in the Smokey Mountains in the 20's: the rewards and the trials.

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