My Boyfriend Merlin

He was a little older than he was letting on By a few eonsIn this modern Arthurian, 17 year old Boston high schooler Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out the guy she s been crushing on, hot biker Matt, is a little older than he was letting on In fact, he is really Merlin the Merlin, King Arthur s Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived Frozen in a cave for overHe was a little older than he was letting on By a few eonsIn this modern Arthurian, 17 year old Boston high schooler Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out the guy she s been crushing on, hot biker Matt, is a little older than he was letting on In fact, he is really Merlin the Merlin, King Arthur s Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived Frozen in a cave for over fifteen hundred years, he s woken for a purpose But Ryan s not impressed Tired of being a relationship loser, she d rather kick his legendary behind.Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor But despite gruesome gargoyles, a deadly new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world Will she be able to stop him
My Boyfriend Merlin He was a little older than he was letting on By a few eonsIn this modern Arthurian year old Boston high schooler Arriane aka Ryan DuLac just found out the guy she s been crushing on hot biker M

  • Title: My Boyfriend Merlin
  • Author: Priya Ardis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. -sigh- I really wanted to like this book, really I did. But I just couldn't. Honestly, after the first couple of chapters, it was painful to finishbut I made an oath to myself to finish all my books I did it. Let's see.where to start? OkayRyan. Ryan, ryan, ryan. I don't like you. You're whiny, think your poop don't stink, and finicky. Next.Vanetually, I HATE you. I don't like your attitude. I don't like your personality, and I don't think you and the main character should hook up. Wait.on second [...]


    3. !!Contains slight spoilers!!Well this is difficult to rate I liked the idea and the story. But the writing was a bit - how do I put this best? - chaotic maybe. It started in the middle of the 2nd chapter when everything was happening and being revealed it was just so hectic and chaotic and I completely lost the overview of what was going on and I was surprised that the characters didn't feel the same way. "So there's magic and I'm kind of a part of this world? Okay, let's go to London!" That kin [...]

    4. Mi aspettavo un bel libro? No. Non sono così ingenua. Ma ho letto retelling arturiani YA altre volte, quindi lo so che non sono necessariamente Lo Schifo: Albion mi è piaciuto davvero, Avalon High è divertente e Searching fo Arthur imho ha un suo perchè, con i suoi momenti esageratamente drammatici e quelli in cui sembra rendersi conto di essere un'idiozia. The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor - Vampire Hunter rimane per me un classico dell'involontariamente comico - anche solo per il fatto [...]

    5. Oh my goodness! A book with Merlin! Merlin!! Okay, I definitely need to turn my fangirl mode down a little. And hey guess what the season five of the BBC series Merlin comes back today! Wooot! Okay, okay, the book, the book, right, right. So when I first heard of the book, I knew I must read it! I mean, MERRLLLINNNN! Magic? Arthurian? Gargoyles? Excalibur? Hell yes!Yes, I wasn't sure of the modern setting but you know BBC has one of the most awesome classics-turned-modern show ever, Sherlock so [...]

    6. “Three stars: An entertaining revamp of King Arthur.Ryan remembers the exact moment when her life forever changed. What starts out as an ordinary day at school quickly turns into an uproar when the world is rocked by a tremor and a stone dropping from the sky. Inside the stone is a sword: the legendary sword of King Arthur. On the way home, Ryan and her friend Matt are attacked by a shadow dragon and her life is forever altered. Ryan finds out that Matt is Merlin the Wizard of Camelot. He is h [...]

    7. While not well-versed in the tropes of the post-millennial YA renaissance, I do love me a plucky heroine, and PA makes it clear right in the pithy-perfect title that, oh yes, there will be pluck. And, as an added bonus, romance and magic--the other two legs of the stool that pretty much all transcendent storytelling has rested on since--well, since the days of Arthur.Not to mention that PA herself manages to pluck (yes, that is while they call it plucky) such a timeworn tale from the depths of a [...]

    8. 2.5 stars. Based on the title adding this book is a little embarrassing actually. But I have to because I like to keep track of my reading progress here. Why would I even read anything that sounds so silly? Well, first of all: ever since the BBC show "Merlin" I kind of have a thing for Merlin. I don't think of him as an old man in a pointy hat anymore, I think of him as an attractive, slightly nerdy young man that I would like to meet. Yes I'm a geek.Second: I just felt like reading a silly fant [...]

    9. "He who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king. Arthur, you're the one." - Merlin, from the 1981 film Excalibur17-year old Arianna Morganna Brittany DuLac prefers to be called Ryan. yet the length of her name is the least of her worries. she gets thrust into a world of magic after a stone and sword mysteriously falls from the sky. Ryan also finds out that the guy she used to date is the wizard Merlin himself. author Priya Pradis resurrects a fragment of the Arthurian mythos, gives it a [...]

    10. **You can find more reviews in my blog, Librarian Mouse**Seriously speaking people, aren't you tired of the constant books about vampires, werewolves, angels and demons? I mean, they are a HUGE constant right now. And I'm getting a little bit overwhelmed to be honest.That's why, when I saw the chance (my chance!) to be part of this blog tour I knew I had to participate.I mean, who hasn't heard the story about King Arthur and Merlin? Or about the roundtable? Or even watched that Disney movie that [...]

    11. That was a really great book. I'm actually surprised that I liked it that much. I always liked the stories about King Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round table and this one was a nice retelling. Now, off to the next book.

    12. *Respira maky, respira y no asesines al libro*A ver. este libro me hizo enojar, y mucho!!!Voy a empezar por lo buenoLa historia es muy buena! Toma personajes conocidos pero desconocidos a la vez. Los coloca en otra época y contexto. Y en una trama intrigante.Sin embargo, no es para cualquiera. Tenes que saber de Merlín, del Rey Arturo, de su gobierno, de las leyendas sobre Excalibur y todo lo que puedas de esa época. Porque el libro no explica nada. Da por hecho que quien lo lee sabe del tema [...]

    13. My Boyfriend Merlin is about a girl named Arriane Dulac but she goes by Ryan. Ryan lost her mom and and adopted sister to the gargoyles and her ex boyfriend is claiming to be Merlin. Ryan finds out that Matt is Merlin by his brother Vane who is also a wizard. Vane was describing Merlin to her then waited for it to sink in before he said a spell to make Matt look like and an old cartoon wizard. He had a pointy hat, dress robes, pointy shoes on, and a long white beard. It was confirmed for her whe [...]

    14. Reviewed By~RobinReview Copy Provided By~Bewitching Blog ToursFinally a story that brings Merlin into the 21st Century not only giving him a new adventure but also places him in a love triangle that is actually believable. Merlin has that dangerous image that makes him irresistible. Then you throw in his equally good looking brother it leaves any normal girl with a dilemma of what to do. Oh to be in Arriane’s or Ryan to her friends, shoes.Merlin better known as Matt Emrys is in search of someo [...]

    15. No matter how hard I try, I just can't bring myself to finish this book. It is honestly a painful read for me. I just can't get over all the painful cliches and drawn out plot line. Now that I have finished My Boyfriend Merlin, I must admit that I'm shocked I gave it three stars. When I first started reading this novel, I struggled. I just couldn't get through it. The plot seemed predictable, and the number of grammatical mistakes was high; however, after finishing it, I am pleasantly surprised [...]

    16. My Boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis is a delightful quick and entertaining read.The story of a modern day Merlin riding a Ducati is one that is told in such a fashion that it almost seems to be logical and probable. The main protagonist is a real girl who' most will find they are able to relate to. Merlin is still a young man and he is still the most powerful wizard in the world, but he is not all sweet and passive and I loved his character. I think what I loved most about the book is the ease of [...]

    17. I read just about anything fiction, and I usually snap up most of the free books I find. It is very rare to find a free book so well written and easy to read that you come to the last page and just don't want it to end, and so you feel you simply must purchase the next novel to continue the story.I was slightly leary of the Potter-esque plot description (orphan goes to wizard school), not because I dislike the idea, but because it has been overdone. I was blown away by how original the story rea [...]

    18. My Boyfriend Merlin una historia con una trama diferente. La famosa historia de Merlín y Arturo adaptada a la realidad. La autora hizo un buen trabajo con ella.Ahora bien SPOILERSNormalmente no me gusta hacer reviews con spoilers, pero es que no puedo evitar comentar el "trío" en este libro. No sé sinceramente que fue lo que Vane hizo para que Ryan se enamorara de él. ¿Su arrogancia? ¿Su estupidez? ¿Su necedad? WTF!! Si bien Merlin aka Matt, no aparece TANTO como Vanne, lo cual es irónic [...]

    19. I love a good Camelot interpretation. They never get old to me. There were a few moments that "toed the line" for me in terms of content. Not really bad by any means but I am just a baby.I did however really like Ryan the heroine in this story. She was tough and I liked her stubbornness. I loved Matt and thought Vane was hilarious at times. I dislike love triangles especially when they deal with Brothers but we'll see how this one plays out in the end. I am curious.I do not like blood and violen [...]

    20. Honestamente no se que pensar de este libro Ok veamos me encanta la trama de este es algo diferente algo nuevo y Fresco, me gustan los personajes, accion etc Merlin o Vane? sigo sin poder decidirme, pero puedo decir con seguridad que en verdad Ryan me hizo en ocaciones quererme arrancar el cuero cabelludo me saco mis casillas =P la historia de ella y Vane mmm todavia no me convence como que a este trio amoroso le falta mas fuerza en fin el libro es bastante bueno y Divertido, con una lectura rap [...]

    21. Loved the story, however, I wish there was more with some of the scenes. There seemed to be missing little parts of the story (like parts ended too soon). Also, this book really needs an editor. There were simple words missed; things like "a" and "the" for instance. Also, there were other problems that could be fixed with the help of editing. Though the non-editing tripped me up at times and made me pause, I still got through the story and enjoyed it. That's why it gets 3 stars. I'm on to the se [...]

    22. Hey, I'm English so I absolutely embrace anything anyone writes about mythology whether its Robin Hood, Boadicea, Saxons, Druids, Pagans, or King Arthur. Those are the stories we grew up with at school and at home. There isn't a time when you see pictures of Cornwall or Glastonbury and you don't think of King Arthur. When I started My Boyfriend Merlin I was intrigued from the start. Was this another book trying to re-write history? Seemingly not! Priya Ardis has written something unique and whil [...]

    23. Now, I’m going to be honest. The blurb above is not the one I read originally when I decided to read My Boyfriend Merlin. This one isn’t better or worse, but the one I read seemed to encompass more of the things that were a big drive in this book. I originally wrote this review while staring at the other blurb with the different set of information, but trustme when I say nothing I’m going to outright discuss is that big of a surprise.Okay, I’ll be frank–I didn’t come at this book wit [...]

    24. There is so much to say about this book. Originally, I was excited to read this book. The title did sound corny and usually I don’t read books like this, but I gave this a try. I love the idea of a modern day Arthurian legend story, and This book grabbed my attention because of my slight obsession with the BBC show Merlin. And I ended up being disappointed with this book. Honestly, I didn’t even finish the book. I can definitely start off with the plot. I might get this wrong considering I s [...]

    25. Ryan DuLac is a high school student with some problems: she and her boyfriend Matt have just called it quits, and since her mother's death, she's been living with a close friend of the family. But everything in her life is about to get way more complicated.When Ryan loses her best friend in a freaky dragon attack, she learns that there's more to the world than meets the eye. Magic is real--and Matt is not really Matt. Ryan quickly gets on the track to becoming an unlikely hero.This book was a re [...]

    26. I was so excited to read this book. I love Merlin and anything to do with Merlin. I loved this book. It was hook, line and sinker from the first page, the excitement started right away. The book was full on mystery, action, and romance.It is present day and Ryan is in school when the tremor hits. It’s all over the news. A stone with a sword has fallen from the sky and landed in England. This was the last moment that Ryan’s life would ever be normal. She finds out that the myth of King Arthur [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book. There is a good mixture of history/myth, magic, and hardships- so there is always something going on. I liked that. It was never too much, the plot worked really well and it incorporated many different elements. Matt is such a complex guy. I both loved him and was annoyed at him many times throughout the book. At first, I was 100% on team Matt, but then there were certain times where he was so distant and annoying that I changed my mind. By the end of the story I didn [...]

    28. I have always loved fantasy and when I read that this was about Merlin, I was anxious to read this book. What I didn't expect was to enjoy it so much, especially in this modern day setting. Arriane, better known as Ryan is a 17-year-old senior in high school. The oh so hot Matt has the whole biker vibe going on, is charming, and Ryan is a little more than infatuated with him. As it turns out, Matt is also Merlin, the greatest wizard ever, who has woken up from the deep freeze, and Matt has a pur [...]

    29. Ryan is just a normal 17 year old girl. She's the student president in her high school. She lives with her friends Grey and Alexa and their mother Sylvia, because her mom died. One day during a boring lecture in her history class, the unthinkable happens. Another teacher interrupts the lecture with an announcement that "History is happening now!" The whole class goes into another classroom to find out just what is going on. A large rock has shown up, out of nowhere in Trafalgar Square, with King [...]

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