Avengers Academy, Volume 3: Second Semester

It s a new start for the Academy kids New students New staff New West Coast campus But when a classic Avenger is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect Captain America, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye guest star to.t the Avengers Academy Then Reptil s darkest secret is revealed And when X 23 joins Avengers Academy, will they survive the experience Collecting AvengersIt s a new start for the Academy kids New students New staff New West Coast campus But when a classic Avenger is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect Captain America, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye guest star to.t the Avengers Academy Then Reptil s darkest secret is revealed And when X 23 joins Avengers Academy, will they survive the experience Collecting Avengers Academy 21 28
Avengers Academy Volume Second Semester It s a new start for the Academy kids New students New staff New West Coast campus But when a classic Avenger is murdered everyone becomes a suspect Captain America Luke Cage and Hawkeye guest star

  • Title: Avengers Academy, Volume 3: Second Semester
  • Author: Christos Gage Sean Chen Tom Raney Tom Grummett
  • ISBN: 9780785152026
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I had no idea who any of these Avenger kids werewith the exception of Reptil. And the only reason I recognized him was because I watch Superhero Squad with my kids. Color me embarrassed.Also, I didn't realize this was volume 3 when I grabbed it from the library, so I was obviously missing a lot of backstory right off the bat. With that in mind, feel free to take my review with a grain of salt.It was ok, but I wasn't so blown away that I'll try to find more of these to read.I'd say that the LGB s [...]

    2. There's a ton of teenage angst in this one. The stories are all over the place as are the dialogues and characters. The artwork keeps this at a three star. Barely.OVERALL GRADE: C plus to B minus.

    3. This was really cute! I like the idea of the Avengers having their own school like the x-men do. The characters were fun and not cheesy like some of the students in Wolverine and the X-Men.

    4. The series takes a significantly bold step in the wrong direction. Moving the school to the old West Coast Avengers compound is a good idea and even opening the doors to more teens with powers make sense but its glossed over here so quickly its ineffectual. Random heroes just show up, leave, and show up again its less a school and more of a hostel. Half of the villains in the first part of the book are soooo stupid. Without spoiling it I hate anytime one of these guys show up. The inclusion of X [...]

    5. Avengers Academy reopens for new students, there are some originals: Butterball, Juston, White Tiger while some older ones joined like X-23. The Academy also formed a new relationship with the mutants for mutual development. Even when everything seemed nice, Reptil has a secret that will save the youngster from a terrible disaster. It was part mystery and part coming of age fiction. Butterball was a terrible character but overall the story was interesting and we see all the main characters grew [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. A lot of this book is a mess. It opens with a time-travel plot in which future Reptil replaces his past self so that he can make sure upcoming events turn out the same as they did in his past—but I never understood why there was a risk of them happening differently? And Hybrid is a D-lister villain who brings nothing to the table. Still, the characters and their interactions seem to grow logically out of the previous volumes, and they kept holding my attention. I loved the Runaways [...]

    7. Hybrid plotline seems to have been cut short and rushed too early. Many new students didn't got too good characterisation and were only famous backgroudn characters. However, I enjoyed both apperances of X-Men (with a lot of tension on Magneto-Quicksilver-Finesse line and some good humor) and two-issues Runaways apperance - it was extremely fun to see two groups interact and befriend each other and find out in the end that they are much more alike than they would want to admit (also, Moon-Boy st [...]

    8. This volume is possibly a bit bigger than it needs to be because it's one full story and then a second story that only lasts a few issues (Yay Runaways!). The first story is a good look at why this book works. There are tons of stories going on, tons of new characters but I don't feel cheated on any of them. Reptil from the future is a great little twist on the normal future plot lines, although I'm sure we will probably never see it again so I'm not sure how happy I am about that.The Runaways s [...]

    9. This was a fuck of a lot heavier than I expected. I thought it'd just be sort of mindless superhero fluff, but it was actually kind of brutal in parts? Not because it was bad or graphic or anything, but because it was really open and direct about a lot of issues that you don't really see covered in mainstream shit? I mean, hell, when does media talk about depression and suicide without some sort of bullshit stigma? Or childhood sexual abuse and rape?Even if I don't super love any of the characte [...]

    10. Too many characters, I think. And too much going on.I love the Runaways. But when the parallelism between the Runaways and the newer group of Avengers Academy is made clear, it just makes both sides seem so stale and formulaic. Also, the big "reveal" on the last page was disappointing. Part of the theory behind a bildungsroman, I think, is that at the end you become your own parent. Otherwise, the roman doesn't really build. Is that right? Am I saying that right?

    11. This was really disappointing -- partly because a bunch of new characters were dumped in all at once, without much to distinguish them, and partly because the new artist is terribly clunky and does the usual superhero melodrama fetish porn. The emotions suddenly seem much more broadly sketched and much less affecting.Some of the plot twists regarding known characters and ideological conflicts are still really good.

    12. The Avengers in training seem to have a lot of growing up to do, as they try to figure themselves out and also their place in the world. Interestingly enough, the Runaways, who would know a thing or two about what the 'Avengers to be' are going through make an appearance in the second half of the book.

    13. Increasing the student body in this volume is nothing short of brilliant. I definitely enjoyed the first 20 issues of this comic, but the increase in scope here makes them seem like nothing. On top of this look at many teen characters who haven’t gotten the spotlight for years we get superb characterization of everyone involved. Oh, and there’s some fun adventure along the way.

    14. If you are and old fan of Avengers comics this series is just a must read.The dire wraith hybrid storyline deserved to be developed in a full Marvel summer crossover, it could had been far and far better than "Fear itself".

    15. More good stuff. The first arc, while a bit overly long, is good, with some very interesting character moments. The second arc, the one with the Runaways, is a lot of fun, and there's some great dimension added to the relationship between the Runaways and the Academy kids.

    16. The story with Hybrid felt like re-treading the same ground. Quite a few of the new characters did nothing to stand out, and then left almost right away. There must be some other book to track down, but I can't say I really care about them anyway.

    17. Col tempo le dinamiche di gruppo-classe scolastica migliorano, i personaggi sono sempre più coinvolgenti e l'unica nota negativa è che si vedono sempre meno gli insegnati.

    18. I really enjoyed it. By far my favorite character is still mettle. The story was funny and moving at times.

    19. Una colección que sí empiezas a leer ya no puedes parar y te engancharás con sus personajes. Sin duda de lo mejorcito que están publicando de Avengers

    20. Not amazing, but it did have some really good points (ie whenever Julie Powers was around). I definitely liked it better than vol 2.

    21. This was already a mediocre arc to me. Too much of "Now you and them fight". And then a character mentioned a bigger goal of saving the world byring autism. Yeah no, I'm out.

    22. Just finished the whole run. What a great book! I loved how it came full circle with Veil opening and closing the story and reflecting on what's changed.

    23. The best Avengers book Marvel has going, hands down. It's all heart and humanity and leaves all the overblown garbage to Bendis.

    24. The academy gains new members and faces Hybrid which causes the whole school to change. It also contains a story together with the Runaways.

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