Star of the Morning

Neroche s kingdom is threatened by the darkness of an evil Black Mage and all hope lies in the legend of two magical swords Miach, the archmage of Neroche, carries one And he s found a Wielder for the other in Morgan, a young woman and feared mercenary herself Now, Miach must choose between endangering the woman who has captured his heart, and defending the kingdom he Neroche s kingdom is threatened by the darkness of an evil Black Mage and all hope lies in the legend of two magical swords Miach, the archmage of Neroche, carries one And he s found a Wielder for the other in Morgan, a young woman and feared mercenary herself Now, Miach must choose between endangering the woman who has captured his heart, and defending the kingdom he s sworn to protect.
Star of the Morning Neroche s kingdom is threatened by the darkness of an evil Black Mage and all hope lies in the legend of two magical swords Miach the archmage of Neroche carries one And he s found a Wielder for the

  • Title: Star of the Morning
  • Author: Lynn Kurland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Beginning of this book:woo Middle of this book: Woo!End of this book: WOOOOOOOO!!!I'm not going to lie, the first 40 or so pages of this was slow for me. There were some editing misses via repetitive words and phrases, a crap-ton of characters, and some slightly questionable world building. But then I met the female lead, Morgan, and I started to not care so much about those things. She's kind of like a Kate Daniels of the fantasy genre, and I do mean fantasy, because there was much more noble q [...]

    2. September 2015 re-read: I've always had a hard time with reviewing and describing these books. They're light fantasy/romance, with closed doors. But they're full of so much humour, heart and fun that I absolutely adore them. I re-read these books when I'm in need of comfort.It's so hard for me to review the books in this series, it's one of my favorites and has been since the first moment I started reading them. The year wait between books was, at times, truly awfuld always worth it. This is the [...]

    3. I absolutely loved everything about this book! I definitely wasn't expecting it to be so good and so incredibly captivating! I thought it would lean more towards the romance aspect but I was pleased to find that it leaned way more towards the fantasy aspect! And it truly was a superb fantasy novel! The world building was absolutely brilliant and I found myself falling in love with the world the author created. I also really loved the cast of characters, they were each so original and brought so [...]

    4. AGHHHH! I really wanted to like this book. In fact it took me until 3/4ths the way through to put it down. But only because the person who recommended it to me has recommended so many other amazing books. I started gagging at about 1/2 the way through. Okay, okay, they were going on a quest (I hate quests!) But I was going to overlook that, but the romance was "stick my finger down my throat"blahhh. I normally love romance in fantasy books. I have tried to discover why it was so unrealistic to m [...]

    5. I had never read anything by Lynn Kurland prior to picking up STAR OF THE MORNING. I had never even heard of her before, due to the fact that she writes primarily historical romance and I just rarely find myself reading in that genre. But my eye caught on the cover as I walked through the romance aisle at Borders to get to the fantasy/scifi section. And something made me pause. It's always that dangerous pause that gets you, isn't it? If the book can just get a toehold on my attention, I'm so of [...]

    6. If Graceling and Mystic & Rider, two of my favorite fantasy novels of ALL TIME, were to (somehow!) have a love child, Star of the Morning would be the result. Kurland's foray into fantasy is reminiscent of Sharon Shinn's prose, which is how I knew even from the first few pages that I would love this story. The opening chapters include a king who loses his magic, a warrior shield-maiden who is entrusted with a magical dagger to deliver to said king, and a powerful mage who protects the realm [...]

    7. Alright, I was looking over the reviews for this one and I'm surprised at how high it was rated. It was repetitive, unoriginal, cheesy, and so sllllooo The battles were glossed over and hard to follow. The characters seemed flat. The heroine for example was suppose to be strong, an extraordinary fighter and witty. I'm afraid I found her whiny, over confident, and judgmental. She was so sure of herself that she couldn't see what was right in front of her. *sigh. Don't judge me but I read half the [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. When making the decision to buy it, I noticed that a number of reviewers were dismissive of it because of the heavy romance influence. They felt it was a fantasy-flavored romance novel rather than a romance-flavored fantasy. I pulled the trigger on purchasing largely because this intrigued me. I mean, I like both genres and couldn't care less which dominates.If you're curious, I disagree with those dismissing the novel—at least for my own tastes. Yes, like the force [...]

    9. Lynn Kurland did not disappoint me.The magic she wove on me in A Whisper of Spring and The Tale of the Two Swords was very much alive in Star of the Morning.I do believe Kurland might be one of those amazing people with magic handsAll right. The story.Obviously one should read the prequels aforementioned for they are all intertwined and awesome yet charming to boot.Meet Morgan. wait that's characters, oh well, whatever. ahem, I meant, must be fate XDSo - meet Morgan, our main character and your [...]

    10. Wow, what a great adventure story! I absolutely loved this book. It is so well written and the author has a wry sense of humor that is sprinkled throughout. The characters and setting are so well done. It has a sweet romance. By the end of the story I was on the edge of my seat! I need to read the next books now! I would rate it PG for some swear words. Thanks Leah for the recommendation and the book!

    11. I'm a big fan of fantasy but this book was a total letdown. Where do I start?First of all, character consistency, poor. Adhemar started out as an interesting, strong character but ended up being stupefied throughout the entire book, why? The flaws Morgan kept pointing out were completely useless to the story. I must add that the whole quest thing where Adhemar is to find the wielder(of the great and mighty sword - which broke in one instance) is just silly. How is he supposed to know the wielder [...]

    12. Archmage's are more than fantasy they are romantic!What an awesome read, I totally loved this fantasy read. The story starts off the story with the introduction about a king with magical powers who suddenly loses power and therefore leaving the reader thinking that the story is going to be about a king looking to restore his powers and will probably have to find a mate to regain his powers but NO NO NO - PSYCH! LOLIn the end yes the story in around about way is about the king's power but the Kin [...]

    13. 3/5; B Narrated by Laura Jennings. Her whispery voice drove me nuts at first but I got used to it. This was a slow moving but solid fantasy story that managed to keep my interest.

    14. I'm so glad I picked this up! What an awesome high fantasy! I've got my fingers crossed for some romance in book 2. The romantic tension was awesome but I need more!

    15. This is a "romance fantasy," where the book has a strong romance in a fantasy setting. The world-building is fairly good, and the characters are engaging. The pacing is good, and every scene serves a purpose. There are no explicit sex scenes, but the hero and heroine do kiss. The magic is of the typical fantasy sort, allowing a man to shape-change or be "invisible" or such.As primarily a fantasy reader, I've always been disappointed that romance authors who try their hand at writing fantasy inev [...]

    16. I thought this was kind of a fun book and I really enjoyed reading it! What I did Like:* likable characters* cute (and clean) love storye best part of the book I might add =)* fun story line * kept me interested, I love books that keep me up reading (ha, like it is the books fault!)What I didn't Like:It was a tad bit predictable. I am not a big fan (as I have said before) of authors who feel they have to foreshadow upcoming events. And this book had some major foreshadowing that I felt could hav [...]

    17. This is an enjoyable Romantic Fantasy series, but it's definitely more on the Romance end of the scale so you have to be in the right mood for it. I found myself wishing the world and secondary characters were a bit more defined, and that the magic and adventure were more prominent. But the huge focus is definitely the relationship.To illustrate the lack of detail, at one point I was reminded that one of the characters is a dwarf, and only because he was referred to as a dwarf. Even now I can't [...]

    18. This book was absolutely amazing. As someone who loves fantasy and was looking for a romance that was not based solely on sex, this book fit the bill perfectly.What I loved most about this book were the characters. Morgan and Miach are so richly developed and so strong that I felt I really knew them. Their love story was tender and set at a perfect pace for two who had never given much thought to love before. I love the moments of interaction between them because each one was precious.Not only i [...]

    19. This book was so frustrating for so many reasons. It was so horribly written. It had moments where it was funny, and after a while the story became engaging (no it didn't. It was the stupidest plot line ever. I just cared about the romance because I like romance, even though that was terrible too). I feel like it could have been really fabulous, but the ideas were just not fleshed out enough. However, I'm irritatingly intrigued and I do want to know what happens next. So it has that much going f [...]

    20. With the loss of King Adhemar's magic and ability to wield his enchanted sword in one fell swoop, the entire defense of the kingdom of Neroche now rests solely upon the shoulders of the royal archmage - and Adhemar's brother - Miach. Even though he is extremely talented, Miach knows this strain will quickly drain him (and Neroche) of all it's defenses if something is not done to augment the realms' magical power.Trained as a ruthless mercenary, Morgan is quick to mistrust anything that stinks of [...]

    21. (Review also published at Tea & Fangirling.)Have you ever started a book, couldn't get into it, but still came back to it every couple of days just to see if just a few more pages would be all it took to finally grab your attention?That was Star of the Morning for me.  And I really wanted to like it.  It's the beginning of a fantasy series with what I assumed would be a heavy romance element, and if there's anything I think the book world needs more of, it's romances in fantasy settings.Bu [...]

    22. review posted over at alternative readStar of the Morning is the first book in a romantic fantasy trilogy. It centers on Miach and Morgan. Miach is the archmage of Neroche and brother to the king. He spends most of the time doing magic and seeing to that the border is protected, as dark powers from the north wants in. Morgan on the other hand is a shieldmaiden who was raised by mercenaries and then left at an orphanage. She can use a sword better than any man and she hates magic. It actually tak [...]

    23. Zero - and I mean zero - world building. No rules, no physical descriptions, nothing. Curious as to what the Nine Kingdoms are? Too bad, because you won't find out. The first chapter starts out well enough, though it is quite a lot of action all at once. Sort of an action dump instead of the ubiquitous info dump. All we really learn is that there's a king and his much nicer younger brother who can shapeshift into a hawk. All is peaceful in the kingdom until he's randomly attacked by some equally [...]

    24. Ok, I have to admit, I am actually a little afraid to review this book. This is, right now, one of my favorite series and Kurland is currently my favorite author. I could list the reasons why I love Kurland's work, but for now, suffice to say, two books a year published reliably? Can't complain about that! :) I have loved authors in the past who have waited so long between new books, I no longer long for new books, I just long for the series to end so I can get it off my "Things I want to Read" [...]

    25. 3.5 starsMost people at times jump to conclusions. In this story, obvious conclusions had to chase down the characters and repeatedly hit them over the head with a clue stick. This sort of thing usually annoys the cr@p out of me, but in Star of the Morning, it was so blatant and so imbued with humor that I quite happily went along with the ruse.The premise of the story is described well in the teaser. In many ways it's your standard fantasy tale with a kingdom beset by evil, seeking the one hero [...]

    26. I found this book on a 'clean romance' recommendation forum and thought that I would be reading a romance novel without gratuitous smut. As it turned out, this book was more like a straight fantasy novel with very mild and tame romance, to the point that it could have been written for junior school kids. Morgan, a ruthless mercenary is sent on a quest to deliver a magically infused dagger to the king of Neroche who is rumoured to have lost his magic. Along the way, she encounters the king in dis [...]

    27. This was a fun book. I love Miach and Morgan, such great characters! There was some mild swearing (the d and h word mostly). I am new to this author but I can't wait to read the next one!

    28. I love this writer. I loved the humor that was woven into the story as well as the adventure and romance. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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