Jazz Baby

With a simple clap of hands, an itty bitty beboppin baby gets his whole family singing and dancing Sister s hands snap Granny sings scat Uncle soft shoes and Baby keeps the groove Things start to wind down when Mama and Daddy sing blues so sweet Now a perfectly drowsy baby sleeps deep, deep, deep Lisa Wheeler and R Gregory Christie pair up for a celebration ofWith a simple clap of hands, an itty bitty beboppin baby gets his whole family singing and dancing Sister s hands snap Granny sings scat Uncle soft shoes and Baby keeps the groove Things start to wind down when Mama and Daddy sing blues so sweet Now a perfectly drowsy baby sleeps deep, deep, deep Lisa Wheeler and R Gregory Christie pair up for a celebration of music, imagination, and big families but they know that even a jazz baby needs to snooze Oh yeah.
Jazz Baby With a simple clap of hands an itty bitty beboppin baby gets his whole family singing and dancing Sister s hands snap Granny sings scat Uncle soft shoes and Baby keeps the groove Things start to wind

  • Title: Jazz Baby
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler R. Gregory Christie
  • ISBN: 9780152025229
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. A lively, dancing and liltingly poetic bedtime story for younger children, especially suitable and recommended for young music, or more specifically, young jazz music enthusiasts, I sweetly and appreciatively enjoy both Lisa Wheeler's swinging text and R. Gregory Christie's equally lively and descriptive accompanying illustrations (the delightfully fun, rhythmically engaging combination of printed words and displayed images present a wonderful sense of energy, rhythm and cadence, and will more t [...]

    2. I really enjoyed the text here; it's a rhythmic ode to jazz and I thought it was just adorable how the whole family is involved in making the sweet, sassy music--right down to that cute jazz baby! Unfortunately, the illustrations really were not my cup of tea and so this lessened my enjoyment of the book as a whole but I definitely recommend it to those interested in books about music (jazz especially) and imagine that some people will love the illustrations, too.

    3. Wheeler, Lisa. 2007. Jazz Baby. Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie.I read and fell in love with this one completely. I didn't only read it five or six times in a row. I read it aloud that many times. Sure, it's fun to read aloud to someone. But I was by myself. But I just couldn't get over how wonderful the words sounded. That doesn't always happen with picture books--even good picture books. Rhythm and sound can be tricky. And in my opinion, Jazz Baby is perfection. Jazz Baby is all about a fam [...]

    4. Jazz Baby is awake in his crib when the rhythms and music start and he claps along with the beat. Then everyone joins in making their own signature sounds and dancing in different styles. This musical picture book has plenty of opportunities for children to hum, sing and move along with the story. The text is pure rhythm and rhyme where you can feel your feet tapping and your body swaying along. It is a joy to read aloud and will be a joy to listen to as well.The illustrations by Christie are al [...]

    5. I think this is a great book for early childhood students ages 2-5. This book is about a family that perhaps loves jazz and the whole family sings and dances throughout a portion of the song and the baby always ends with " go man go"They are all singing to put the baby to sleep. The book includes mom, dad, grandma, brother, grandpa, auntie, and cousins. The authors Lisa wheeler and R. Gregory Christie, did a great job sending a positive message in this book on family working together . It also g [...]

    6. Short and snappy, perfectly rhymed. And your kids will sing jazzy-scat for weeks after hearing it! Fun, fun book.

    7. Filled with fun onomatopoeia and a rhythmic, rhyming, flowing narrative, this is a fun book to read aloud with children of all ages. The narrative is short and entertaining and the characters are humorous. We liked seeing all of the family members singing and dancing and playing with the baby. Overall, it's an entertaining book and we enjoyed reading it together.

    8. This book would be great for babies or toddlers! I used it with toddlers yesterday, and plan to use it with my baby storytime in the future. Very musical book, with lots of different sounds like "toot-toots" and "rat-tat-tats." Babies especially love no nonsense words because that's how they communicate! When babies are saying nonsensical words, it's fun to talk back to them. It helps teach them conversational skills! With the toddlers, they enjoyed tapping their toes and stomping their feet as [...]

    9. This 2008 Geisel honor book was a reminder how music fills and uplifts the soul. While reading this book, I felt its energy of melodious jazz and can just imagine the history past down from generation-to-generation via music, song and dance. The story revolves around the baby and his/her connection to jazz along with his/her family; this connection also spills over to the neighborhood. I truly appreciated this book, it placed a happiness in my heart and a smile on my face.

    10. Genre: PoetryGrade Level: K-2This was such a fun book. It would be a blast to read aloud to children in a classroom or home setting. The poetry is so great and makes for a fun and engaging read. The illustrations and wording go along well with the theme of the book and it is overall an awesome story.

    11. One of our favorite books of all time! I found this little gem by accident. Love the rhythm & flow of the text. The illustrations are unique and the diversity of the characters is wonderful!

    12. Brightly colored illustrations support the text for this story of a family enjoying jazz music. Even the baby moves to the beat.The book falls flat for me with the simple rhythm and wording.

    13. This book isn't necessarily a typical reading book for children. There are lots of rhythm and rhyme, and is good for musically inclined children, or those that just want to have fun. The illustrations are also really fun for children, and makes them even more excited. I think that this book allows participation, which can be done by, incorporating some instruments, dancing or even tapping and snapping to the rhythm of the book. This book is about a baby who is surrounded by a loving, musical fam [...]

    14. Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler and Gregory Christie1.Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor2.Age 0-33.In this book, baby JB’s whole family is singing and dancing. Each family has different styles and moves but they all love to sing and dance. JB enjoys families’ song and dance from the morning till he goes back to sleep.4.I think this book has unique theme which is Jazz music. Even if children are familiar with Jazz music, they will enjoy this book because of great pictures and easy words.5.Music lessons or [...]

    15. I just love this book, but I do think that it has to be sung aloud rather than just read straight. You can find videos on youtube that has the rhythm of the book. Once you have the rhythm though, it's sooo good!

    16. I'm always on the lookout for new picture books to use during my summer Songwriting for Kids workshops, and this year I was absolutely elated to come across Lisa Wheeler's Jazz Baby grooves and swings like nobody's business. The rhythms are infectious. The text is filled with bounce and joy. The illustrations of Jazz Baby and his family, hip-hopping and be-bopping around the house practically dance themselves off the page.The kids in my class had a blast repeating Jazz Baby's parts ("Snap-snap-s [...]

    17. This book is the recipient of the 2009 Theodor Seuss Giesel Award. Most appropriate for preschoolers to second graders, Jazz Baby follows a baby that cannot seem to stop dancing. Originally just jamming with his brother and sister, the Baby's happiness becomes infectious as the rest of the house starts dancing with them. As readers, we are then able to see that even the neighbors are dancing with Baby. However, all babies need sleep, so the story ends with his parents singing him to sleep. I bot [...]

    18. Award: Theodor Seuss Geisel HonorIn this musical book every character is making some type of musical noise with their bodies either clapping, snapping, dancing and much more. The baby in this book joins in with all of the jazz playing around him, adding his own rhythm. Everyone goes home and the baby sleeps but is still singing and dancing in his dreams.A great book that is unique from other musical books by focusing on jazz instead of mainstream music or nursery rhymes. If you are a child who w [...]

    19. Very short, simple book. Not many words per spread, which makes it suited for even little-little ones.I love how the text is largely done with sound words (there's a word for that, but I can't for the life of me remember how to spell it!) or scat singing. Very bouncy, very great, wonderful way to teach basic wordplay for little ones.I'm not a huge fan of the illustrations. They're not ill-suited for the text, they just aren't a style I happen to like. What you see on the cover is pretty much wha [...]

    20. A great introduction to jazz for very young readers, the rhythm and rhyme and repetition of the text are marvelous and almost entrancing. The portrayal of a large family, coming together to make music, dance, and (eventually) get Jazz Baby to go to sleep, is both fun and heart-warming, and the bright illustrations suit the text perfectly. After we checked this out from the library, Dot wanted to read it every night, and would clap along with Jazz Baby. It is one of the first books where she memo [...]

    21. Jazz Baby’s mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and siblings love to sing and dance, and Jazz Baby is right there with them encouraging everyone to feel the beat. This book has a really nice flow, and could be a great mirror for children of southern musical families, or a window for children who do not see a lot of singing and dancing in their homes. Singing, dancing, and moving are essential parts of early childhood education, and this lively book is a great way to get student [...]

    22. I’ve read a pile of children’s books within the last month and a half, and out of that heavy stack of good reads, Lisa Wheeler’s Jazz Baby was hands down the most memorable and fun book I’ve read. This rhythmic tale of a baby and his musical family and friends makes the reader and especially the listener want to get up and dance throughout the book. Along with the entertaining rhythm and rhyme, there are wonderful illustrations that flow with the jazzy feel. I believe this harmonious sto [...]

    23. The amount of motion that R. Gregory Christie gets into his illustrations for Lisa Wheeler's swinging text is just amazing. I can see this as an animated short in my head just from the illustrations on the page. I'd love to hear the text put to music as well. The sounds included in the text and repetetive sentence structure make this great for both read-alouds and beginning readers. The illustrations, done in gouache, include a variety of skin tones and lots of bright colors with simple lines. C [...]

    24. This worked well and had most of the parents participating with their babies and young child. 4/18/12Used again in both Lap and Story Time, received well in both even though we had some repeats. 4/24/13Since I didn't take a week off for spring break, I was able to do jazz programs again. One dad was really in to them, another little girl not so much. 4/28/15Used with PreK 4 class story time about family, since the teacher said she had Peter's Chair. Lots of participation.

    25. Jazz Baby is a must-read and a must-have. This book is useful for whining down even the most energetic child for naptime or bedtime. I love the pictures in this book. This book can also be used for music and movement. This book is full of sound and movement, such as clap-clap and toot-toot, that children will love imitating. Children can also learn opposites like high and low and up and down.Learning Experience: Children will imitate different sounds, such as the rum-tum of the drum or strum-str [...]

    26. Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler, is a wonderful little book that uses onomatopoeia and joyful illustrations to convey a warm living room full of family members dancing. The book keeps it simple, not biting off more than it can chew, and succeeds marvelously in being an interesting book for new readers, one I look forward to reading to my children should I be lucky enough to have them. As a literary work the book just has soul, a fun vibe that simply emanates from the pages, and it's sure to bring a sm [...]

    27. Ages 0 - 3A story set in rhyme, the baby and family sing their way through the day. This story uses a lot of music noises such as "bop bop bop" and "rum tum tum" with the baby's favorite line being "go man go."This is a great book for parents and children to read together as it is simple with a lot of repetition. In story time the librarian could sing the book and the children could sing out the repeats. This incorporates the early literacy practice of sing. Could be used for a music or rhyme th [...]

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