On the surface, Maureen s life appears no different from any other stereotypical 54 year old housewife s a suburban home in a small Pennsylvania town, two loving kids, grandchildren, and a husband to dote on at the end of the day with a home cooked meal and a crisp martini Fat bitch, dumb bunny, slut, tramp these are just a few of the cruel words that echo in Maureen sOn the surface, Maureen s life appears no different from any other stereotypical 54 year old housewife s a suburban home in a small Pennsylvania town, two loving kids, grandchildren, and a husband to dote on at the end of the day with a home cooked meal and a crisp martini Fat bitch, dumb bunny, slut, tramp these are just a few of the cruel words that echo in Maureen s ears every day and define the harsh reality she actually lives in For years, Maureen has harbored a dark secret known by only one other person her husband, Tommy.After Tommy dies, Maureen imagines that the years of physical and mental abuse are over But just six months later, while looking for the Halloween decorations in the attic, Maureen finds a gift wrapped GPS with her name on the box an early birthday present from her late husband When the voice from the machine starts giving her sinister directions, she learns that sometimes the dead are restless and she s locked in a battle not just for her life, but for her soul.
Recalculating On the surface Maureen s life appears no different from any other stereotypical year old housewife s a suburban home in a small Pennsylvania town two loving kids grandchildren and a husband to

  • Title: Recalculating
  • Author: Jennifer Weiner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This was justweird, and not a good weird- in my humble opinion. I found myself laughing in places I shouldn't be laughing, and there was a lot of rolling my eyeswhere there probably shouldn't have been eye rollingMaureen is a 54-year-old housewife- she lives in a suburban home in a tiny Pennsylvania town with a crappy abusive husband- Tommy- who expects a home-cooked meal and a dry martini when he walks through the door. He also expects Maureen to take the emotional abuse he dishes out, and the [...]

    2. Gotta say my favorite part of this short book was GPS machine. Yup, still have one that I've never updated. Oh my, recalculating, recalculating, recalculating! The story here involves a GPS, but not a very nice one! The actual story was just okay. I actually think there was a lot of potential here, but not enough story to become invested in the characters. Also, a twist or two could have made a good thriller out of this. A fun fast read though.

    3. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Weiner and have read all of her books. I find her characters funny, endearing and very easy to relate to. This being said, I was really excited to see she had a short story ebook out. After reading it, however, I have trouble comparing this story to her other work at all. When Maureen goes searching for Halloween decorations in her attic she finds a wrapped gift from her husband, Tommy, who had died of cancer six months before. Tommy had been an abusive husband, both [...]

    4. On Friday, I saw a tweet from one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner. "Check out the cover for Recalculating. On sale Monday! Links to come." So like the nosy Twitter addict I am, I clicked the link and saw the cover. Consider my interest piqued. So I replied to her tweet saying that I didn't know a new release was coming so soon. She immediately replied with an answer. Amazingly, she got an idea about a possessed GPS. Wrote it on Wednesday. The publisher, Atria Books, had it edited then cr [...]

    5. I love Jennifer Weiner and think it's great that she wrote a short story in a new genre. I also love that it's called "recalculating," because my sister and I always laugh when my GPS says "recalculating." We're just SURE she says it with an attitude.The story centers around a woman who suffered abuse at the hands of her husband for years. I thought that piece of the story was very well developed, especially considering that it was done so quickly (it being a short story). Maureen's feelings abo [...]

    6. First things first, I will admit that this is the first book I have ever read on my iPod. OK, so it’s a short story, but it’s a start, right?Am I ready for my e-reader yet? We’ll see.Anyway, I am a huge Jennifer Weiner fan. I know it doesn’t look it since I haven’t reviewed any of her works on my blog, but I plan to reread a bunch of it soon and hope to review it then.As with any of my favourite authors, I’m always on the move to acquire any and all of their works I can get my hands [...]

    7. (Review originally appeared at Red Adept Reviews)Overall: 3 ½ starsPlot/Storyline: 3 ¼ starsI'm very ambivalent about this one. I enjoyed aspects of it, perhaps even most of it, but a few moments felt false. If someone asked be about it I'd say, "yeah, it wasn't bad, you might like it." I just find myself without enthusiasm this time around.Maureen is a woman who secretly lived with spousal abuse for years and now finds herself a widow. While getting down the Halloween ornaments from the attic [...]

    8. Ehhh. I was a bit hesitant to read anymore Jennifer weiner, I haven't enjoyed her more recent writings as much as her old stuff, so I went into this with low expectation. I mean, it was a novelette so I didn't expect to get sucked in, but you know what I mean. Anyways, it was read in about twenty minutes, so it wasnt time consuming, which was nice. I didn't love Maureen, then again I'm never a fan of a woman that lets herself get abused. And yes, I said lets herself, maureen could have easily wa [...]

    9. I was excited to see Jennifer Weiner wrote this creepy short story just in time for Halloween, but it was a little disappointing. The way the husband abused her was so strange - by pinching?? How cruel and twisted. The GPS being possessed by the husband was creepy, but a little far fetched for my taste. I definitely prefer the chick-lit Jennifer Weiner over this type of story. One thing I did like though, was the Cougar Town reference!

    10. I was kind of intrigued by this marriage of Wiener and Stephen King short story. Great character development, sadly believable insight into why women stay in abusive relationships. Proud of her in the end, even if 30 years of abuse make unlikely. Unlikely? Yes. Satisfying? Absolutely.

    11. I'm not a big fan of Kindle singles or short stories but this one wasn't too bad. A perfect little read for Halloween day.

    12. Way different book than what I am used to expecting from Jennifer Weiner. The creepiness of this book had me wanting it to go on for a bit longer.

    13. Weird. But interesting.Was this really a Jennifer Weiner story? I grew more and more surprised as the story went on. So dark. Not what I'm used to with JW. But just goes to show you that, like actors, authors should not be put into a box and categorized into being a creator of stories in just one genre.

    14. This was just okay. The premise was much more supernatural than I expected from Jennifer Weiner, and (maybe partly because it was a short story), I didn't get very invested in the main character. I just found myself annoyed by her choices! However, it was an interesting concept for a plot.

    15. I don't know what I just read, but y'all need to read it-- super creepy, definitely left me with the "WTF" feeling

    16. first of all, i REALLY hated reading this on my phone kindle thing. my eyes were going nuts. maybe i needed to adjust the brightness or something, but i had to hold the phone a mile away and squint to see the words. it was awful. that said, i'm not sure this counts toward my fiftyfifty goal because it was a short story, but as i see myself reading greater than 50 books at my current pace, i will include it anyway. Recalculating is a short story that Jennifer Weiner released only on eBook format, [...]

    17. This creepy little short was good. I’d never read any of her stuff before, and honestly, I picked it up from Audible simply because Susan Bennett narrated it. For a .99 cent book, it wasn’t a bad read. The plot is pretty straightforward. Maureen, a victim of domestic abuse throughout her long marriage, finally gets the courage to off her husband, Tommy, as he slowly wastes away from cancer. Several months later, she discovers a gift he left her stashed away in their attic. It’s a GSP. But [...]

    18. A great short story that has some mystery that is perfect for the season. With a little Halloween spin, this short story packs a punch full of creepy. After seeing an announcement on twitter of a new Jennifer Weiner book, I mad a dash to look for it and even after hearing it was a short story - I immediately purchased the nookbook and read it right then and there. A story about a woman who has withstood abuse in the most unusual way from her husband for years and years, she finds the strength to [...]

    19. I bought this book after seeing Jennifer talk about it on Twitter and Facebook. I have the Nook app on my iPhone and occasionally use it to read books in bed or while traveling. I coudln't sleep one night and decided to read this short story. I'm not a big fan of scary things and choosing to read this at night alone in bed, but I read it anyway. I wouldn't say the book is scary at all, but it does have some suspense. It is a clever concept about a GPS that is possessed. The abuse part of the sto [...]

    20. Just read the greatest short story by Jennifer Weiner. Maureen has recently been widowed and finds a present in the attic from her late husband - an off brand GPS to help Maureen find her way now that she’s alone the world. As she’s driving to see her sister one day, the calm female voice stops telling her which way to turn. Instead, a man tells her to turn around - a man that sounds too much like her dead husband and Maureen realizes this is not the kind gift she thought it was. This story [...]

    21. I am a Jennifer Weiner fan and have enjoyed all her other books that I've read but I just did not enjoy this one. I think it is mostly because I am not a fan of paranormal literature and I found the concept of a GPS possessed by Maureen's dead husband too far-fetched to enjoy the story. Also the fact that this GPS led her to her husbands grave and tried to get Maureen to kill herself was just too unbelievable for me. I actually laughed out loud during this scene because how unreal it was.It was [...]

    22. ***mild spoiler*****Interesting. I enjoyed this one enough. Listened to it in one day while driving all over town for work. I really like the narrator too. I'll look for more of her stuff, for sure. The whole GPS thing felt very far fetched to me which I believe kept me at a distance from the story. This felt like an homage to Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, but it turned out these things were actually happening. I think it would've been better if the main character was just losing it.

    23. Interesting quick story about a woman who finally has enough of her abusive husband and takes advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself to "help" him out of this world so to speak. But sometimes the dead have other plans and don't want to stay dead. In the end, the woman learns to take control of her own life and does manage to rid herself of her husband AND his evil little gift that he left behind for her. Cute and quick and different.

    24. Wow, this one was creepy! Maureen never quite gets out from under her abusive husband's spell. She's really wishy-washy and I had a hard time relating to her as the abuse brought on by her husband bordered on the absurd. So did the demon GPS. She had many chances to take control of the situation and chose to remain passive and sometimes a bit clueless. However, the creepiness of the story kept me reading until the end. A good story for this time of year, but not the best of Jennifer Weiner.

    25. Finished 7/2016. Listened via audible. This was a very short story and though short, I really felt that I understood the main character and her husband pretty well, especially given the length of the story. Things got a little weird in the end (view spoiler)[with the professor stuff (hide spoiler)] but all in all, it wasn't a waste of my time and whether I like it or not, it will probably be a book I'll remember for a while.

    26. It was pretty good. It was definitely a quick read, I like that about the Singles (that and they are free). I liked the writing, but mostly I justdidn't get it. Was the GPS actually speaking in her husband's voice? Or was it in her head? We never really found out. And what did the John guy do? And what did she whisper in his ear? I don't know. It was well written, but weird. Jennifer Weiner has definitely gotten weird. I'm not sure I'm going to continue reading her books.

    27. The worst Jennifer Weiner I have read thus far. I love to read her fluff books and really needed one after the last book I read. The story was about a widow who was abused for thirty years by her husband and then haunted by him through her GPS. It spunds like it would be somewhat comical but wasn't. This was a downer with two sentences of attempted closure at the end. I appreciate that Jennifer tried a different genre and approach style but it didn't work.

    28. Very differentJennifer Weiner is definitely one of my favorite authors. I love her novels and her short stories usually leave me wanting more. Recalculating is like nothing I have ever read from Jennifer. The emotional abuse is something I am personally familiar with, which lead me to read the story, the physical abuse is something I couldn't imagine. The rest of the story is not close to the work I have loved from Ms. Weiner, yet it is a page turner.

    29. I read this in one sitting; I absolutely couldn't put it down. Creepy, suspenseful, and yet in true Jennifer Weiner style it hits right to the core with a wonderfully developed characters that you just cant help connect with. A wonderful short story, and an absolute must read for any Jennifer Weiner fan.

    30. Very quick read and perfect for a night when sleep wouldn't come (could read it on my phone without waking J). The conceit of the GPS device definitely reminded me of Stephen King's "Big Driver" (_Full Dark, No Stars_), although there are significant differences between the stories. First time I've read Weiner, and it was a satisfyingly creepy little tale.

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