Shakespeare Bites Back

A free book written by Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells about Shakespeare, Conspiracy Authorship.
Shakespeare Bites Back A free book written by Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells about Shakespeare Conspiracy Authorship

  • Title: Shakespeare Bites Back
  • Author: Paul Edmondson Stanley Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • 1 thought on “Shakespeare Bites Back”

    1. Brief polemic against anti-Stratfodian theories. The case is made better elsewhere and this is too hyperbolic to sway any committed conspiracy theorist but may be a useful book to chuck at people who are new to the question on the back of Roland Emmerich's dreadful* film.*Not just for its premise, which I reject, but because of the appallingly hamfisted way the premise is advanced, the terrible script, bad acting and factual errors. And for demonizing the Cecils. The Cecils were badass.

    2. A fun, short refutation of the Shakespeare conspiracy theorists who believe that he did not write the works credited to him. It is free from the Shakespeare Property Trust website, so go get it and enjoy!

    3. It is a depressing fact that this book needed to be written at all. Of course, no real expert in this field would normally waste two seconds on the preposterous lie that Shakespeare didn't write the plays attributed to him. The book itself states the former Director of The Folger Shakespeare Library, Gail Kern Paster, has said, ‘to ask me about the authorship question is like asking a paleontologist to debate a creationist’s account of thefossil record.’But with the release of the film Ano [...]

    4. This short essay gives a Shakespearean the proper tools to defend Shakespeare as the sole author of his own works. In very short chapters, Edmondson and Wells explain why people believe Shakespeare to be a scam and why these beliefs are unfounded, and how to explain this to any doubter out there. I would recommend this to every doubter and believer alike.

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