The Shadow of the Gauntlet

A high tech fantasy, in which young Thomas Scargen finds himself deeply entangled in a centuries old magical war while trying to discover the truth about his father.On the eve of his graduation from New Salem High, Thomas Scargen awakens from an all too real nightmare depicting his father s mysterious disappearance Before the boy can regain his composure and slack back inA high tech fantasy, in which young Thomas Scargen finds himself deeply entangled in a centuries old magical war while trying to discover the truth about his father.On the eve of his graduation from New Salem High, Thomas Scargen awakens from an all too real nightmare depicting his father s mysterious disappearance Before the boy can regain his composure and slack back into his familiar world of artifs and hologames, Thomas is torn away from his home and hastily ushered into a secret world of magic He quickly begins to discover his magic potential and grasp his manifesting abilities, but he lacks perhaps the most important component control Yareli Chual, Spirit Summoner and member of The Council of Mages, has been dispatched to recover the boy and bring him to The Council There he can find the discipline he needs and the answers he seeks, but getting him there alive will be anything but easy Yareli is not the only one searching for the Scargen boy Along his journey, Thomas will ride atop a teleport dragon, duel a High Demon of the Depths, run with the Lions of Sirati, outfox a spirit ghost, race a vampire, and quote Shakespeare with a whiskey swilling werewolf all the hope of discovering the truth about his father This quest will be fraught with darkness and malevolence far unyielding than anything Thomas has come across in his fantasy books Armed with his newly realized powers and his unlikely companions, Thomas Scargen will have to face this pervasive evil without being entirely consumed by The Shadow of the Gauntlet The novel covers well worn, well loved territory, but puts a fresh spin on the magic, tech, and fantasy that we ve all grown up loving Geekadelphia
The Shadow of the Gauntlet A high tech fantasy in which young Thomas Scargen finds himself deeply entangled in a centuries old magical war while trying to discover the truth about his father On the eve of his graduation from N

  • Title: The Shadow of the Gauntlet
  • Author: Casey Caracciolo
  • ISBN: 9780615779201
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If you're looking for a book to get lost in this summer, I highly recommend The Shadow of the Gauntlet. The world of Mages sucks you in from the very beginning, and before you know it you're 100 pages in and read through dinner time. As a main character, Thomas Scargen is a great guide through this new and uncharted world, since much of the reader's discovery is his own. The story takes on many points of view - from Thomas to a dragon to two troll henchmen to the commander of the evil forces - g [...]

    2. If you enjoy sci-fi and magic, this is a novel for you. This is a classic battle between good and evil set in the future. The robots are awesome and the talking animals possess magic power. I could not put the book down, because I had to know what happened next. What really drew me into this book is the seamless blend of fantasy elements and science fiction tech. The book grabs you from the very beginning and doesn't let go until the very end, culminating in a fantastically depicted battle of go [...]

    3. Hard to believe that a story with dragons, vampires, robots, werewolves (and many more creations of Caracciolo's own mind) could work together, but they sure do. I must admit, this guy knows how to tell a story. Thomas Scargen's adventures are what I think many of us once wished in our wildest dreams to be our reality. It made me laugh, made me sit whiteknuckled on the edge of my seat during badass mage battle scenes, it pulled on the heartstrings a bit (didn't see that coming) and it takes you [...]

    4. I think that the best thing I can say is, I can't wait for the next book in the series. Great read, pulls you right into Thomas's world, to the point that you can really picture everyone you meet and everything you see while reading. Great villains too, makes you really pull for the good guys. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but got to the point when I thought, "This book is really a winner". Can't wait to see how Thomas grows and matures in the next book. Bring on Book 2, I'm really look [...]

    5. This book was narsh. At first I was skeptical to keep coming across characters from all walks of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, but by the end was quite impressed how all the characters meshed together. Who would have thought that dragons and robots could operate within the same realm? The plot was well crafted including some very emotional twists towards the end. As the first in a series it definitely sets the foundation for tons more adventure to come. Whether a veteran of the genre or a newcomer r [...]

    6. This book is awesome. If you liked percy Jackson then this book is right up your alley. He blends vampires, magic, tech, and other things to form an awesome and addicting read. I had trouble putting it down once I started. Definitely worth it to read plus the author is very nice. One of my favorite books for sure.

    7. Amazing, I didn't expect much of this book, I mean magic and tech, teleporting dragons and robots fighting with spirits, trolls, and mages? it seemed like too much to pull off and still create a good story, but Casey Caracciolo brings it together! This man turned the skeptic into the believer. This is a fantasy epic worthy of any reader's attention.

    8. Narsh! I remember spending a brief moment at Megacon, shortly after purchasing the book, and pondering what this word scribbled on the front page by the author was supposed to mean. Now, I realize it is the perfect description for this book. While the book starts off a bit awkward, finding its pace and groove, everything really clicks in place once we are thrown into this world of magic and science. Particularly when the author seemingly throws out a bad joke he heard at a bar once"Hey! Did you [...]

    9. I have to admit, I was doubtful on this one at first, but the last ten chapters or so totally turned it around for me. If the author has a strength in anything, at least judging by this book, it’s writing action scenes. The final battle was so vividly realized, I found myself wishing there was a movie I could watch after ( this would make a swell animated feature). The book is loooooong, and at times I felt like it was buckling under the vastness of the mythology the author was building, but I [...]

    10. I am giving this a 3 because it is a very good story concept, but the actual production of that story is awkward. The paragraphs cause the reader to pause when the main character is referred to by name and then referred to as "the boy" in the next sentence. And the use of a written Cockney accent for everyone who is from the British Isles is a little hard to take.

    11. I strongly believe in brutally honest criticism, so here goes. Honestly, I hated this book until I started thinking about it like comic book without pictures, and even then it was only tolerable, not enjoyable. It kind of was a comic book in that it had a lot of action and very little character development and other such elements that make a book good. I would have given it two out of 5 stars if it hadn't been for the last three chapters, which had more emotion and were slightly better written t [...]

    12. Thomas Scargen is a pretty typical sixteen-year-old boy living in the future where wrist communicators, artifs (awesomely advanced robots) and holobooks are part of everyday life. Unfortunately for him, his life is about to become very atypical. On the eve of Thomas’s high school graduation he wakes up from a nightmare about his father, who is excavating artifacts in Egypt. Before Thomas is able to get his bearings and contact his father, he is attacked by shadowy creatures. With the help of a [...]

    13. So my partner picked this book up from one of the conventions she sells her art work in. This and the sequel to it anyway. When she came back, she handed me the book saying, "You'll probably like this. You read faster than I play through video games." Anyway, she was right and I did like this book a lot. So let's get on with the good and the bad, starting with the bad first. The cover of this book could be better. The simple design is nice but since books are still judged by their covers, it nee [...]

    14. I have to say, I might not have given this book a try at first glance, but I met the author at Philly Comic-Con and he certainly sold the story to me. If you get the same first impression that I did, DO NOT let it keep you from giving the story a chance.First, the story is completely unique. Of course you have your good vs. bad, with sides clearly set from the very beginning. What isn't the norm is the excellent way the author blends sci-fi and fantasy without it feeling forced. The main charact [...]

    15. Well, I really loved the concept. I like the mix of sci-fi and fantasy. What I wasn't sold on was the dialog. It all seemed so, blah, predictable, trite. It felt like the dialog was the only thing propelling the story at times and the story needed only to be fleshed out. It could have been so much more if we really were able to get to know the characters a bit more. I felt at times that we were dictated the story instead of being immersed in it. Things were described very bluntly instead of imme [...]

    16. Hi Casey, I was with my family when I met you at the River Reads event at the Prallsville Mill in NJ. You introduced me to your books and the characters. I really liked this book. There was a lot of action. Thomas goes on a thrilling adventure to interesting places. One of the coolest parts was [SPOILER ALERT!] when Thomas incinerated the Earah with an energy blast and he doesn't know how he does it. I can't wait to read "The Dragon Within" and follow the characters through their adventures.

    17. This book is the perfect blend of fantasy and science fiction. Caracciolo creates a world that is at once familiar yet entirely unique, from the streets of London to the talking animals of Maktaba. I enjoyed the diverse group of characters and the wild, continent-hopping journey. I definitely recommend this book to everyone!

    18. Very simplistic fantasy-ish novel. Seems made for kids. Cockney accent on several characters is off-putting.

    19. I bought this book in the bookstore in New Hope (where the author works) and I loved it. I really enjoyed the librarian trees, as well as a lot of the other characters. The fast pace of the book pulled me in right away, and as a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and anime, I enjoyed all the references and nods made to all of those things. I highly recommend reading it. I just talked to the author recently and he said he is currently working on the third book in the series.

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