A Tale of Two Vampires

Time isn t always on a vampire s side Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year due in part to the very bad men in her life So, she s accepted her cousin s invitation to spend the summer in Austria indulging in her photography hobby There, rumors of a haunted forest draw Iolanthe into the dark woods and into the eighteenth century Nikola Czerny is a cursed man, forced byTime isn t always on a vampire s side Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year due in part to the very bad men in her life So, she s accepted her cousin s invitation to spend the summer in Austria indulging in her photography hobby There, rumors of a haunted forest draw Iolanthe into the dark woods and into the eighteenth century Nikola Czerny is a cursed man, forced by his half brothers to live forever as a Dark One But his miserable existence takes an intriguing turn when a strange, babbling woman is thrown in his path Iolanthe claims to know Nikola s daughter three hundred years in the future She also knows what fate in the form of his murderous half brothers has in store for him If only she knew the consequences of changing the past to save one good, impossibly sexy vampire
A Tale of Two Vampires Time isn t always on a vampire s side Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year due in part to the very bad men in her life So she s accepted her cousin s invitation to spend the summer in Austria in

  • Title: A Tale of Two Vampires
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9781464036651
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Audiobook
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    1. A Sensational read!! Exceptionally well written. First of all I loved how this story made me laugh from the beginning thru to the very end. The banter between Io and Nikola when they would communicate telepathically with each other was very entertaining! I loved that about this book. The romance was whimsical. I wish I was Io! And Nikola, wow! I want a man like him!! Tall, muscular, desirable and very sexy!! Also, the umwas very nicely detailed!! Over all a wonderful read and highly recommend it [...]

    2. This book, although beautifully written in the sense of world building as others have noted, was altogether not that great. I enjoyed the overall story line, and while I thought at around page 100 that this was a bit predictable, I was proven wrong in the middle. The dialogue in this, however was the worst I've ever read. And I mean that.*****FROM HERE ON OUT, THERE ARE SPOILERS*****Okay, so, yes, this is the first book I've read of the series. I found this at my local library and since I love r [...]

    3. Katie MacAlister has scored another win with this book as far as I am concerned. In her usual style she gives us another sexy Dark one in Nikola Czerny and his quirky heroine Iolanthe Tennyson (Io).Iolanthe(Io) has come to Austria to spend the summer with her cousin Gretl and practice her hobby of photography , which she hopes to turn into a possible profession.While attending a goth fair with Gretl, they meet up with some old friends of Gretl's. Imogen and Benedikt Czerny; Io desperately wants [...]

    4. Dies war der letzte Teil der Reihe und ich bin soooo traurig. Ich hoffe wirklich, dass die Autorin doch irgendwann noch einmal einen Band schreibt. In diesem Band geht es um Iolanthe (was für eine Name). Sie kommt aus gewissen Gründen, die ich hier nicht verrate, zum altbekannten (also zumindest dem Liebhaber der Reihe) Gothic-Markt. Dort trifft sie auf die uns ebenfalls schon bekannten (und geliebten) Imogen und Ben. Durch einen 'Unfall' wird Io dann in der Zeit zurückversetzt und trifft dor [...]

    5. Ialanthe Tennyson is a modern girl who falls through what she refers to as a swirly thingy (time portal) she finds in an enchanted wood to a time 300 years before her birth. There she meets a vampire, Nikola Czerny, to whom she is immediately sexually attracted. Through her brief time in his home (and his time,) she learns that Nikola is a kind-hearted lord who cares deeply for his children and for his motley crew of a staff. She also realizes that she already knows Nikola's fate and that he is [...]

    6. Take two blonds(who aren't blond) place one out of time and one out of place and let each hear what the other thinksd you have the makings on one very funny tale!Iolanthe Tennyson has had a hard time lately. Her male boss tried to grope her and when she filed a complaint false charges were made that cost her her job. Add to that, the apt. she lives in was sold and shes been tossed outTime to leave the area and spend the summer with her Austrian cousin indulging in her love of photography.She is [...]

    7. A couple of years ago I started on this series with book one: A Girl's Guide to Vampires. I loved it and read the next four books with just as much pleasure. Book 6 in the series however (Zen and the Art of Vampires) sounded too triangly for my tastes and as book 7 had the same lead character as book 6 I didn't feel like buying those and somehow I never got to buying the books after those two.Then I got this book as a present from Melliane and once I started reading I was hooked.This is a seriou [...]

    8. This was one of the worst books I have read/listened to. I read this as an audio book and frankly had to force myself to finish the story. I was disappointed in the story from the first. I had to see if the story could remain as ludicrous as it is at the beginning clear to the end, which it did not disappoint in that respect! The dialogue was stilted from all characters. Once the heroine met the hero, the mind talking was more important to the author than moving the story along. There were so ma [...]

    9. Zeitreise. Vampire. Humor. Keine Zeit für Vampire ist wieder einmal ein gelungener Band von Katie MacAlister, in dem sich vor allem auch viele Altbekannte Charaktere tummeln. Neu ist hier allerdings, dass dieses Mal die Zeit eine andere ist und Io ungewollt in die Vergangenheit reist. Iolanthes Art ist, wie bei MacAlisters Frauen bekannt, nicht ganz einfach und dennoch unterhaltsam. Dennoch entpuppt sie sich stellenweise als etwas zu verplant und genau das lässt Io manchmal dümmer wirken als [...]

    10. I won this book via a giveaway here on ! I did not know what to expect as I had never read anything by this author, but immediately was turned on by the cover! heavens men! SO hot! LOL ANYWAYS!!! LOL The book was SO freaking funny! I loved it! It was hot, lusty, VERY fast, and just LOL funny! I will say that if you are not a nerd, you may not enjoy the humor and may find it silly. I am a nerd and loved it. It deals with time travel, so you can figure out the sort of humorous situations a modern [...]

    11. This book started out okay, but when she is transported back in time it started to get tedious. First there is the long, drawn-out confusion of what time period she is in and once that's sorted out, there's the constant attraction between them that she is resisting to the point of stupidity. Her reasons for resisting are flimsy, but the attraction between is continuously pointed out until I feel like screaming, "Just do it already! There's no real reason not to!" That's all that's happened so fa [...]

    12. Book Review- A Tale of Two Vampires by Katie McAlisterIolanthe Tennyson lost her job thanks to a jerk of a boss who can’t keep his hands off. So she is staying with her cousin Gretl. She wants to give her photography a go. So she is at the Gothfaire looking at all the occult things while Gretl visits with her friend.However, Io meets some interesting people who believe in vampires. She can’t be around crazy. She flees and runs into a horse, knocks herself out. Nicola is forced to stop his ca [...]

    13. There some things I loved and some others not so much.I actually loved the hero Nikola. Even though he had the slightly extreme version of insta-lust. He handled it a humorous way I thought. His tendency to slightly ramble on and on, in a scientific and distracted way was cute and a little bit awkward. I even thought the way he handled his attempts at seduction funny and believable. He admitted her was quite obsessed with Io right off the bat, and didn't fall into the typical alpha male trapping [...]

    14. (Deutsche Kritik weiter unten)Time-travel, vampires and unstoppable romanceIolanthe (who prefers to be called Io, thank you very much) really, truly hasn't had the best of times lately: she's lost her flat and her job in short succession, no thanks to the men in her life.Visiting her beloved cousin Gretl in Austria for a prolonged vacation seems like the perfect idea to get back on her feet, right? She can relax and unwind, and maybe she can even take enough excellent pictures to start a new car [...]

    15. Originally posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 asA TALE OF TWO VAMPIRES - It's the Best of Her DARK ONES seriesatFANGS, WANDS & FAIRY DUSTA TALE OF TWO VAMPIRESA Dark Ones Novelby Katie MacAlisterPublisher Signet / Penguin (September 4, 2012)Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages & E-Book FormatsPersonal property of blogger, no remuneration exchanged and all opinions herein are my own except as noted. Time isn’t always on a vampire’s side… Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year—du [...]

    16. Die junge Amerikanerin Iolanthe (die es vorzieht, 'Io' genannt zu werden, vielen Dank!), hat eine wirklich bescheidene Zeit hinter sich: sie hat kurz hintereinander Wohnung und Job verloren und bläst Trübsal. Ein ausgedehnter Besuch bei ihrer heißgeliebten Tante Gretl in Österreich scheint ihr genau das Richtige zu sein, um wieder auf die Beine zu kommen: da kann sie sich erst mal entspannen und erholen - und vielleicht ja auch genug hervorragende Fotos schießen, um damit eine glänzende ne [...]

    17. A fun read, rated 4.5! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:After being sexually harassed at her job and subsequently fired, Iolanthe ‘Io’ Tennyson accepts her cousin Gretl’s invitation to spend the summer in Austria. Hoping to get into another line of work, she indulges her love of photography, which has just been a hobby up until now. In Austria, she makes the acquaintance of Gretl’s good friend, Imogen, who seems a little strange, as well as her brother Ben and his wife Fran, who cl [...]

    18. Review Copy Courtesy Of: My BookshelfKatie MacAlister's "Dark Ones" series is must read for those who love romance, sex, adventure, and humor.Book #10, "A Tale Of Two Vampires" has all of those qualities and does not disappoint!!Iolanthe ("Io" for short) has come across the pond to Austria after her life pretty much falls apart in the United States. Her loving cousin Gretl has invited her for the summer to help get her mind off of all the problems. After an adventure in a dense forest that is cl [...]

    19. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI was really curious about this Katie Macalister’s series after having a good time with another of her book that I had the opportunity to read. I must say that I was surprised by this one. I enjoyed her writing style with the great humor she adds in her stories. This novel is no exception to the rule. It was a real pleasure and I can see the real talent of the author for paranormal romance novels. I was completely conquered. So what about the story? Our yo [...]

    20. Über die Autorin:Katie MacAlister begann ihre Karriere als Schriftstellerin mit einem Sachbuch über Software. Da sie darin jedoch weder witzige Dialoge noch romantische Szenen unterbringen durfte, beschloss sie, von nun an nur noch Liebesromane zu schreiben. Seither sind zahlreiche Romane aus ihrer Feder erschienen, die regelmäßig die internationalen Bestsellerlisten stürmen.Zum Inhalt:Iolanthe Tennyson (genannt Io) macht Urlaub bei ihrer Cousine Gretl in Österreich. Sie nimmt sich eine Au [...]

    21. Ok, first off, I took time out to do a reread of The Hobbit, which took forever this time (possibly because suddenly I was acutely aware at how unlikable most of the cast really was - the dwarves' constant grumbling got on my nerves and being beaten over the head about Bilbo's homesickness made ME wish he was home just so he'd stop whining.):ahemMoving on.Katie MacAlister is somewhat hit or miss with me. When she's good, she's really good but, being a humor author, sometimes her humor goes past [...]

    22. As with many of Katie MacAlister's novels, I found this book to be very entertaining and fun to read. At least, I did for the majority of it. Through the first half of this novel, I was completely hooked - throughly laughing at moments of MacAlister's usual awkward dialogue between characters and shamefully focused on each word during steamy romance scenes. Io and Nikola are such, well, characters! As a typical Dark One Beloved, Io is wild, strong-willed, and quick-witted, which somewhat leaves [...]

    23. A Tale of Two Vampires: A Dark Ones NovelIolanthe has had some issues. After being sexual harassed at work and then fired for reporting it, she has a new career to start. Iolanthe or IO, as she likes to be called, has all ways liked photography. So when she visits her cousin Gretal for the summer, she thinks the local scenery may be perfect to start her new career. When she meets some of Gretal's friends, she thinks they are weird. When one of them thinks he is a vampire or Dark One, IO knows so [...]

    24. Es handelt sich hier um Band 10 der Dark Ones Reihe. Man kann das Buch aber auch sehr gut ohne Vorwissen lesen, da die Geschichte nicht wirklich auf Vorgängerbänden aufbaut. Jedoch kommen einige bekannte Charaktere aus Vorgängerbänden vor, sodass für den eigenen Lesegenuss die zwei Vorgängerbände gelesen werden sollten.__________________Der Abschlussband der Dark Ones Reihe von Katie MacAlister besticht noch einmal durch eine völlig andere Geschichte, wenn die Autorin neben Vampiren und [...]

    25. Read more reviews here!Iolanthe, or Io, is an aspiring photographer who is visiting her cousin in Austria. She meets Imogen at the Goth Faire that has been part of a few other Dark Ones books and wants to take pictures of her against the backdrop of the haunted woods in the area. Imogen refuses on the grounds that her father died there, so Io goes alone. While there, she sees a swirly mist and falls into it.When she wakes up, she's 300 years in the past. She meets Nikola, Imogen's father, right [...]

    26. I love this series. Ben is one of my favorites, so I was very interested in learning about his papa. I enjoyed this book, but I do not feel it was quite up to par with the others. There were tidbits here and there that I loved -like his little journal- but the focus of this book it felt like was all about the sex. Now I know the book is an adult romance novel with sex scenes. But normally her books have more plot and character to them that they do not feel like some cheesy, sex, filled book. Asi [...]

    27. This book is a fun, light read. Nikola is a sexy, very likable vampire and an excellent leading man for the story. He seems incredibly understanding and flexible in his opinions. He is fiercely loyal.Iolanthe is an adventurous heroine, although a bit immature. I was shocked when I found out her character was 39. With the dialogue, she appears much more to be in her early 20s if not younger. I thought the dialogue in the story was poor which is where it lost the stars from my point of view. So ma [...]

    28. Appallingly bad.The concept sounded good so I worked my way through the first two chapters despite the clumsy writing and naively blatant attempt at background information. The main female character (MFC) ignores incredibly youthfull vampires telling her they are vampires. Those same vampires have apparently managed to survive for many long years despite instantly taking anyone using the word 'otherworldly' into their confidence.Then MFC goes romping around in a European wood all alone wearing o [...]

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