Life's a Witch

Hadley Bishop is the descendant of the most powerful and famous witch of all time and as the most popular girl at Astor High, it appears as if she s gotten all her best qualities But when Hadley s mother is kidnapped and killed by the same evil coven that betrayed her great, great, great Grandmother during the Salem Witch Trials, Hadley swears to get rid of the witches onHadley Bishop is the descendant of the most powerful and famous witch of all time and as the most popular girl at Astor High, it appears as if she s gotten all her best qualities But when Hadley s mother is kidnapped and killed by the same evil coven that betrayed her great, great, great Grandmother during the Salem Witch Trials, Hadley swears to get rid of the witches once and for all With the help of the other kids in her coven, the teens wage a war against Samuel Parris and his followers which results in a battle so epic and dangerous that the magical world will be changed forever.
Life s a Witch Hadley Bishop is the descendant of the most powerful and famous witch of all time and as the most popular girl at Astor High it appears as if she s gotten all her best qualities But when Hadley s mot

  • Title: Life's a Witch
  • Author: Brittany Geragotelis
  • ISBN: 9781467941297
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. “Slipping my clothes off, I took a minute to check myself out in the mirror. [] Damn. I may not be Jessica Alba, but I could probably have been her body double.” You got to love a heroine like Hadley Bishop, at least according to the author’s agent, who gushes that the main character of Life's a Witch “is impossible not to like”. Well, I seem to possess special abilities, for not liking Hadley turned out to be very, very easy. In fact, the heroine’s personality is one of things I dis [...]

    2. I did not know that this was not the first book of the series. I started it and ended it feeling like I was not missing a thing.I went back and forth between giving it 5 stars vs 4 stars. I ended up with 4, primarily for reasons I can's list without giving away any spoilers. Let's just leave it at the fact I found Hadley to have done/believed some pretty stupid things for someone who was pulling a 4.0 gpa. I just thought she would have been smarter than that, or at the least questioned certain t [...]

    3. I first heard about Life's a Witch through an article in Publisher's Weekly. My first thought upon reading the article was "oh great, here we go again, another self-published author." I was, however, intrigued. After all, Brittany had achieved 19 Million reads of the book on Wattpad, a site I check into every few weeks, and she seemed like a very sweet lady in her interview. I decided to purchase the book and check it out. I placed it on my shelf for a rainy day and forgot about it. Little did I [...]

    4. Just finished LAW and LOVED it! Hadley is an awesome main character because she has a lot of depth that isn't apparent right away. I loved that she was conflicted about what she should do/the heavy responsibility of leading the coven right after she suffers a significant loss, and her not fully understanding that she really is the strongest leader of all of the twitches. I'm drawn to character development, so that really stuck with me, and how she found her confidence in the witch world. It comp [...]

    5. I could not contain my excitement when I saw this book and its cover on ! I absolutely adored the first book in this series, What the Spell?, and I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of this! Needless to say I was not disappointed when I opened this book. In this book we see charmed witch and popular high school student, Hadley Bishop. Yep, you guessed it! She is a direct descendant from the first witch that was murdered in the Salem Witch Trials, Bridget Bishop. Hadley leads a pretty char [...]

    6. Nanny BooksCosas de brujas es el primer libro de la saga de Brittany Geragotelis. Con una narración sencilla y sin muchas pretensiones, descubriremos la historia de una bruja adolescente moderna, que le gusta ir de compras y hacer su voluntad.Cuando descubrí la portada de esta novela en su lanzamiento en España quedé totalmente cautivada por la pinta tan moderna de la protagonista Especialmente por esos tacones. Así empecé a imaginarme la historia con un parecido a La guerra de las brujas. [...]

    7. No reseñé este libro en mi blog porque no valía la pena, sin embargo, la protagonista inauguró una nueva sección:PERSONAJES QUE MERECEN UN FLECHAZO EN LA FRENTE, porque nadie se merecía ese privilegio más que ella.Agarren Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix, quítenle todo (TODO) lo bueno, yankeerizenlo, frivolizenlo, agreguen una protagonista la mar de estúpida, contradicciones, obviedades y ahí tienen Cosas de brujas.El peor libro que leí en el año (en años, arriesguemos), yo que ve [...]

    8. Decent premise but Hadley is one of the most annoying and stuck up heroines I've come acrossd I've read the Undead series so that's saying something.

    9. I thought this book was pretty good but there was a certain part that spiraled my feelings towards the book.This review is going to be hard to express without giving away spoilersI enjoyed the beginning of the book and thought it was goodHadley being the main character comes from a long line of witches that dates back into The Salem Witch Trials. I thought that was pretty cool.It had a turn towards the end of the book that had me scratching my head and wondering WTF I had many mixed feelings.Wit [...]

    10. Obviously written for the "Young Adult" reader. But it was an engaging story, and I was unable to put it down without finishing it. I'm going to recommend it to my 16 year old granddaughter.

    11. Creo que este fue el peor libro que leí en el 2013. La trama no tiene una buena base, la protagonista es una adolescente egoísta, egocéntrica e insufrible con aires de diva, a la que todos idolatran (aunque no tanto como ella misma). Encima hay amor instantáneo, el romance tiene muy poco sentido, a la media hora de conocerse ella ya se lo lleva a vivir con su aquelarre que esta en peligro de muerte y sufriendo ataques constantes, osea le revela su paradero a un completo desconocido!Algunas c [...]

    12. Recommended if you like YA magical stories with leading female characters and a bit of angst and magic. I was disappointed with volume 1 but surprised when this this follow up book lived up to its hype. Good job. The author removed enough of the stupid class envy that ruined Brooklyn and kept enough to make Hadley a good character. It was a bit confusing when Asher from the previous book was the love interest of this lead character again. But it was good to see he gets a better girl friend this [...]

    13. Final rating: 1.5/5I've tried my best not to make this a ranty review, but I'm so frustrated with this book that I couldn't help but write some of it down. I hope you won't mind.The blurb for this one sounded great. Add that to 15 million readers on Wattpad and I was expecting to get a good story. Unfortunately, I was annoyed with the main character from the very first page. I have never, ever read about a main character as stuck up and full of herself as Hadley Bishop.She is the most popular gi [...]

    14. Reseñada creada para el blog¡AL FIN TERMINÉ EL LIBRO! Para los que me siguen en (y los que no, vayan a seguirme YA MISMO (?)) saben que tardé muchisimo en leer este libro de solo 280 páginas. Suelo amar los libros de Roca, pero ya con La Selección, La Elite, y ahora este, me estoy decepcionando un poquitin.Es el libro con puntuación más baja, y hasta le daría menos, pero creo que ya el trabajo de publicarlo o algo se merece una estrella. La trama es interesante, no voy a negarlo, dos c [...]

    15. Non so da dove iniziare, questo romanzo mi ha delusa! D'impatto ho visto la copertina e la trama, il tutto mi sembrava molto interessante, pieno di avventura e misterioso invece si è rivelato una totale delusione.Punto primorchè la Casa Editrice abbia deciso di pubblicare il secondo volume della serie è un mistero. Ho letto qualcosina in rete e ho scoperto che i due romanzi non sono legati affatto l'uno all'altro quindi si può leggere tranquillamente questo senza aver letto quello ma a mio a [...]

    16. I just can't. I was willing to give a second chance to Geragotelis because I thought my problems might be with the MC from the previous book, this book is just as bad. Don't freaking bother. To see full review click on one of the following links:My BlogBook Likes

    17. Da leggere per la sua bruttezza e per la peggiore protagonista ever. Altro che Bella, altro che Mary Sue

    18. I just cannot with this book.I could go on for ages why this book earned a spot on my "Hated It" shelf, but for brevity, I will simply talk about the prologue and the foundation this book was built on.Bridget Bishop was the first woman hanged in the Salem witch trials. She was a real person who died by tragedy. Write a book about the supposed descendant of Bridget Bishop, sure, but do your research first.The prologue runs with the inaccurate conflation of Bridget Bishop and Sarah Bishop into one [...]

    19. La recensione sul blog leggereromanticamente/Attirata dalla trama e dalle premesse, mi sono illusa di avere tra le mani un bel romanzo urban fantasy YA, ed invece non l'ho trovato nulla di particolare. Avete presente quando alla fine di un libro, ripensando alla storia, sapete già che vi mancheranno i personaggi di cui avete appena letto? Ecco, assolutamente non è questo il caso, perchè non mi è rimasto proprio nulla dalla lettura di questo libero! La protagonista è Hadley, una 17enne molto [...]

    20. Life’s a Witch by Brittany Geragotelis was an awesome audio to listen to. It’s a witchy/paranormal story and I do have such a fondness for those so for me I really enjoyed this book. It’s narrated by Joy Osmanski and she is fast becoming a favorite narrator of mine. I have listened to one other book narrated by her and she makes an audio even more enjoyable with the emotions she puts into her reading of the story. For me she brings the story alive in my mind and she keeps perfect pace and [...]

    21. Attratta dalla trama mi dispiace essermi inceppata in una delusione tale.Non capivo la scelta editoriale di stampare prima il secondo volume della serie, per poi scoprire che il primo è considerato più un prequel/spin off. Okay, ma continuo a non capire.Ad essere sincera perfino questo volume mi è parso molto introduttivo o con pezzi mancanti.La protagonista è completamente diversa rispetto al solito, vanitosa e completamente sicura di sé, continuamente in preoccupazione riguardo il suo asp [...]

    22. Recensione del blog Le passioni di BrullyHo scoperto che in realtà questo non è il primo volume, ma il secondo della trilogia. Fortunatamente non è collegato, e non ci sono riferimenti di nessun tipo a qualsiasi cosa passata. Quindi non preoccupatevi.La protagonista è Hadley, una giovane e bella studentessa delle superiori. Popolare e irraggiungibile, è soddisfatta della sua vita.Ma c'è qualcos altro, che non tutti sanno: Hadley è una strega potentissima, discendente di una stirpe di stre [...]

    23. Life’s a Witch is a bit better than What the Spell. I would suggest reading LAW before WTS as I found out that WTS is actually the prequel (not to be confused with the 1st book of the series) ruins Asher in LAW for me anyways. Asher seems like 2 completely different people in each of the novels and it confused me. LAW has more paranormal aspects in it over WTS which I liked. I did enjoy it more but it took about 150 pages for me to get really into it. The author really likes the popular girls [...]

    24. Este es el claro ejemple de "No jusguez a un libro por la portada". Okey la portada es muy bonita y llama muchisimo la atención Pero lo que esta adentro es un completo desastre. La protagonista la peor protagonista que he leído: creida, egoista, egocentrica, ni una gota de humilda, yo yo y yo. Se cree el sol que gira en el universo, la mejor de todas, la más poderosa. ¿Esto se modifica en un final? NO. El mensaje que nos deja la autora es que mientras te vistas bien, seas la más querida del [...]

    25. Davvero deludente.Una trama sconclusionata, piena di contraddizioni e in diversi punti si ha l'impressione che sia stata scritta in fretta e furia tanto per arrivare a un finale. Senza contare che il libro è infarcito di episodi inutili e neanche minimamente rappresentati e di personaggi di cui si fa fatica a capire la personalità. Come ciliegina sulla torta ci sono battaglie che si risolvono con lanci di non precisati incantesimi e una protagonista che è la più potente strega in circolazion [...]

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