True Grime

Grime cop and teen fairy Pepper Powder lives for one thing protecting the human species from magical zealots who seek to eradicate them with Violent Illness of Unusual Resistance and Strength humans call them viruses, but their mistake is understandable The very young often get their words wrong When a terrorist leader releases a necrophage bomb, it not only decimaGrime cop and teen fairy Pepper Powder lives for one thing protecting the human species from magical zealots who seek to eradicate them with Violent Illness of Unusual Resistance and Strength humans call them viruses, but their mistake is understandable The very young often get their words wrong When a terrorist leader releases a necrophage bomb, it not only decimates Grime headquarters, it turns Pepper into the magical world s first fairy amputee but she s not going to let a little thing like a missing leg stop her To catch her criminal, and prevent him from unleashing a VIURS in one of the human world s biggest shopping centers, West Edmonton Mall, she goes undercover as a human But once Pepper s theories of humanity collide with the reality of bullies, cliques, and environmental destruction, will she still believe humanity s worth saving
True Grime Grime cop and teen fairy Pepper Powder lives for one thing protecting the human species from magical zealots who seek to eradicate them with Violent Illness of Unusual Resistance and Strength humans c

  • Title: True Grime
  • Author: Natasha Deen
  • ISBN: 9780986741913
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. My review:True Grime was definitely a fun book to read. Natasha Deen has created a wonderful world with fairies going undercover in the human world which creates quite funny situations in the book. Natasha Deen has incredible amount of fantasy as a writer and it kept surprising me through the whole book. She has an excellent imagination! I was stunned how creative and fanciful the story was. The gadgets and widgets of the fairy world were almost described like in sci-fi books, the twists and tur [...]

    2. So this is fantasy book about faeries and all kinds of magical creatures. Usually I don't read those kind of books but at the moment I’m actually reading two. Well technically one because I just finished this one, but it's this one and The Iron King By: Julie Kagawa and I absolutely love it but that is not what this review is about! This review is about the fantabulous book True Grime By: Natasha Deen!Like I said I didn't know if I was going to like it and the first couple chapters were a bit [...]

    3. I seriously have to talk about this book. Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself,"Wow, the things that go on in this authors mind must be insane?"OR maybe you find yourself thinking,"Do they know something we don't know?"Well, those are just a few thoughts that crossed my mind while reading this book. However, after I finished I think I had even more questions in my head than were there when I began.Like, what is the ocean made up of?Do you think thunderstorms are a product of us piss [...]

    4. Short synopsis:Pepper Powder and Harley Hands, two hard-boiled magical cops, live for the chance to put the fairy terrorists intent on wiping out humanity behind bars. But when a particularly evil fairy named von Beulow (aka Twilight Twinkle) busts out of jail intent on unleashing a deadly virus upon the world, Pepper faces her toughest assignment yet – going undercover as a human teenager and coming to terms with her feelings for Harley.The long version:From the synopsis above, you can get a [...]

    5. Pepper Powder Puff and her partner Harley Hands were fairy cops in training. They were junior members of the True Grime squad. An elite team utilized to keep the evil villains from spreading Violent Illness of Unusual Strength and Resistance (viruses) to humanity. When the biggest and meanest of the baddies breaks out of the Menacer’s Asylum, our dynamic duo are unleashed on Twilight Twinkle aka Claude Von Beulow. Passing as a human high schooler isn’t the easiest transition for our rough an [...]

    6. True Grime, by Natasha DeenThe human world is in peril. Fairy-gone-bad Claude Von Beulow, a crack chemist and convicted killer, has escaped from the magical world’s Menacres Asylum for the Criminally Insane. A cold-blooded human-hater, Von Beulow is bent on revenge. He wants to wipe out humanity and start a war in the magical world. Von Beulow already has an impressive track record – he was responsible for creating and unleashing the polio and small pox viruses. What will he do this time?Pep [...]

    7. livetoread-krystalTrue Grime concerns the duo, Pepper and Harley, as they attempt to prevent the fairies from doing further damage to humans; their task force is called True Grime. Claude is the antagonist. He is portrayed as truly evil-no conscience, no compassion, etc Pepper and Harley are sent to stop Claude in his murderous tracks. The story takes off from there.The characters overall were fun to get to know. Pepper's reactions to the human world were amusing as she had never really experien [...]

    8. Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia.First Sentence:In The City, crime never slept.I tend to either love or hate books with faeries, with no room for a middle ground feeling concerning them. True Grime hit the nail on the head with an original take on faeries, having them be protectors of the human race with the bonus of including some pretty funny bantering between Pepper and Harley (partners as Grime cops). True Grime is the first book I have read were the faeries are th [...]

    9. Fairy-cops, universe straddlers, and necrophages are just a few of the fantastical creations you'll run into in this unique and gritty detective story. Natasha Deen introduces a very unique world at a great pace as the plot pulls you in. She manages to strike the right balance between pulling rabbits out of a hat (with magical elements) and info-dumping (with too much ranting about the rules of magic). She tells you enough that your curiosity is sated but you still want to turn the page. I was t [...]

    10. Where do I even start? This book was so much fun to read! The first best part was the setting. Not only is the book set in Canada (so much easier for a Canadian reader to visualize) but it is set in Edmonton, Alberta!! Yay!! For those of you not in the know, I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta which is about a two minute drive to the outskirts of Edmonton. I loved reading about places I know so well. West Edmonton Mall - I go there (when I have to). Hawrelak Park, Terwillegar: I know them. How Edmo [...]

    11. True Grime is such an original read with colorful, smart and truly out of this world characters. You'll meet Pepper Powder, fairy, Grime cop and everyday superhero whose mission is to protect the vulnerable and save humanity, even though she's not even human. Don't let her fluffy name fool you, underneath she's all steel and sass. Pepper is the kind of superhero I admire most because despite her extraordinary work, she is vulnerable. Having lost her father to violence at a young age, Pepper has [...]

    12. True Grime by Natasha Deen finds teen fairy Pepper Powder sent undercover in the human world. And what might have happened to cause this? Well, she's a good Grime cop, that's for sure. She and her senior partner Harley Hands make a great team, which is another plus. But what really sets it all in motion is when terrorist leader Claude Von Beulow escapes and releases a necrophage bomb that not only decimates Grime headquarters, it leaves Pepper as the first fairy amputee. Pepper, Harley, and the [...]

    13. Review by Stephanie O: What do you get when you take Crime add some Fairies? True Grime, that’s what. Pepper Polly Pebble Petunia Power-Puff, yep that’s her name . . and fighting Grime, well that’s what she was born to do. By the book type of gal and always uptight. Secretly crushing on her partner, she wouldn’t know how to flirt with him to save her life . . honestly. This book is packed full with imagination. True Grime is the task force of fairies, put together to protect us silly lit [...]

    14. I have had the good fortune to have interviewed Natasha Deen on a few different occasions on The-GZONE, my blogtalk radio show. She is a blast; please go back to the interviews and get a feel for this fun, energetic author. She infuses this story with plenty of eye wink-wink fun, merriment and tongue in cheek craziness. Her plotline is unique, the narrative right on the mark, and the prose is just too much. If you have not yet had the chance to read one of her stories, please take the time and g [...]

    15. My Opinion:Some of you may know how much I adored What Happens In Vegas by Natasha. I was more then happy when she asked me to review her new book True Grime.True Grime is about Pepper and her partner Harley and how they have to keep the fairies from harming humans. They are part of a task force called True Grime. They get assigned to find one of them most dangerous criminals Claude and have to stop his evil plan of killing humans. They have to go undercover as teenagers to track down Claude. Yo [...]

    16. I completely enjoyed this book! Pepper is a Grime officer. She has one goal in her ferry existence, to protect humans. She and her partner go undercover to stop an escaped convict from dooming the human race. They become teenagers in a Canadian high school and learn a lot about human adolescence. Will they be able to stop the attack or just become pawns in a bigger strategy?I loved Pepper! She is a strong, no nonsense type of girl and very caring at the same time. The fact that they had to integ [...]

    17. True Grime is a YA fantasy story of Grime cop and fairy Pepper and her partner Harley who's assignments are to protect humans from terrorists out to destroy them. Pepper is a feisty fairy who does not always conform to the rules but her priority is to her job and her partner and she will do what it takes to protect the humans. A blend of fantasy and mystery which makes the book interesting to read. In the story, the author has interjected a lot of truths to the 'human personality' and how the hu [...]

    18. Since I have read ALL of Natasha's work and I am a big fan I have to tell you this was a another well written book. I have never been to into Fantasy type books but this one had me from the beginning and I could not put it down. I think what I loved so much about this book was I like Faeries and the way Natasha describes each kind of them in this book really had me drawn in wanting to know more. I felt soo bad when Pepper lost her leg , you will have to read to find out what happened that made h [...]

    19. True Grime is a really fun read. Natasha Deen has created a giggle inducing romp, written in her own quirky style. Pepper is a teen fairy cop and along with her partner Harley, she goes undercover to stop a dangerous escapee criminal from destroying humanity with Violent Illnesses of Unusual Resistance and Strength or as we humans call them viruses. Deen plays with fairy lore, alliteration and even acronyms in a way that will make you just grin and shake your head. I think my favorite part was a [...]

    20. This book was a humorous blend of both fantasy and mystery. The character of Pepper was one easy to love, and the comedy based off of our humanity was spot on. The storyline was interesting, and kept me compelled, and it fit with all the characters.The book seemed to, beneath the surface, make a lot of statements about us as humans, and I felt that was one of the writer's strengths.There was some strong language and adult situations such as violence so I'd recommend it for older teens, but even [...]

    21. cute really interesting and unique can't really think of much else to say about it. worth the read if you're ya geared.

    22. This book was so much fun to read, it was witty and so funny. Another great think about this book is that it takes place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.I received this book thanks to GoodReads and Deen. Thank you.

    23. Pepper was a very interesting character. She was fiesty, funny, and strong with great chemistry with her partner Harley. This book is very creative and has a lot of real messages in it. I will be watching for the next in this series.

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