1 thought on “The I Love You More Book”

  1. I would give it a 4 for the artwork and a 2 for the story. The rhyme schemes were very forced and it made the flow of the story quite rough. It would have been better to simplify the vocabulary and focus on the word flow allowing for a rhythmic feel rather than forcing such lines as "The butterfly said she loved him more than infinity,Then flew in a circle and said, "It's got to be."

  2. I received a free copy of this book during a First Reads giveaway. The I Love You more book is a sweet story of love between two friends, a bull and a butterfly. Lyrical and rhythmic, the words have an uplifting quality. As they compete to see who loves the other more, they learn that their love for each other has no limits. This is a children's book, but can cross boundaries of all ages.

  3. Loved this.The rhythm is great and the pictures are detailed and interesting enough to keep any child from turning the page before the adult is ready.

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