Joy Takes Flight

Kate Evans and Paul Anderson are finally married, settling in, and starting a family They rejoice when Kate finds she is pregnant, but soon it is clear that there are hurdles ahead Should she continue in her dangerous profession as an Alaskan bush pilot Can she really fall into the role of a wife Then tragedy strikes, life begins to unravel, and Kate fears she may haveKate Evans and Paul Anderson are finally married, settling in, and starting a family They rejoice when Kate finds she is pregnant, but soon it is clear that there are hurdles ahead Should she continue in her dangerous profession as an Alaskan bush pilot Can she really fall into the role of a wife Then tragedy strikes, life begins to unravel, and Kate fears she may have lost Paul for good Chock full of high flying adventure, romance, and the drama of life, Joy Takes Flight is the exciting conclusion to Bonnie Leon s Alaskan Skies series.
Joy Takes Flight Kate Evans and Paul Anderson are finally married settling in and starting a family They rejoice when Kate finds she is pregnant but soon it is clear that there are hurdles ahead Should she continue

  • Title: Joy Takes Flight
  • Author: Bonnie Leon
  • ISBN: 9780800733612
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Joy Takes Flight is a gripping story filled with adventure and excitement, but it also shows wonderful character development for both Kate and Paul as married life forces them to stretch. Those who have enjoyed the first two books in this series (and they DO have to be read in order) will love watching the sub-plots come to satisfying - although never easy - conclusions. I highly recommend this series.

    2. Joy Takes Flight by Bonnie Leon Here’s another good book in the Alaska Skies series by Bonnie Leon. Bonnie brings reality to the airplane cockpit flying in and out of the primitive frozen Alaska runways .You hear the crunch and feel every bump as the wheels touch down or prepare for takeoff. The author brings readers to the skies and into the frigid valleys of Alaska but Bonnie Leon doesn’t live in there, and she’s not a pilot.How does an author write effectively from a location where she [...]

    3. Title: JOY TAKES FLIGHTAuthor: Bonnie LeonPublisher: RevellJuly 2012ISBN: 978-0-8007-3361-2Genre: historicalKate Evans is finally marrying Paul Anderson. And even though the wedding is everything she dreamed of, and more, reality starts to intrude on the holidays. Kate wants to remain independent, to do what she did before marriage, live where she lived, and fly. She doesn’t want to be a submissive little wife with no life other than Mrs. Paul Anderson. And she begins to get irritated when peo [...]

    4. Kate believes she’s living her dream when she and Dr. Paul Anderson marry. After all of the hurdles their relationship faced, now life promises smooth sailing. But some promises can be misleading. Kate visualizes her life as an Alaskan bush pilot continuing without a hitch. Unfortunately, Paul has other ideas, especially after they learn they are expecting a child. Demons from his past haunt him, and Kate is unable to break through the barriers he’s erected around himself. She wants one thi [...]

    5. Kate, a bush pilot in Alaska, has forged her position in an area where men pilots dominate. Before Kate and Paul, a medical doctor, marry he promises her she can continue her role as pilot. When a doctor is needed in any part of Alaska, she flies and he is the doctor she takes to where ever the need awaits. When tragedy hits the newlyweds, Paul blames himself. His brother calls him that their mother is near death and Paul returns to his former home in San Francisco. Kate, impatient that Paul has [...]

    6. The poignant story of a female bush pilot in Alaska in the late 1930s as she tries to adjust to marriage to a bush doctor while continuing to fly. They face together the usual newlywed conflicts, then heartbreaking grief. Inherent in their work and even daily living in the Alaskan wilderness is danger on many sides. Action packed plot with likeable characters. This is the third in the Alaskan Skies series, and while it was fine as a stand-alone, I regretted not knowing more of the backstory on t [...]

    7. I enjoyed Joy Takes Flight by Bonnie Leon. It's rare to read a book about a married couple, but I found the story intriguing. I really gave it 3.5 stars but didn't know how to show the 1/2! I am a tough reviewer and this was a heartwarming story about characters I cared about. But I thought the tension sometimes eased too much. But all in all I like it and I think the author is a NEAT woman!I interviewed her on my blog and she told an amazing story about her Aleut grandmother. If you're interest [...]

    8. I loved Paul and Kate's story so much I was really sad that this book is the conclusionI feel disappointed because some questions were left unanswered they ever have a baby? Do they sell the house in San Francisco? Does Kate ever meet his family? I need another book Bonnie! please?!

    9. I loved Joy Takes Flight. A very emotional read and some tragedy that brought me to tears. More bush pilot adventures with Kate in AlaskaI wish there were more to comehint. LOLGreat read. Highly recommend for readers who love adventure, romance, Alaska and bush pilots!!Jan

    10. I had been impatiently waiting for this conclusion to the trilogy, but was unfortunately disappointed. It was not as good as the first two. It was kind of slow and predictable. There were a couple shocking moments in the plot, but not enough to sustain my interest.

    11. Loved it. I really enjoyed how Bonnie explored the deeper issues in her characters. Each of her leads had to work through their own issues, but came around to supporting the other. I very much enjoyed the piloting exploits in all three books. Thank you, Bonnie.

    12. This is the third book in Bonnie's series, but works well as a stand alone too. There is always danger and adventure where Kate is! She has a skiing accident, fights a killer while flying her plane among the tastier bits in this tale. Fantastic read.

    13. Another emotional journey!What a wonderful emotional journey! I cried several times while reading, thinking about my own mother and my own faith in God's sovereignty!! I look forward to reading more of Bonnie books!

    14. Super awesome ending to a great trilogy! Wow! This book was a great read. The whole story itself was a lot like a thrilling plane ride with ups and downs, sudden banking turns, heart thumping unexpected drops and tears of course. Wow. Only one thing that I had a thought about: in real life, when people share their thoughts and feelings with one another, there's generally not so much of an accepting kind of atmosphere between people. Or, most people are really aloof and not so engaged with sharin [...]

    15. As the book opens, Kate Evans, a bush pilot in 1938 Alaska, is about to marry Paul Anderson, frontier doctor. The newlyweds discover several issues they must deal with. Paul has a past he’s reluctant to talk about (responsibility for his first wife’s death), and Kate struggles with Paul’s and society’s expectations of a female pilot. Her boss is extra tough on her, and she chafes at Paul’s wanting her to take fewer risks, especially after a convict attacks his guard during one of her f [...]

    16. A friend got it from tne library and handed it to me because it was about Alaska, so I had to read it fast to return it on time. Too much contrived drama. In the first place people don't take joy rides in dories down the Susitna River and across to Anchorage because the tides are so fickle, then to fall out of the boat trying to start it? I think not. You are hanging on the starter cord for crying out loud! Then she falls out of the dog sled when it turns over and loses her baby because of it. H [...]

    17. Kate Evans, an Alaskan bush pilot, is living her dream, marrying the man she loves, Dr. Paul Anderson. They’ve been through a lot and survived, so it should be easy going from now on…or so she thinks. Kate and Paul are thrilled to discover Kate is pregnant. Demons from Paul’s past surfer, disrupting their lives. Kate wants one thing and Paul another. It doesn’t take long for their lives to start to unravel, Kate fears she’ll lose the man she loves. JOY TAKE FLIGHT by BONNIE LEON is fil [...]

    18. Joy Takes Flight is the last book of the series. This last book picks up another few months down the road from the second book. The year is 1938 and Kate is entering into uncharted waters trying to maintain her freedom of flying the open skies while balancing marriage and other aspects of wedded bliss. How will her choices affect her and those she loves? Adventures awaits around every corner in this last book of the series. I was a bit disappointed at the open ending. I guess I expected a bit mo [...]

    19. While this was a fun series to read, it seemed a little repetitive in the characters thought processes and concerns. It was a charming and predictable story while being true to the scope, depth, and sometimes heart-stopping experiences of an Alaskan bush pilot and bush doctor. All of the characters were believable and faced many of the same self-doubts, set-backs and heartaches that are a part of living for everyone.

    20. I read the first 2 in the series. I really liked the first one because of all the places I could identify with during our recent visit to Alaska. Based on that, I decided to read the other two. The 2nd one was not as good as the first, became too predictable. The third was even more so than the second. It is a light weight read and for those that enjoyable a more fluffy book - this should appeal to you. It is a Christian based book so keep that in mind.

    21. i think it seemed like the author was a hurry to end this one. i was surprised when it ended (reading kindle version), it definitely had some loose endswondering if there will be a 4th in the series.

    22. Good! Kinda bumming when you get to the end and realize this is the third book in the series thoughDon't know if I can go back and enjoy the other books when I know the ultimate ending. :D

    23. Really enjoyed the conclusion to the series, I thought it was tastefully written. An easy, fun read and it did give me some things to think about.

    24. Good storyThese 3books are the best story about women and flying that I have ever read. These are much better than stories of Amelia Earhart could have ever been .

    25. Excellent bookThis was as good as the first two books in this series. Well worth the read. I only wish there were more continuing stories in this series.

    26. Captivating!really drawn to the story!! read all 3 books and i wish there was no ending :DI love it!

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