The Little Refugee

After Australian comedian Anh Do told his story about being a refugee in his award winning memoir, The Happiest Refugee, he received many requests for a children s version This is the inspiring result.Anh nearly didn t make it to Australia His entire family came close to losing their lives as they escaped from war torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat Anh s life in AustraAfter Australian comedian Anh Do told his story about being a refugee in his award winning memoir, The Happiest Refugee, he received many requests for a children s version This is the inspiring result.Anh nearly didn t make it to Australia His entire family came close to losing their lives as they escaped from war torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat Anh s life in Australia also started off badly as he was a small boy who didn t speak English But he never stopped smiling and went on to achieve his dreams.The Little Refugee is illustrated by Bruce Whatley, who created the beloved illustrations in Jackie French s Diary Of A Wombat.Anh is donating his book royalties to charity.
The Little Refugee After Australian comedian Anh Do told his story about being a refugee in his award winning memoir The Happiest Refugee he received many requests for a children s version This is the inspiring result

  • Title: The Little Refugee
  • Author: Anh Do Bruce Whatley
  • ISBN: 9781742378329
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is a children's picture book based on comedian Anh Do's bestselling autobiography "The Happiest Refugee". It starts with the family's life in Vietnam, then moves to their harrowing boat trip where they were robbed by pirates and eventually rescued by the crew of a German cargo ship. The story then follows their new life in Australia up until the end of Anh's Year 4 at school.Although it's a serious theme, the book is filled with hope. Indeed Anh's parents always told him to "have hope, and [...]

    2. This unspeakably good book was utterly outstanding! It really makes you feel like you're there with him, always by his side, experiencing both the horrors and the good times. This is actually a funny autobiography. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to visualize books.

    3. This can also be read on my blog The Literary Bystander. Reading this book was very awkward and odd, I dare say, if only because I am pretty familiar with the 'refugee' story, as my parents were one of the many people who fled to Australia during the Vietnam war. A lot of small details Anh Do uses to describe Vietnam is pretty much how I imagined Vietnam, a result of my parent's accounts, the Anh Do television series of him visiting Vietnam and the 93785293587+ other Vietnam-related/Vietnam War [...]

    4. This book was upsetting to read but has a great ending. It shows an example of the long and scary journey a family of refugees must face to get a new home somewhere else because of war. Once they find home, they struggle to adjust to their new life and make money. They face many ups and downs, many with the children not understanding school and the parents working all the time. However, the ending shows the success of the young boy in school becoming captain of his class, making his parents very [...]

    5. This is a storybook about a Vietnamese refugee who travels on a fishing boat to Australia. I read the story to my class and we looked at migration and the reason behind it, focusing on the effects of the Vietnam war. It is an emotional story and has some violent scenes, but it is well told and offers insight into refugee's experiences. Anh Do is a successful comedian, actor, author and artist and lives in Australia.

    6. The Little Refugee is a true story written by Anh do. I recommend this book for people 8+. I love this book as it is coming from Anhs real life experience. The book is about his journey to Australia from Vietnam during the war, his struggles at school and his early years of growing up in Australia.I definitely recommend this book for non-fiction lovers!

    7. “The Little Refugee” by Anh DoTragic, yet redemptive, story of one young man's plight. ***“I didn't know there was a war going on. Outside our house, in the jungles and in the villages of Vietnam, many people were dying. Lots of them were soldiers, but some were mothers and fathers, and some were even children.”

    8. Anh Do’s autobiographical picture book is brilliant for understanding the 1970s Vietnamese refugee situation. He describes war and poverty from his point of view as a young child and his family's desperate decision to flee aboard an old fishing boat. Once at sea, storms ruin the supplies and pirates take everything of value. Thankfully their fishing vessel is rescued by a German ship and the families reach Australia in safety. As you'd imagine, it’s not all pretty. There’s soldiers, guns a [...]

    9. Anh Do’s “The Little refugee” is a wonderful picture based around Anh’s true story. This story is a simplified version of the full memoir and it captures the basic facts and emotions in a way that is accessible for younger readers.The text of “The Little Refugee is factual, yet still emotive as Do describes his childhood flight from danger in Vietnam, a perilous journey by boat, and his settlement in Australia. The familiar story of hardworking migrants who want the best for their chil [...]

    10. This autobiographical multi-award winning book is the true story of a Vietnamese immigrant to Australia. The illustrations in this book are truly spectacular, and they are sure to do an exquisite job of bringing the story to life. Anh Do tells the story of how he and his family left war torn Vietnam in the middle of the night on a crammed boat. Starving and thirsty, the immigrants' boat is raided by pirates who steal all of their belongings, and threaten to hurt a young baby on the boat. That yo [...]

    11. A nice story for teaching about refugees. The illustrations are really clear and look a lot more playful than the text was. It's great to have options for picture books about refugees, and this one is particularly good because it is so positive, so it won't upset younger readers like some other "issues" books can. Since it is based on a memoir, it is done in the memoir style, but I wonder if it might have been more entertaining if it had been done a little bit differently. I always find issues b [...]

    12. I am studying this book in my university children's literature class some time in the next few months and I read an ebook version on my campus library's website. I love the way it translates the hardships and terrors of being an asylum seeker and coming to Australia to start a new life in a way for children to understand and I like that it deals with both the voyage AND settling into the new life. I think kids would find it easy to relate to because of the main character's age, starting school w [...]

    13. The Little Refugee by Anh Do and Suzanne Do, illustrated by Bruce Whatley – Love traveling to Vietnam through another perspective but reading about the war and conflict through the eyes of a child was tough as was following the family’s escape and subsequent invasion by pirates… what a tumultuous time they had. Appreciate the fact that the family was able to arrive in Australia and start a new life as refugees there… special story to share with children. Good for discussions on conflict. [...]

    14. Anh's true story is an outstanding one to share with young readers. He shows that it is possible to hope against all odds, and that love and family can bring good from any hardship. Adults too will not be able to read it without shedding a tear, but they must also read The Happiest Refugee: A Memoir to get the full story. What an incredible person.

    15. I remember reading this book in the ~Reader`s Cup 2012~,when we got to meet an famous author (Gerard Bauer). Little Refugee was based on a famous Australian comedian Anh Do who travelled on a boat with his family. They faced some cruel pirates and a bad storm which wrecked all their food supplies. This is a great memoire of Anh Do, who also wrote `Weirdo' another fantastic children`s book.

    16. I cried when I read this book. To go through such, life threatening hardship and to be so grateful for the things we take for granted in our lucky, Australian life. A beautiful book and great for kids.

    17. A good picture book. Suitable for children, yet still reflecting some of the horrors of the journey, and difficulties of living as a refugee in Australia. I did find it a little simplistic, but then again, it is made for children far younger than me.

    18. A great tale but maybe I was expecting more not as good a conversion from adult biography to picture book as Mao's Last Dancer to Peasant Prince.Still, it was awarded an Australian Indie award recently, so maybe I'm missing something.

    19. I read this book as part of my English unit in my teaching degree. I cried all three times I read it. A beautiful retelling of Anh Do's story that is relatable and easy to understand for young kids. A great way to introduce kids to ideas about refugees and immigration.

    20. A great description of the dilemma refugees face in attempting to come to Australia. May be a little graphic in places for very young children (ie a baby being held over the ocean by pirates) but parents can edit as they read if they need to.

    21. A wonderful story about a Vietnamese boat child. The illustrations and story are highly relevant today even though the story was set a few decades ago. Maybe Australian politicians should read this story. I'd recommend it for every primary school child.

    22. This is a beautiful story about a family's journey from danger to safety and then the challenges of adjusting to a strange land. I read it to my son (4.5). We were both really moved. Can't speak highly enough of it.

    23. I am stunned by the amount of detail that Anh Do has managed to put in his picture book. The story of his escape to, and arrival in, Australia should be on every to-read list.

    24. Great children's version of the fabulous novel. My children enjoyed this book; and I enjoyed that they were reading a true story in a children's book.

    25. My children loved it! They saw themselves in this book, once they started a new life in Australia and overcame the challenges of having no English. Inspirational!

    26. This is a beautiful children's book. I especially love how the illustrations change from sepia to colour as the story unfolds.

    27. An illustrated children's version of "The Happiest Refugee" memoir by the Australian comedian, Anh Do.

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