Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One

Penelope and her Aunt Isabel make up an exciting bedtime story about the adventures of Prince Augustus and Lady Penelope.
Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One Penelope and her Aunt Isabel make up an exciting bedtime story about the adventures of Prince Augustus and Lady Penelope

  • Title: Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One
  • Author: Kate Duke
  • ISBN: 9780140505344
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One”

    1. I got this book at a garage sale when I was 5 years old for a quarter. Since then, it has been my favorite picture book. The review here somewhat disappoint me though, as no one has really adequately communicated that this book is truly fantastic. It's not fantastic because it tells what goes into a great story (although it does), it is fantastic because it is itself a great story. I'm sure it's good for teaching, but independent of that it is such an endearing and captivating tale. It is much m [...]

    2. The story checks many boxes that I like to see addressed in stories I read to my nearly 3 year old daughter, but in checking so many boxes, it ends up feeling like a todo list. I will continue reading her stories such as this, but I hope to find some that feel like they exist because they are inspired, and not because the boxes needed to be checked.Courageous, clever heroine? Check. Intelligent, nurturing, adult female character? Check. Bechdel Test? Check. Character for self-identification for [...]

    3. This was recommended by amightygirl and I'm always looking for books that will have a positive influence on Sophie and Annabelle's lives. I can't wait to read this one to Sophie! It's a story within a story as Penelope's Aunt Isabel not only tells a good one, but explains every step of her story-creating process. The heroine of Aunt Isabel's story, Lady Nell, is also a terrific heroine - smart as a whip and fearless. And finally, the illustrations are super - colorful, whimsical, and charming. A [...]

    4. Aunt Isabel tells her niece, Penelope, a bedtime story. While they make up the story together, the reader is introduced to some basic concepts of storytelling: you need a Who and a Where and some sort of Problem. Villains and Danger can make a story more interesting. And after a story is finished, you can still keep going because you can always add more!It's a little long - probably better for 4+.

    5. This is such a great book, every time I read it. For all of the people looking for wonderfully complimentary illustrations, they're here. For everyone looking for a basic understanding of how to build a story, it's here. For those searching for a great leading heroine, here she is. And for everyone else that just wants a great story to read to yourself or the kids around you that want to be entertained, read this. It's absolutely worth it.

    6. An interesting plot device - an aunt and her niece work together to come up with a story. Through the tale, we're drawn back to the fact that it's being made up by these two. I like how the aunt outlines the things a good story needs: Who, Where, Romance, a Problem, a little Danger.Cute illustrations.

    7. Instead of just telling a story, Aunt Isabel sets out to explain HOW she tells a story, as she does it. And she does, fairly competently (and without sounding too didactic, something which always turns me off a book), but the result is that this is a fairly wordy book, save it for the older end of the 4 - 8 age range.

    8. I bought this book about 25 years ago. It is such a sweet story. I've used it in my creative writing class to show what a child's story should be. The ingredients according to this book are: a when and a where, but not too scary, with something cheerful, a who, and a problem. The illustrations are delightful and I love that there is a strong female lead.

    9. This book is very creative. I love the way it is structured so that the child who is being told the story is an active participant in creating it. I can see teachers in primary school using this story in the classroom to teach children about the structure of narratives.

    10. Another example of metafiction—a picture book about some aspect of picture books—that gives a very basic lesson on narrative structure, especially on the need for struggle so that the happy ending feels emotionally satisfying for a reader/listener.

    11. I love this book. Penelope and her grandmother are charming. The illustrations are delightful. Grandmother builds a lovely adventure story with Penelope's help. Works nicely as a writing prompt or key to how stories work.

    12. My niece and I really enjoyed this story and the illustrations were very nice. It's a rather simple story but she enjoyed it all the same.

    13. I read this to my two year old son last night. I don't know about him, but I really enjoyed this little story! Cute, imaginative, one Aunt makes up a story with the help of her young niece.

    14. Aunt Isabel Tells a Good OneDuke, Katea little girls aunt tells a story to r as she is getting ready to bed

    15. introduces setting, characters, problem, building suspense/danger,s solution--all with a strong female protagonist.

    16. Charming little book. All the right ingredients. Great for teaching the storytelling side of the writing process.

    17. A great picture book that can be used to teach any age student the elements of a good story: setting (time and place), character traits, plot, conflict, etc.

    18. Another picture book I couldn't let go of when Sara got "too old" for picture books. Great story, fiesty heroine.

    19. This book is so clever and creative. I bought it to read to my future niece/nephew and gave it to my sister for her book themed baby shower.

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