1 thought on “A Dark Obsession Times 2”

  1. The author spent 20 years in law enforcement in the US and the believability level in all of his stories and novels that encompass crime is sky high.This novel, like most of his others, once again has as its protagonist Detective JD Welch. I’ve read all of the Welch books now and have enjoyed following his career. To me this one actually comes across as a thinly-disguised accounting of Work’s own career—although I could be wrong about that—and it makes for compelling reading. Welch is no [...]

  2. Here is the definitive police handbook on sociopaths! A rivetting read encompassing the gathering of evidence into a man's plot to kill his wife and then take his daughters away and sexually abuse them.The story starts with a man beating his wife senseless at a camping ground one afternoon and being arrested for the crime by a police officer who is in the next door cabin. Some years later, the plot thickens as Jim Holber plots from inside prison to hire a criminal to kill his wife. However the s [...]

  3. Great bookI really enjoyed this book but not the ending. I was hoping for something totally opposite what it was.Other than that it was very well written.

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