The Hungering Saga Complete

The Hungering Saga Complete is a collection of three highly rated dark fantasy novels chronicling the life of Lowin, a young scribe taken from his mundane existence and twisted by dark magics into a machine of war He must combat the monsters that dwell within himself, even as he is forced to do physical battle with a devouring horde from beyond the reaches of the sea AtThe Hungering Saga Complete is a collection of three highly rated dark fantasy novels chronicling the life of Lowin, a young scribe taken from his mundane existence and twisted by dark magics into a machine of war He must combat the monsters that dwell within himself, even as he is forced to do physical battle with a devouring horde from beyond the reaches of the sea At constant war both within and without, Lowin struggles to hold onto that which he holds dear, even as he witnesses it all falling away from him As strong as he is, can he hold onto his humanity, or will it be swept up by the demons that wander the dark places of his mind, and haunt the shadows at his back
The Hungering Saga Complete The Hungering Saga Complete is a collection of three highly rated dark fantasy novels chronicling the life of Lowin a young scribe taken from his mundane existence and twisted by dark magics into a m

  • Title: The Hungering Saga Complete
  • Author: Heath Pfaff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Hungering Saga Complete by Heath Pfaff Mar , The Hungering Saga Complete The Hungering Saga The Hungering Saga Complete is a collection of three highly rated dark fantasy novels chronicling the life of Lowin, a young scribe taken from his mundane existence and twisted by dark magics into a machine of war He must combat the monsters that dwell within himself, The Hungering Saga Complete Kindle Edition The Hungering Saga Complete Kindle edition by Heath Pfaff, Justin Hernandez Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Hungering Saga Complete. The Hungering Saga Wikia FANDOM powered by Wikia Welcome to the The Hungering Saga Wikia Edit The official wiki of Heath Pfaff s The Hungering Saga novels Hungering Saga Information Page Edit This Wikia is an attempt to gather as much information about The Hungering Saga as possible into one location for quick reference for fans of the series. The Hungering Saga fantasymeetshorror The Hungering Saga Complete Twisted by black magic and driven by soul crushing loss, Lowin Fenly, a young scribe turned knight, struggles to hold onto his humanity as he battles to rescue that which he values most in the world Along the way he will be forced to The Hungering Saga Home Facebook See of The Hungering Saga on Facebook Log In or The Vengeful Malice The Hungering Saga, by Heath Pfaff The Vengeful Malice The Hungering Saga All men who would change the world, must first be willing to destroy it The continuation of the epic saga began in The Noble Fool, The Vengeful Malice follows the path of Lowin Fenly on his quest to bring peace to his people, his The Hungering Saga Complete by Heath Pfaff The Hungering Saga is a sweeping story that begins in familiar fantasy territory, and quickly twists many of the genre staples back upon themselves These books contain violence and sexual situations.

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    1. This book is representative of a new generation of books. There are lots of self-published books available that are available either only as ebooks, or with ebooks as a primary option. Pfaff created a powerful, colorful, engaging world filled with characters with real personalities. While I sometimes wanted to slap the lead character, Lowin, for his indecision (or his decision), I did feel that I got to know him through the course of the book. On the other hand, some of the characters were prett [...]

    2. This series makes me sad, as I really really wanted to like it. It started out very strong, with a fascinating world and interesting characters but I regret to say that what started out great just didn't quite stay that way. Book 1 was fascinating and engaging. It wilted a bit toward the end, but I would give it three and a half stars. Book 2 started out weak, but ended with a fantastic final battle. I would give it three. Book 3 was a huge letdown. Where the author was trying to impart the weig [...]

    3. I have a difficult time rating this one. The story is four stars - good world building, well developed characters, plenty of twists and turns, interesting but not excessively used magic system, and it keeps your attention. The story rarely dragged. I enjoyed the story.However, it is thoroughly ruined by the sheer quantity of editorial/proofreading errors. I highlighted plenty of examples for the purpose of quoting them, and giving the author hell for each one individually, but I thought better o [...]

    4. This series was a pleasure to read. The characters were endearing, the world creative, and the plot well done. The editing (or lack of editing) did bug me a bit little things like using "roll" instead of "role" can be understood in context, but I find them annoying. As far as content, you could do far worse than this series. Snow's memory loss was slightly disappointing because I liked her far better tough, but it serves a purpose, and I love a happy ending.

    5. I just sat back and let the story take me. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I try to find characters that I can identify with, feel their pain through struggles and watch them grow. This book did just that for me and more.

    6. I just loved this series. The story line was original, at least to me. I simply loved the ending. I was so happy it didnt seem rushed. Though I did want to see the old Malice return, I was happy with how she turned out.

    7. I really liked this book series the first time around. The world development, character creation, and overarching plot all went over very well.I started to run into problems when I read it again.Something had been bothering me after I finished reading it the first time, but I couldn't put my finger on it so I read it again, paying a little more attention this time.I got most of the way through book two before it finally occurred to me that I could help but see the main character (won't name name [...]

    8. I really enjoyed these three books. I was not expecting much from the hungering saga, i bought it for my kindle on a wim and it cost less than £1 so i was supprised at how much i enjoyed it. Through the entire saga the books stick to one point of view character the main character lowin/noble which i found really refreshing. All to often there is too much change between books in regards to point of view characters and that sometimes really annoys me, either there are too many point of view chara [...]

    9. I forced myself to finish this simply because I desperately wanted it to improve. What a waste of time.Internally inconsistent to its own theme - I won't spoil it for anyone who actually enjoys it for some reason, but let me just mention "remarkable self-healing powers" as a clue.Perhaps I expected too much and should have been more circumspect before purchasing. Young adult target audience perhaps (although some references to sexual content would seem to break this overall age target).

    10. This is a set of three books released as one, and I'm so glad they were! The story and characters are gripping, the world building is excellent, and you certainly don't want to wait for the next instalment.The story is told from Lowin's perspective, and it starts with him writing it down like a diary/story. It is rich in detail and action, jam-packed with intrigue from start to finish. Loads of characters to enjoy and mistrust. There are no chapters in these books, and I know that some have comp [...]

    11. When it comes to epic fantasy, I can take some and leave as many alone. This is epic fantasy at its finest. The characters exhibit all of the most human traits of love and hate and desire yet they are both more and less than human beings. The setting is as near as your own back yard and as far away as the Pillars of Creation.Lowin Fenly is a scribe chosen to be a knight. The honor of service to the king is an overwhelming responsibility, to be a Knight of Ethan is to change in unimaginable ways. [...]

    12. This was not the absolute most amazingly well-written piece of literature I have ever read, but nonetheless I did thoroughly enjoy it. The ideas and the worldbuilding were pretty spot-on, so it was easy to stick it out until the end. My only real complaint is that the passage of time was occasionally handled, in my opinion, poorly. Time jumps of varying sizes (a few days to a few weeks typically, with a couple of cases of a year or more) were pretty common, which is not really a big deal in gene [...]

    13. An amazing series in one. I've always been a massive fan of the genre since I can remember. I think my first fantasy books were the Enid Blyton books - The Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair.However over the last few years or so I have struggled to maintain my interest in the genre and have started numerous books only to be unable to finish the series. NOW I am a believer again. This series is very well written and there is barely a page where something isn't happening.I did find myself frustrat [...]

    14. Editing was a problem in this e-book, it really distracted me a bunch especially when sometimes an entire word was missing. The story felt as if it dragged on, plagued by the constant whining of the main character over endlessly unresolved issues. The mystery ceased after about the 5th reiteration of the same question. I felt like telling Lowin, "OK I get it, your miserable. So what are you going to do about it?" I felt that a whole portion of the book could be taken out and still the meat of th [...]

    15. I really like this trilogy! I think the story is really great, it kept me reading into the night to see what would happen next. I like the way the story is told, the main character is looking back at his life and telling us what happened along the way.The only thing I found slightly annoying were the spelling mistakes, there are quite a few If you're a person that get very annoyed at spelling mistakes this book might not be for you. For me the story was good enough that I was willing to overlook [...]

    16. I'm just going to recognize that a lot of people have a problem with grammar and move on. I'm not that good with it myself, so I prefer to focus on the story.I really enjoyed this story and the very interesting and inventive world created around it. I would love to see this world explored further.The characters, for the most part, reached me and I found myself interested in their development. The mixture of the expected and the unexpected was just about perfect. The author led me on a tour of a [...]

    17. Most hurtful book. This book honestly hurt to read. It was amazing how the author keeps the reader at the hope of a happy ending for Noble and not knowing what to expect from the terrors he faces. The book is true amazing and the most well written thing I've read. The subtle notes and hints that are dropped throughout the adventure never gives of any future happenings. It has you hopeless at one moment to wishing for an ending you don't know how the character will be able to grasp.

    18. About a quarter of the way in and the story is starting to come together. I am enjoying it but I'm still trying to work out the type of life and world the main character lives in. There are creatures and hybrid creatures but there isn't a story behind how it came to be or how it differs to the 'normal' world. While the main characters background is still hazy, other characters are coming to the fore Looking forward to the next quarter!

    19. Another AdventureI would have given this series a five if not for the constant flash backs and re-telling of the story of the first and second book. The story line was great and creative. I have never read a story remotely close to this story. If I could give the author any advice, I would say stop with the constant flashbacks to retell the story. Your book is great without them.

    20. Three entire fantasy novels that form a very entertaining action adventure. I had to take a break after reading each of the three books, read another book or two, and then return to them. The story is wonderful, but at times very sad and draining -- as if a fantasy setting still depicts much of life's reality. Great characters, amazing fantasy lands and creatures; a really enjoyable read and I'm so glad to have reached the end of the story.

    21. An amazingly fast-paced fantasy novel in first-person narration (!) telling the story of a young man ascending to Knighthood, becoming a feared leader and the hated saviour of humanity. Heath Pfaff's saga of Lowin Fenley is a page-turner for those loving sword & sorcery fantasy novels and lecture on the burden of leadership for all others. I just couldn't bring myself to putting my Kindle down for a week

    22. my sister recommended this to me and as at the time I did not have anything good to read I thought why not. I enjoyed this book and it is responsible for me not getting any housework done, I could not put this book down. it is a must read I have this on kindle but will be keeping an eye out for it in the shops.

    23. Great to get your teeth into - a really good new world with original beasts and monsters, lots of grey between good and evil and plenty of action, love interest and seriously creepy bad guys.I did want to give Lowin a good kick every now and then for continually making the same mistakes - however true to life that may be!

    24. Five Stars are not enough of a rating for this series. I so enjoyed this set. It had passion, adventure, knights, kings, honor, war, fighting, and finding a stolen child all with a Sci-Fi twist that made it so exciting. The Hungering Saga deserves to be made into a movie in the filming style of Avatar. Very much worth the read.


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