Stained Glass

Stained Glass offers an intricate plot involving the restoration of war damaged windows in a fabled German chapel When Blackford Oakes takes a sabbatical from his work as a CIA spy, he ends up in the arms of a beautiful KGB agent and on the horns of a dilemma He must betray her or pull the switch on an old friend who is rallying support for a reunited Germany.
Stained Glass Stained Glass offers an intricate plot involving the restoration of war damaged windows in a fabled German chapel When Blackford Oakes takes a sabbatical from his work as a CIA spy he ends up in the

  • Title: Stained Glass
  • Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781888952292
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Stained Glass”

    1. Of the Oakes stories, I've found this to be one of the "heaviest" in terms of agonizing over the protagonist's dilemma. It is also one of the more deliberately-staged alternate realities or "what if" scenarios, in which a much more compelling movement for German reunification is inserted into the post-war West German federal elections (a more plausible opponent to Adenauer). Still, it is fun, with relief coming in occasional laugh-out-loud moments of WFB's signature devilish humor. As always wit [...]

    2. I’m old enough to remember a divided Germany and, very dimly, the Berlin Wall. But today’s world is rather different, so it is always interesting to read a book written during those decades of a divided Germany and a worldwide struggle between East and West. Stained Glass by William F. Buckley is one such story entrenched in the Cold War. It is full of secret agents, political intrigue and people talking to each other in code. I would compare it to a James Bond movie, except I’ve never see [...]

    3. At first glance this book is simply another good thriller. However, Mr. Buckley offers a subtle view into the 'what if' environment which adds depth to an otherwise common tale. His personal history makes me wonder about the fact-fiction ratio. His knowledge of words exceeds that of most readers so having a dictionary handy is helpful; but I appreciate the challenge. I thoroughly enjoy reading any of his works. On another note, I read a paperback version printed in the vey early 1980s and was su [...]

    4. The second Blackford Oakes spy novel, like the fourth (The Story of Henri Tod), is set in the divided Germany of the Cold War era, and the shadow of tragedy gives William F. Buckley's storytelling unaccustomed depth and authority. The moral dilemma Oakes faces here is genuinely moving, even if the resolution and the coda (in which Oakes confronts Allen Dulles over the U.S. government's actions) are deeply unsatisfactory. When it came to writing spy novels, Buckley was no Len Deighton, much less [...]

    5. Mystery, intrigue, drama, and an amazing plot. What more could you ask for? This spy thriller drives the reader to ask questions about right and wrong, trust and political disobedience, and so on. The deeper you get into the story, the more you will connect with the characters and their moral and political dilemmas. This novel has interested me in the entire Blackford Oakes series. Perhaps I’ll pick up some of the others soon. Parents should be aware that there is some violence and sexuality i [...]

    6. I think I like Mr. Oakes better in London than in Germany. Given that his cover was blown pretty early in the story, the action had to be fast paced, less calculating (more time for error) than the more detailed, methodically planning of Saving the Queen. But it's Buckley & I'll never say anything that I dislike about his writing because it's always a great read!

    7. One of the great books in a series about Blackford Oakes, CIA agent, inspired by William F. Buckley's service in Mexico as a CIA agent in the 1950's.

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