Enslaved in Shadows

He s torn between his past and his futureAgent Draven Stone s job is simple, most of the time An agent of the Shadow Unit, he polices his own kind As a powerful werewolf, he s very good at his job But when a routine assignment in lovely, tropical Belize means he must protect the lovely human female who still stars in his darkest fantasies, Draven faces a terrible choHe s torn between his past and his futureAgent Draven Stone s job is simple, most of the time An agent of the Shadow Unit, he polices his own kind As a powerful werewolf, he s very good at his job But when a routine assignment in lovely, tropical Belize means he must protect the lovely human female who still stars in his darkest fantasies, Draven faces a terrible choice between the sweetest memory of his past and his responsibility to the future of his kind.Her battered heart will be tested yet againJesminda Zealand can t let the tall, magnetic Draven back into her life Five years ago, she trusted him for one magical night, and he disappeared, leaving her to deal with the consequences alone When she turned to another man for help, she found herself trapped in years of abuse that have left her scarred, both physically and emotionally Does she dare to trust again Her life has forced her to be strong, but she s not sure she can survive one betrayal.In the battle to come, lives will be changed For the better, or will woman and were find themselves enslaved by their need for one another This is a Multicultural Dark PNR Erotic Romance Warning Torture Scene and foul language 18 years and olderDon t miss this thrilling, sensual tale of dark suspense get your copy of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS today
Enslaved in Shadows He s torn between his past and his futureAgent Draven Stone s job is simple most of the time An agent of the Shadow Unit he polices his own kind As a powerful werewolf he s very good at his job But

  • Title: Enslaved in Shadows
  • Author: Tigris Eden
  • ISBN: 9780985636500
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
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    1. There's a reason I don't write books. As much as I love a good story I lack the necessary grammar and plot development skills to pull a full length novel off. I know that just because I am a voracious reader who loves to talk and blog about books does not mean that I am cut out to be an author. I sincerely wish that someone had explained this to Ms. Eden.Enslaved in Shadows is an unoriginal story filled with ideas, trends and even tropes that can easily be found in most Romance, Paranormal Roman [...]

    2. My first thoughts on this novel? What a twist and what a rush. This was awesome. My final thoughts however, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me! It’ can’t end like that!’ (vocally enough that my dogs came running). A standalone novel this is not, but completely phenomenal none the less.This novel is vividly visual right from the first page. I can see the characters and their surroundings right in my mind’s eye. Eden’s off the walls, in your face writing style keeps you on your toes throug [...]

    3. I could not put this book down. It was a wild ride and being that this was a debut author, I wasn't that excited until I began reading the book. Jes and Draven take you down a very emotional path. There were times when I was heart broken and then there were times I was like get your act together. She's been abused and hurt, so I understand her trepidation. A lot of people thought Draven was an ass. I didn't see it that way. I saw it as his way of making the choices he felt that was best for his [...]

    4. Right from the beginning, the author drapes the story of the all American girl in intensity and suspense while she embarks on a personal journey of self discovery and growth. Unbenounced to Jes, during the process of amending her past, it's her darkest deepest past indiscretions that threatens her future happiness. Reluctantly Jes enlists the special elite services of her one and only hope- The Shadow Unit. And the best man for the job is none other than Draven Stone, who coincidentally turns ou [...]

    5. Where do I start with this book Oh how I want to tell you about the ending, but that just would not be fair. Not fair at all. But Oh MAN!! OH, Oh *covers mouth* Okay lets start at the beginning.Enslaved is Tirgis Eden’s debut novel and let me tell you I think she knocked it out of the park. This book has a little bit of everything. You have love, lust, trust, betrayal, failure and hope. And oh man I really wish I could tell you all the sordid little deals. But again that is really not fair. I [...]

    6. I wish I had known ahead of time that this book ended in a cliffhanger. And not just a cliffhanger, the story is basically unresolved. What was supposedly a romance for the main couple Jes and Draven does not end with the couple together in a resolved relationship. I don't mind sequels or series even, but I dislike the feeling that I NEED to buy the next installment just to finish the story. Knocked of a few stars for me.As I was reading along I was somewhat enjoying the book. However it did hav [...]

    7. Favourite Lines “Her body called to his and Draven was more than ready to answer. No names, just raw, carnal matting. Hard. Fast. Dirty.”“Vampires were born, not infected with some virus or curse. There was no such thing as a bite turning you fangy. That shit only happened in movies.”“You and your daughter. I want us to be a family. My scent is strong on the both of you. I don’t understand how. I don't even know what it means. All I know is I can’t live another day without knowing [...]

    8. I won this e-book from a blog giveaway. It was really good all the way through! I like/hate the ending!! It's a freaking cliff hanger! Now I gotta figure out how to read book 2once it's done with :)

    9. JenRen’s Review of Enslaved in Shadows – Tigris EdenAuthor: Tigris EdenTitle: Enslaved in Shadows – Shadow Unit #1Published: June 18th, 2012Publisher: BookRhythmISBN: 9780985636A man's Past leads to his FutureAgent Stone of the Shadow Unit's job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind. When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can't help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. B [...]

    10. I love this story. I'd give it a higher score, but there are too many issues. The biggest one is the editing problem. Wrong words, wrong tenses, plural words turned into possessive words, misplaced commas, a lack of commas, random semi-colons, etc. I still haven't quite decided if Draven thought Jes had likable or lickable thighs. And I don't know if I can explain it properly, but the "voice" of the narration and the characters would change in a way that would jolt me out of the story. For examp [...]

    11. My Rating: 3 stars: Liked it, but I had some issues (B)Full Review: twimom227/2012/06/reviThe story begins about five years in the past with best friends Jesminda and Belinda on a get-away-from-it-all trip to Belize. While relaxing at a bar, tall, dark and handsome Draven catches the eye of Jes and likewise, Draven is inexplicably drawn to Jes. This leads to an evening of hot jungle sex, where names are not allowed. Draven, a wolf shifter, feels too close to human Jes, and decides he cannot aff [...]

    12. While on vacation in Belize Jesminda is determined to have fun, soak up some sun, and find her wild side. Draven turns her little walk on the wild side into the biggest moment of her life. It is just a moment though. After their paths crossed they went in opposite directions and expected never to see each other again. Five years later Jes is in deep trouble. She’s running from an abusive ex-husband, protecting the only thing in her life she holds dear, and trying to stop her ex-husband from ha [...]

    13. Enslaved In Shadows is the first book in the Shadow Unit series by new author Tigris Eden. It's a paranormal romance with some very steamy sex scenes. First, I want to mention that I received this ebook as an advanced review copy – so the final version might be better. The version I had needed some major editing. There were many grammar errors, as well as odd sentence structures and awkward word choices.I'm not big on one-night stands, so I was a little bit disappointed at the beginning. I lik [...]

    14. Jes and her best friend, Bells, are in Belize to celebrate carnivale. Celebrating meant Jes having a quickie interlude with a stranger in the jungle without exchanging names. While she agreed to the arrangment, she felt like there was more to just that night. Unfortunately, when she sees her stranger the next night in the arms of a vampire at a friend's club, she runs off.Fast forward five years and we discover that the stranger is none other than Agent Draven Stone and he is part of a Shadow Un [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this. It was sexy and fast paced and I loved all the paranormal good guys and was creeped out by the bad guys. So here I am enjoying all the action, love, violence, hurt, and betrayal. Then we get the Epilogue and its like six weeks later and nothing is the way I thought it would be. Its the end of the book. Color me surprised when I read this and realize there isn't a HEA. Nope Nada. So much is unfinished and there are more questions than answers and I read the insert for the n [...]

    16. Enslaved In shadows has all the necessarily ingredients of a really absorbing PRN book, but with some added spice and an unexpected twist. The characters all have their complexity, secrets, humour and, hopefully story to tell. The romance is steamy but also 'human' due to the trials, emotional issues and honesty in their vulnerability and hangups.The action is exciting, and though there have been comments on the torture scenes, I really didnt have a problem with them, and Im not a fan of horror [...]

    17. Haven't read it yet but am looking forward to reading it. Can I say I remember the author when (Congrats!)

    18. I hated this book. Here's why:1) There's a cliffhanger ending.2) One of main characters is a rapist. He drops his blood in unsuspecting women's drinks, which makes them desperate to have sex with him. Royce does this to the heroine's best friend in front of the hero. Draven says nothing to the woman and only chance keeps the rape from happening. Royce is known as a ladies' man, but I don't see how having to rufie your dates makes you a ladies' man. It's all treated as "boys will be boys".3) Ther [...]

    19. HOLY SHEEP ON A SKILLET!See original post on my blog Reese's ReviewsI received a copy of Enslaved in Shadows for an honest review.Alpha Male:Davin Stone is one hot hunky alpha male werewolf. In the first encounter of him he gives off the presence of a strong male and boy oh boy does that prove right time and time again in any and all circumstances of his life. He protects and loves Jes and her daughter with everything he has. He takes charge especially the major action scenes when someone is in [...]

    20. Quick recapEnslaved in Shadows is the first novel in Tigres Eden’s Shadow Unit series. The book begins with us meeting Jesminda (Jes) and her best friend Bells on vacation in Belize, where Jesminda’s family is from originally. Jes wants to have a little fun and step outside her normal comfort zone, enter Draven our dark haired, green-eyed, walking sex god. Jes and Draven meet up for a steamy, no names, one – night stand. The next evening, Jes and Bells arrive at a party being held by a fri [...]

    21. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickAfter finishing this book I'm at a loss as for what to say. On one hand I really enjoyed this book. I thought that the author created a interesting and dark world filled with memorable characters that I want to get to know better. Then on the other hand I'm left with a few unanswered questions and a gory torture scene that I honestly could have done without. Don't get me wrong, I think that this was a great debut to what looks like will be a v [...]

    22. Review also posted on Book Lovin' Mamas "Enslaved in Shadows" is Tigris Eden's debut noveld it's definitely an AMAZING debut novel to her series Shadow Unit. I had a hard time putting it down. Let's just say the first few chapters was a sexy, scorcher read. Wow!Jesminda has never done anything out of character until she's on vacation and ends up coming across one sexy man who drives her wild. Draven is actually on an assignment while Jesminda is on vacation. He never expected a woman to peek his [...]

    23. Wow what an interesting and unusually book. To me this book was half erotic half paranormal, so I guess it could be classified as a paranormal erotic romance. I admit that I do not usually read paranormal romance but I really enjoyed this one. It did leave me wondering about a few things.The book starts out with Jes (or Jesminda) and Belinda (or Bells) on a short vacation. Jes meets Draven across from a bar. Her description is more than just man-candy. He is everything every woman has dreamed of [...]

    24. I REALLLLLLLLY liked this book! In fact I am quite annoyed that the second book has been delayed from Feb (as in already out) unti June of this year! And of course there was a cliffhanger - scary sad - at the end of this book. Along with a first chapter teaser from the second book which just whetted my appetite even further! Although reading some updates from the author as to why the book has been delayed it does sound like the second book's characters weren't cooperating and what she has shown [...]

    25. 5/17/13 This story is one I am not sure how to review. I am at lost for words.It left me with a weird taste in my mouth and stomach.5/18/13UPDATE UPDATE UPDATEI normal don't change a review on a book once I am done with it but this time I just had to. At first I gave it a two but I am changing it to a four.Why is that you are wondering? It is because I could not, absolutely could not get this book out of my head I even started reading another book and it still would not leave me alone. So I had [...]

    26. Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the PJ Blog Tour for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookEnslaved in Shadows wasn’t really a book I was looking to read. I am so glad that I decided to read it.Jesminda Zealand is out with her friend Bell. She is out to just have a little fun. She really wasn’t expecting to run into Draven Stone. But fate had other ideas and they ended up having a steamy one night stand in the jungle. Neither knew each others names and didn’t really expec [...]

    27. This paranormal unit will protect the human population from the evil Red Hand organization no matter what it takes in this thrilling paranormal romance. Agent Draven Stone was on assignment when he met his mate and he let her go, now years later he’s in for the surprise of his life when she walks back in needing protection.This steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense, drama, action and passion. The author describes the story with well writte [...]

    28. Agent Draven Stone is on assignment in Belize when he meets a young woman that sets him on fire with desire and need. He wants to get closer to her and the wolf in him whole heartedly agrees with him. Jesminda Zealand is on holiday looking for adventure and excitement that she's never experienced before. When Jes spots a man that is like sex on legs she's hooked from the get go. Draven and Jes have an incredible one night stand but don't give each other their names or numbers. Little did Jes kno [...]

    29. From the moment I opened up ‘Enslaved In Shadows’ I was hooked. To say this book was steamy is an understatement. The passion and intensity between Jes and Draven is so addicting and woo hoo hot! However that is not the only reason I loved this book, ‘Enslaved in Shadows had a great story line, and gave you an action packed thriller to keep you wanting more. I was a bit skeptical when the story began to unfold and it was vampire, werewolves, and immortals because let’s be honest that has [...]

    30. Wow, a lot of different feelings about this book. Overall, I did enjoy the story. The characters were amazing and how they intertwined in the end. I adored little Faith, even though there wasn’t a lot of her in this book, I just wanted everything to work out for her. All the varying types of paranormal characters were interesting, vampires, shifters, zombies, and others. Their interaction with each other and the humans was exciting. I also enjoyed the battles. I wish there would have been just [...]

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