Suflete tari ¤ Jocul ielelor ¤ Act venetian ¤ Danton

Suflete tari Jocul ielelor Act venetian Danton None

  • Title: Suflete tari ¤ Jocul ielelor ¤ Act venetian ¤ Danton
  • Author: Camil Petrescu
  • ISBN: 9786065880221
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Suflete tari ¤ Jocul ielelor ¤ Act venetian ¤ Danton”

    1. cam in multe opere dea lui C.P. se vorbeste despre iubirea care nu poate fi atinsa datorita iubiri imperfecte pe care o poate oferi femeia sau a iubiri absolute pe care o pretinde barbatul (ex.Ultima Noapte de D, Intaia Noapte de R)cea mi.a placut cel mai mult a fost k sunt ceva mai mult decat niste piese de teatru: descrierea a stari de spirit sau expresie a fiecarui personaj inainte de replica inbogatea imaginea personajelor si al actiunisa nu mai vorbim despre finalurile, citite si recitite d [...]

    2. When I first read some of the plays from this book, I had a lot better opinion regarding them. This proves that if among the compulsory list of readings for high-school there are some average works like this one, there is a high tendency to remember them and to consider them as interesting readings, at least. So, it is easy to understand that I was a little bit disappointed when I read those plays from Camil Petrescu.

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